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Bring It On-Line: - March 15, 2016

When tithing, do you include income from child support? She was amazed that I knew, and she was not even showing. Is this the Holy Spirit communicating with me? I want to give my life to God. What should I do? Read Transcript

Time to bring it on.

And we were just speaking in that last video

piece about tithing.

This is from Jennifer, Pat, who wants to know, when tithing,

do you include income from child support?

I've never faced that problem.

Of course, I haven't had child support I had to deal with.

But if it's part of your income, you probably want to do that.

But again, it's out of the abundance of your heart.

We give because we love the Lord, not because of some set

rule that you've got to do it.

But that's just a standard that's

been set over the years in the Bible.

I think it would be, basically, all your income.

And child support would be part of your income.

OK, this is Thomas who says, "I've had premonitions

in the past that have come true.

It's almost scary at times.

The most recent event was asking my daughter

on numerous occasions if she was pregnant.

Each time I asked her, she acted as though I was crazy.

Turns out she was pregnant and had not shared her secret.

She was amazed that I knew, and she was not even showing.

Is this the Holy Spirit communicating with me?"

Well it could be.

At the same time, you may be extraordinarily sensitive.

You know, we give out AM and FM radio signals with our minds.

And our spirits, give a signal to somebody else.

And for a mother with a child, you

know what's going on in that child's life.

So the fact that she's pregnant, you

sense that as a loving parent or grandparent-to-be in a sense.

Is that some special gift?

Well it's something we all have if these were cultivated.

So I think we ought to be more sensitive.

That doesn't mean that every time we

hear some voice or some lady may go off and do some crazy thing.

It's reason of you, you know what they are.

But at the same time, we need to be

sensitive to the prompting of the spirit.

And God is speaking.

You know that song, "Turn Your Radio On?"

You remember that?


Well God is like a radio transmitter,

transmitting all the time.

And we need to just turn on,

--turn on.

Tune into the Lord.

All right, what else?

This is Chris who says, "I'm always

hanging around the wrong people and seem to get in trouble.

I want to change and put my faith in the Lord.

I have a son and one on the way.

I want to give my life to God.

What should I do?"

What you've got to do is, they use the term man up.

The Bible says gird up your loins.

Sit down one day and look at yourself in the mirror

and look at God and say, I'm not living the way I should,

and I want to straighten out.

You have to make that decision.

And then day by day you start living it.

That's what you have to do.

Again, 21 days for a habit.

21 days to [INAUDIBLE], and you establish a habit.

21 days, that's all it takes.

But if you'll be faithful in that time, living for the Lord,

good things will happen.

Well I thank you for those questions.

I guess that's all the time.

It is all the time.

But we love hearing from you.

So if you'd like to see some of those questions answered

on this program, let us know.

E-mail us.

We'll get them on the next program.


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