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News on The 700 Club: March 28, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 28: Belgian pastor: church should prepare for a 'new reality'; Global terror watch after deadly bombings in Pakistan; Young Louisiana flood victims receive candy, toys on Easter; and more. Read Transcript

Welcome at this day after Easter.

We're going to be having some real miracle

stories for you today.

You don't want to miss one word of it.

But first, in the news, the race is on to hunt

down the ISIS terrorist cell behind the Brussels bombings.

But many officials still refuse to admit that war

has been declared on Europe.

The scope of the threat from radical Islamic terrorists

is massive.

And as Chris Mitchell reports from Brussels,

many believe the next attack is not a question of if, but when.

CHRIS MITCHELL: It's become an all too familiar ritual.

Just like the Parisians following last year's terror

attacks, Belgians set up their own memorial.

This is the Place de la Bourse, the site

where many of the Belgian people and others

have gathered to honor the victims of the terror attacks.

As you can see, it's filled with flags, flowers, and candles.

Many people have come here to reflect and remember.

Even days after the attacks, many of the Belgian people

are still in shock.

I think even if we knew something was going to happen,

everybody's always in shock.

I mean, a terrorist attack is based on terror.

They want to have people to be in terror,

and I think this is a game.

Personally, I think that it is the most important threat,

the worst situation since '45, since the end of the Second

World War.

We never faced such a threat.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Claude Moniquet spent nearly 40 years

in counterintelligence.

He says he's never seen anything like this

in his professional career.

What we see today is a war in the streets of Europe.

What we have seen in Brussels since November 13,

especially since March 22 is a war situation.

Something you are used to seeing on TV screen in the evening

news happening in Baghdad, in Istanbul, Damas,

but not in Europe.

It's just the beginning.

CHRIS MITCHELL: It leads many to wonder

if Belgium and other European powers can meet this threat.

There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000

European Muslims who have joined ISIS.

Hundreds, if not more, have already returned.

This is an unprecedented threat level.

And many countries, including this one,

are not really prepared in terms of counter-terrorism

and policing.

CHRIS MITCHELL: According to officials,

Belgium has more Islamic terrorists

than any other European nation per capita.

But Patricia Teitelbaum says the politicians

refuse to name the problem.

They will never say that the terrorists are radical Muslims,


CHRIS MITCHELL: Despite the failure

of politicians or police, many Belgian churches

continue the battle in prayer.

During their Sunday Easter service,

this local church prayed for a member nearly killed

at the airport.

We thank your for sparing his life,

and we thank you lord for allowing

him to be with us this morning.

CHRIS MITCHELL: They also prayed for the city.

And Lord, we ask over the city of Brussels

and the surrounding communities of your divine protection.

CHRIS MITCHELL: CBN News has learned

intelligence experts believe the bombings that

took place on Tuesday were originally

planned for Easter Sunday.

They believe when police captured Paris terror

mastermind Salah Abdeslam, the terrorists decided to act.

This pastor believes the church needs

to be prepared for a new reality.

We know that what is happening in Brussels is not unique.

We live in a new day.

We live in a new age.

And our Lord and Savior told us that there

would be tribulation in the last days, so we accept that.

We understand that.

But we also know that we have a mission, we have a job to do.

And that's to preach the gospel, so we're

going to keep doing that.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Brussels, Belgium.

You know, Belgium is so small, and that means

that magnifies the number.

If you have 5,000 dedicated people,

just think in a peaceful society,

how much damage one or two people can do.

You have 5,000 of them plotting bomb attacks,

and it's so easy to set off a bomb.

Just leave a bomb by a bus stop or a railroad station.

Or in some airport terminal.

I mean, it's so easy.

Unless the society is on complete martial law

and under a lockdown.

And the free society doesn't want that, so it's terrible.

But to have experts say this is as bad as World War

II is very, very serious.

Well, these so-called people of religion of peace

decided they would go after Christians

worshipping in Easter.

And they struck in Pakistan.

They intentionally murdered Christians

on the holiest day, Easter.

John Jessup has more on that story from our CBN News Bureau

in Washington.

Here's John.

Thanks, Pat.

That terrorist bombing in Pakistan

killed at least 70 people, many of them women and children.

It came as security forces around the world

were already on high alert for more terrorism on Easter


Efrem Graham has the latest on this global terror

watch from Pakistan to the United States.

EFREM GRAHAM: Hate disrupted the holy day in Pakistan.

A Taliban faction has claimed responsibility

for Sunday's bombing, targeting Christians including children,

celebrating on rides at a park in the eastern Pakistani city

of Lahore.

We are really, really sad and feeling so upset,

because it is the day of our worship.

A Christian leader in Pakistan told

CBN News the government is not doing enough

to protect Christians.


have come to know that there was no proper security,

there were 3,000 people and there were only two policemen

who were there.

EFREM GRAHAM: The death toll from the massive suicide

bombing has climbed to more than 70, with at least 300 wounded,

as the country begins observing a three day mourning period.


you so much for feeling the pain and the problems

of the Christian people in Pakistan.

Do remember us and your players, because we really

need it right now.

EFREM GRAHAM: This attack comes nearly a week

after the deadly bombing attacks in Brussels,

where the airport is only beginning

to test its capacity to partially resume

passenger service.

Meanwhile, European authorities are still

trying to find those behind the deadly attacks.

They arrested a man in Italy who they believe forged documents

for a terrorist in Brussels and Paris.

Police in Holland arrested a French man

for planning an attack.

Across Belgium, nine people have been

detained after more than a dozen raids,

as authorities say they have evidence ISIS may have also

been plotting to strike a nuclear plant in Belgium.

Here in the United States, the State Department

has now confirmed four Americans are among the victims killed

in the Belgium bombings.

They include the young couple, Justin and Stephanie Shilts.

Stephanie had a very strong belief in God,

and Stephanie's in heaven.

EFREM GRAHAM: The string of attacks

has the world on a higher terror alert.

This weekend, troops with automatic weapons

could be found outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris,

and in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

Thanks, Efrem.

In Scotland, a Muslim shopkeeper was

killed after he publicly wished Christians a happy Easter.

Police say the suspect is Muslim and the murder

is being investigated as religiously prejudiced.

The victim, 40-year-old Asad Shah,

wrote Facebook post calling for religious harmony.

He said quote, "Good Friday and very happy Easter,

especially to my beloved Christian nation."

Police have arrested a 32-year-old man in connection

with Shah's death.

Well, evangelist Franklin Graham is defending a Georgia Bill

that protects pastors and faith-based groups

after the NFL threatened to reject Georgia's Super Bowl

bid in protest.

The bill exempts religious groups from same sex weddings,

but it doesn't apply to businesses.

Still, Disney, Marvel, AMC theaters,

and some Hollywood actors and producers

have also threatened to boycott the Peach State.

But Graham says, the bill does not legalize discrimination

as opponents are trying to say.

Rather, it helps contain the growing discrimination

against Christians, who simply want to live out their faith.

CBN News spoke with the Georgia senator who sponsored the bill.

I hope that these companies and these CEOs

of these giant organizations will take the time

to read the bill and look at what

happened in the other 21 countries that

have passed same sex laws.

It has squelched the First Amendment

rights of many of those citizens,

and we're trying to protect that here in Georgia.

We're trying to be fair and equitable.

It is now up to Governor Nathan Deal

whether to sign or veto that bill.

Pat, back to you.

You know, you just ask yourself,

these guys are supposed to be tough warriors in the NFL.

Why are they suddenly going out to boycott

a state because of some alleged offense

against homosexual marriage?

I mean, these NFL players are not

going to get same sex marriage you wouldn't think.

What is going on with those people?

This idea that there's some kind of a racial discrimination

is nonsense.

And we're making a protected class of somebody

that just for centuries, have been on the edges of society.

And now suddenly, it has become the big deal.

And big companies boycotting a state

because they have passed a law saying people

should not be discriminated against because they

believe in God.

I mean, what kind of a boycott is that?

It's ridiculous.

And I commend Franklin for standing up,

and I think others should do the same thing

and say we're going to stand with Georgia on this one.

this alleged offense is just absurd.


Pat, Operation Blessing offered help and healing

to flooding victims in Louisiana on Easter Sunday.

The team delivered baskets filled with candy and toys

for children of families affected by the floods.

Volunteers also took time to pray and minister

to the families.

Today, they'll complete their work,

removing ruined drywall and carpeting from flooded homes.

Residents receiving help expressed their gratitude,

like one mother who has 18-year-old twin daughters, one

of whom is due to deliver a baby any day now.

With no flood insurance and no one to help,

she said she was grateful for the Operation Blessing team.

I really want to thank God for sending them to me.

Operation Blessing has just been really a huge blessing for me

and my neighbors for recommending the service.

Because other than that, I would be lost.

JOHN JESSUP: And Pat, today Operation Blessing

will pack up its equipment and head back to the headquarters

right there in Virginia Beach.

Where there's a need, your heart

goes out to somebody though.

They've lost everything.

A flood comes, takes away all their possessions.

They don't have any emergency insurance.

They don't have anything back up.

They don't probably have a job.

They don't have any reserve currency.

We're going to find more and more and more

of this, ladies and gentlemen, as people get older.

They do not have retirement income,

they do not have savings.

The American people do not have enough savings.

And when something happens, there's no disaster fund.

And the government is going to run short.

We need compassion.

The community can reach out to those hurting.

And if we reach out together, it will

be a light load for all of us.

So we need to do that.

But here, Operation Blessing was involved in Louisiana.

We've been involved if there's a tornado, if there's

an earthquake, if there's some massive disaster,

Operation Blessing is there as an emergency

to help those people in need.

If you want to help Operation Blessing by the way,

the number's on your screen.

It's 1-800-759-0700.

Is Operation Blessing disaster relief, you say?

Well, I love the Lord.

He's been good to me.

Let me be good to others.


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