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College Basketball’s Elite Talk Faith at The Final Four

CBN Sports is at the Final Four in Houston to find out what inspires college basketball’s brightest stars when they step off the hardwood floor. Read Transcript


Hello, and welcome to NRG stadium here

in Houston for CBN's coverage of the 2016 men's Final Four,

where Villanova, Oklahoma, Syracuse and North

Carolina all came here with one goal in mind--

to win the NCAA National Championship title.

Now, of course Villanova and North Carolina

would advance to play in the championship game.

But hey, let's face it, for 18- 19- 20-year-olds

that's a lot of pressure at this event,

whether you advance to the championship game or not.

But I got a chance to talk with players from all four teams

and some say they found a way to deal with that pressure,

and they're not just here playing for a national title,

but also to lift up the name of the Lord.

My faith is able to keep my feet on the ground

just because we know that everything's in God's hands.

We prepare our hardest and we always talk about this

as a team is we can only prepare so much

and then the rest is in Jesus Christ and God's hands.

So we're just going to go out there and perform

as well as we can.

And Christ is going to take over at some point

and lead us to the right destination.

SHAWN BROWN: Villanova's Josh Hart

put up 23 points against the Sooners in the semifinal,

and like Patrick, he says it's because

of his faith in the Lord.

You can't be successful without it.

It goes hand-in-hand with the skill set, with everything.

There's some things you have to have just to be successful,

obviously in basketball, but just in any walk of life.

SHAWN BROWN: The Oklahoma Sooners

had a great run to get to this year's Final Four,

beating out number one seeded Oregon.

Junior guard Daniel Harper says he

feels so blessed because it provides a platform for them

to shine bright for Christ.

Oh, just being a Christian it means everything,

being out there and being a role model to the young kids.

Being able to express our faith and show our faith

and show how strong that is on the biggest stage in college

basketball is huge.

I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I'm always praying.

I'm a praying man.

That's why I look up to Bernie so much,

because he's a praying man.

I just love the Lord.

I try to live my life right.

Nobody's perfect, but I mean I always

try to take the right path.

SHAWN BROWN: Senior guard Buddy Hield

grew up in Eight Mile Rock, a settlement

on the island of Grand Bahama.

With hard work and prayer, he is one of the few

to make it out successfully with basketball.

And he gives all the glory to God.

I always got faith in the Lord.

I always give thanks to God and I just

keep on crediting Him for everything he's done for me.

And I'll never forget that.

SHAWN BROWN: Many couldn't imagine 10th seeded Syracuse

making it to the Final Four.

And though they fell short against North Carolina

in the semi-final, Chinonso Obokoh and Caleb Joseph

understand what's most important,

and give all the credit to the Lord

for helping them go as far as they did.

Everything that is happening right now, I just, I think

it's God.

God just made it possible.

It doesn't matter what anybody say or anybody do,

that because it's not in our own power.

It's about the Lord's power.

My faith in Jesus Christ means everything to me.

God, Jesus is the reason why I wake up every day.

If you don't have that relationship,

then you can kind of get lost in some of the external things.

But when you have a real relationship with Jesus Christ,

I think it gives your life purpose and everything starts

to make sense.

It starts to click.

SHAWN BROWN: North Carolina Tarheels

are the only number one seed left.

And for some of the players, their faith

has a lot to do with their success.

In their locker room, that starts

with former NBA player, Tarheel and current assistant coach,

Hubert Davis.

It is my life.

The most important thing in my life

is my relationship with Jesus.

And I'm so thankful that He's given me an opportunity

to be here back at North Carolina.

Twenty-five years ago, I was in a Final Four

against Coach Williams.

We ended up losing.

But to be back 25 years later and working with Coach Williams

and here at North Carolina having

a chance to win a national championship is pretty awesome.

It means everything.

Like I said, we wouldn't be here without Christ.

And we have to give all the praise and glory to Him.

Every time I step out on the court, I say a prayer.

And it's His will, not mine.

I mean nothing else-- I could want to go off for 40 points.

But if that's not what He wants me to do,

if that's not what He has planned,

that's not what he has planned.

And you know, He's blessed me to have this type of plan

to make it to the Final Four.

Obviously, you hope that His plan is to have us keep going,

but whatever His plan is that's what it is for my life.

SHAWN BROWN: Senior guard Justin Coleman

is simply thankful to be here.

After injuring his spine in high school,

he was told he would never play basketball again.

Now, his team is playing for a national championship.

He says he has a bright future, and it's

all because of his trust in the Lord.

SHAWN BROWN: What has Jesus Christ

meant through that journey?

Jesus Christ has meant everything.

God, I know God has been everywhere

in my life, every day and every moment.

He's been my saving grace all the time.

I'm supposed to be paralyzed.

I'm know he's been there and it's not just

that, it's through everything.

A lot of things have fallen in place and I know who it is.

It's just been amazing.


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