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"American Idol" Star Scotty McCreery Shares Faith In New Book

At age 22, "American Idol" Winner Scotty McCreery has released his first book—sharing how his faith helped him along his American Idol journey and in his career today Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Scotty McCreary was just 16 years

old when he wooed America with his deep voice and country


SCOTTY MCCREARY [SINGING]: So I'm coming over,

I hope it's all right.

Listen for me pulling into your drive.

NARRATOR: After more than 100 million votes were cast,

he clinched the title in season 10 of American Idol.

But Scotty says he almost didn't try out for the show because

of church camp.

SCOTTY MCCREARY: I grew up in the church.

That's actually where I started singing was there,

doing the children's musicals and all that stuff.

It's been a great foundation for me through life

and I'm glad I got started young.

When I was deciding to audition for Idol

we were looking at dates, and Nashville had an audition

that year for a city.

I had a youth retreat at Camp Caswell down in North Carolina.

I was like, man, I've gone every year to Caswell,

I'm not going to miss Caswell to go get cut from some TV show.

I wasn't expecting any of this to happen.

NARRATOR: Instead, Scotty tried out in Milwaukee

just a few weeks later.

But making it as a finalist on American Idol was grueling.

Scotty told us his secret for staying focused and enduring

the long competition.

SCOTTY MCCREARY: You know, just really staying in the word.

That was kind of the biggest thing for me out there in LA.

I had my bible right by my nightstand

every night before bed.

So, you know, leaning on God, leaning on my faith.

It was a great thing for me.

Just kind of gave me that boost of confidence,

that reassurance.

It kind of just took some nerves away.

You know, I'm going to go do my best.

If it works out, it does.

If not, it doesn't.

So luckily it worked out and I think this is all his plan

and we're having a good time.

NARRATOR: Winning the competition catapulted

Scotty's career as he quickly established himself as one

of country's newest stars.

In five years, he has sold nearly 2.5 million albums

with three of them reaching number one on the country music


On the road, Scotty's own faith and others keep him grounded.

SCOTTY MCCREARY: Yeah, my goodness.

Well, it's been I guess five years now since Idol,

and every day is a different day.

You wake up in a different city for me every day.

We're touring and my faith is growing as well, luckily.

I'm not really home on Sundays anymore

to go back to my home church.

When I am, I try to get out there,

but it's kind of a rare occurrence nowadays.

So luckily for me I've got a road crew and a band that's

really kind of like-minded, really grounded in their faith

as well.

So that helps me stray away from the temptations on the road

that you hear about in the movies and the songs

and all sorts of stuff.

We're touring and my faith is growing as well.

NARRATOR: Now at just 22 years old,

Scotty has released his first book, Go Big or Go Home,

to share more about his Idol journey and the faith that's

so important to him.

SCOTTY MCCREARY: Yeah, you know, 22 years old,

I'm writing a book.

What in the world?

What are you writing about?

I've lived a pretty different 22 years than most kids my age,

so I've got an interesting perspective.

I've had to grow up really quick.

I've learned a lot about the world.

I got a long ways to go, but at 22 I'm figuring things out

that some folks might not get the chance to

at this young of an age.

I don't like the word "autobiography."

I like the word "travelogue."

Just kind of sharing my experiences and lessons I've

learned through those experiences.

And hopefully, young or old, people

can read this book and gain something from it.

Yeah, you know, I think my main message through all of this

is stay true to myself.

And that's the foundation I laid for myself

before any of the fame came.

Stay true to yourself as a person, as a family man.

Stick to your guns with your faith.

My goal is just to be a positive influence,

to be a light in this crazy world out there.


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