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“Our son is going blind!”

Two-and-a-half-year-old Rahul had a cloudy patch on his right eye—a serious cataract. The clock was ticking. He needed surgery immediately, or he could lose his sight permanently. His poor parents were worried sick, until they found relief ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Raul's parents were concerned

when they noticed he had problems with his right eye.

INTERPRETER: We saw a white-color patch in his eye

when he was a baby.

As he got older, the white patch grew bigger.

INTERPRETER: He would always cover his eye

because it hurt him so much.

Sunlight also irritated it and made it difficult

for him to walk outside.

So we were scared that he wouldn't

be able to see out of that eye.

NARRATOR: But then.

A CBN medical camp visited their village.

INTERPRETER: They told us that our son had a cataract.

Then they said that they would give them a free surgery.

NARRATOR: At the hospital, the doctor

explained that Raul was close to losing vision in his right eye


He has central cataract.

That means the surgery should be performed as soon as possible.

NARRATOR: Raul's father was worried about the outcome

of the surgery.

But he knew it was the best chance to save his son's sight.

DOCTOR: The cataract was removed,

and a very good quality inter-ocular lens has been put.

This is a world-class lens.

NARRATOR: The next day, the bandage was removed.

Raul could see clearly.

INTERPRETER: I'm extremely happy with my boy's operation went

well and his eye is perfectly fine.

INTERPRETER: Now he plays a lot outside without any discomfort.

And he really likes to read and write.

He's so happy.

It is such a remarkable change.

INTERPRETER: I know that when he grows up,

he will be able to study well, get a good job,

and have a bright future.


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