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Bethel Music: Pursuing the Heart of God Through Worship

Bethel Music has formed a worldwide movement of worshipers that tune in to more than their music. On a recent tour, The 700 Club went behind the scenes with some of Bethel’s extensive collective of writers, singers and musicians to learn more ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Bethel Music aims to pursue the heart of God.

We caught up with a few of Bethel's writers,

singers, and musicians on their recent tour

to talk to them about their passion

to create music that resonates with worshippers

around the world.

Bethel is just now starting their sound checks

where over 3,000 people will be gathering in this arena.

Let's head backstage and meet some of the artists.

For someone that's never heard of Bethel,

where do you find your inspiration?


I think fellowshipping, communing

with-- for me, the Holy Spirit.

A lot of people think the Holy Spirit

is this weird third person to the Trinity.

We don't know what he does or what he doesn't do.

But he lives inside of us.

And then I also love looking at Jesus' life,

finding his father.

He was finding his father's voice and his father's eyes.

And bam, that was the thing that was refreshing him.

And so trying to stay in that place of constant communion

is the inspiration, I think, for what we do.

Because we're pouring out so much.

I think, too, if God is endless,

which he is, then there's always new things

to explore about him.

There's always new vocabulary.

There's always something new that he's

doing that we get to actually capture, grab onto, and find

language for.

And so for me, I just love singing about who

he is as we discover that.


Everyone is searching for something,

whether it's we post something on Instagram

and hope we get 100 likes, and then maybe we're happy enough.

It's almost like we're petitioning people

to tell us who we are.

Am I good enough?

And we look to all these other things, all

these other outlets, when in fact, we

need the Father to look at us and go, I see who you are.

I see who you were made to be.

I call that forth, and I say it's good.

It's very good.

It's beautiful.

Who you are is amazing, and I'm proud of you.

I think everyone is searching for those affirmations.


What is a common theme you see in the type of crowd

that you draw, what they're yearning for?

Bethel is known as a culture of freedom

or a culture of the supernatural.

Healing and the prophetic are a real strong emphasis.

So we don't just do that in praying for people,

or prophesying over people, or praying for the sick

just through laying on our hands.

We do that through music.

And so we'll sing songs of deliverance, songs of healing,

songs that are the voice of the Lord speaking to people.

And I think that's what resonates,

because the prophetic ultimately carries hope with it.

And I think so many people-- especially now,

there's so much fear out there that people are really

responding to what we're carrying, I think.

Because we really believe in a god of hope.

We really carry a strong faith message

and hope for the here and now in what

God wants to do for cities all across the world.

For the crowds you draw-- there's obviously

all different types of people.

But a strong portion of that is the millennial generation.

Why is it important for them to listen to worship music?

Worship, really, is connecting with the Lord.

It's about knowing the Lord.

It's not just song saying, well, this is who God is.

It's a hey, come experience God.

Yeah, experience him.

Because people want to know God.

So I think that's why worship music is having such an impact.

A connection.


Because it's come and know, come and experience,

not just here's some statements that you can say about God.

But here, actually, come experience him.

See what he's like.

What do you think it is about the music that

is satisfying that quench among the Millennial generation?

The lyrics are very vertical and singable.

It's almost like every song is a conversation with the Lord

in a really cool way.


It's more of an encounter than just singing songs.

Justin Bieber, just in an interview

with "Cosmo" Magazine, said one of your songs

was in his top playlist.

How does that make you feel as artists?

Because he's in the mainstream.


I think it just speaks, again, to people's hunger for God.

And the fact that--

We all want the same things.



Bible says that every person-- God desires

that all men should be saved.

So every person in front of you, you

treat them according to that value,

which is Jesus came and shed his blood for them.

Jesus said that we're called to love others the way

God loved us.

And so that's probably the greatest expression of worship,

is your life.

But I think as you know him, you begin

to have a fondness for every expression of worship,

music included.


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