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Fight for the forgotten

Justin Wren was a man who fought for him self. Justin tells us how God came into his life and changed him. Now he fights for the pygmies in the Congo. He fights for the forgotten. Read Transcript

If you think you're too small to make a difference,

try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.

Five years, six months, and 28 days

ago, I was a depressed, drunk drug addict.

And I like to say God loved the hell out of me.

In a very intimate and real way, he came into my life.

And all I had seen up until that point

was a lot of the fake stuff.

But what God showed me is that if there's

going to be something fake, there's

got to be something real.

So after I gave my life to Christ,

I decided to take a step away from fighting.

I just-- I know it can sound crazy, but I had a vision.

I saw myself walking in the rainforest,

and I had no clue where I was.

But I met these people, and I instantly

fell in love with them.

But I saw their suffering.

They were sick.

And most of all, my heart was broken for them,

because they felt forgotten-- forgotten by people,

but even more so, forgotten by God.

Three days after the vision, I decided

to tell a guy that I'd met-- his name was Caleb.

I found out he was a missionary.

I tentatively told him, because I felt a little crazy.

But as I explained the vision, his eyes got big.

And he said, that's the Pygmies.

I go, who?

He said, they're in the Congo.

And I said, where?

He goes, I've already been there,

and I'm supposed to be going back in three and a half weeks.

So three and a half weeks later, him and I and a guy

named Colin, we took off and went to the Congo,

and that vision came true.

So the Pygmies are awesome and amazing people.

I can't help but to smile when I talk about them.

But their struggles are very, very real.

And they're probably the most bullied or hated

people on Earth.

They're a hunter-gatherer society.

Their average height for the men is only four foot seven.

They live deep in the rainforest.

And the people groups that surround them

believe of them to actually be animals

or half man, half animal.

Rebel groups surround them.

Even as of 2012, 2014, '15 have killed, cooked,

and eaten the Mbuti Pygmies, because they believe

they get supernatural powers going into war if they consume

Mbuti Pygmies' flesh.

And another reason they suffer is from dirty water.

They have no rights in their own country.

Until recently, they weren't even

called citizens of the country.

They don't have land of their own,

so they're made to be dependent on who

are now their slave masters, the [INAUDIBLE], the non-Pygmies.

The Mbuti Pygmies are my family.

I love them with all my heart.

And my name in the tribe is Efeosa [INAUDIBLE].

And Efeosa means the man who loves us.

My heart for the Pygmies is just to let

them know that they are not forgotten,

that there are people out there that will fight for them.

And once they fight for them, we're

going to love them, regardless of what

we have to fight through to either get

there, the corruption, the surroundings, environment.

And we're going do what God tells us.

And so far, that's been land, water, and food.

And so my wife and I had started Fight for the Forgotten,

and we had fundraised for 300 acres of land and two water


And God has blessed it and multiplied it.

By the end of this year, we'll be

close to having 3,000 acres of land that

aren't in the name of Fight for the Forgotten,

but in the name of the Mbuti Pygmies.

They'll pass it down from generation to generation.

We've trained up 18 people in the Congo

that are full-time staff.

We partner with a Christian university, and we

put the tools in their hands, and we train them up and put

the knowledge in their heads.

And we send them out and say, you

can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

You can be like Jesus to people, giving people

a cup of clean water or a water well that will continually


And so we're close to 30 water wells now,

and we have three sustainable farming projects.

And we've started and established

10 brand new villages that never existed before.

But these are people that all lived as slaves before,

but now if you ask them, they would tell you

that they're living a life of freedom on their own land

with their own water and their own farm.

And so they're being able to provide for their family,

and they'll pass that down from generation to generation.

Partnering with God, anything is possible.

Yes, we are too small.

We are too weak.

We are too dumb to do a lot of great things

in this world, the things that God is calling us to do.

But if we partner with him, he'll

do amazing, incredible, radical things

that we can't take credit for.

Go on and adventure with God.

Love him, love people, and go out there

and make a difference.


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