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News on The 700 Club: April 7, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 7: Who's got the best chance against Clinton? It's not who you think…; Former Congressman claims 'We are in World War III'; Calif. seizes undercover videos from pro-life filmmaker's home; and more. Read Transcript

It looks like the Republicans are

heading toward an open convention

because it looks like nobody's going

to get the necessary delegates.

The question we ought to ask our self,

though-- what's the major problem confronting America?

And I think the voters say it's the mounting debt--

the enormous federal debt and the deficits we're running.

And why don't we look for a candidate who

is the best able to deal with that massive amount of money

and deal with the intricacies of the federal government?

Do we need somebody who makes people mad, who

alienates great swathes of the American people, who

has made his colleagues mad on everything that he's done?

Or do we need somebody who's a uniter, not a divider?

Well, John Kasich from Ohio, governor of Ohio,

is running third among those candidates.

But he's the only candidate who's

leading Hillary Clinton in the national polls.

Will that be a factor if there's a contested

convention this summer?

The Republican race seems to have come down

to just two men-- Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

But Kasich is still on the campaign trail making his case.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: Even after his loss in Wisconsin to Ted Cruz,

Donald Trump remains the leader for the GOP nomination.

Barring something unexpected, Trump

should be the delegate leader going into the GOP Convention.

And both Cruz and Trump want Ohio governor John Kasich

to drop out because they believe they can win his delegates.

Trump argues that Kasich has lost every race so far

except his home state of Ohio.

Here's the problem with Kasich.

Personally, I happen to think he takes votes away

from me more so than Cruz.


But Sean, he's 1 for 31, OK?


SEAN HANNITY: Actually, I think if you add--

It's not fair!

---other contests, it's more than 31.

But yes.

No, I think it's more.

It's probably 33 if you add on the islands and everything


But he's 1 for 31, probably 33.

But even though he's a distant third in delegates,

Kasich is still polling the best against the likely democratic

nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump's weakness is not only a high unfavorable rating

above 60% but that polls have shown

he trails Hillary Clinton in 11 of 12 target states that

will determine the outcome in November.

Trump does the worst against Clinton.

She leads him by an average of nearly 11%

in the Real Clear Politics Average of polls.

The third place GOP candidate, John Kasich,

does best, leading Hillary by 6% while Cruz trails her by 3%.

And Kasich has shown no signs he's ready to roll over.

Donald Trump said that I need to get out of the race

because I'm getting his voters.

Well, I-- no, no.

I've got news for him.

I'm going to get a heck of a lot of his voters.

John Kasich is a bit of a maverick.

And he's done things differently from other Republicans,

and so that may have a special appeal.

DALE HURD: But how accurate is the polling

that shows Kasich would do the best against Clinton?

Karlyn Bowman, the public opinion analyst at the American

Enterprise Institute, cautions that these polls are not

necessarily accurate because it's still a long way

until the November election.

The polls have very little predictive value

about national contests at this early stage.

They usually aren't very reliable until about 100

days out from a campaign.

DALE HURD: But none of that is stopping the feisty Kasich.

He may be weighed down in the delegate numbers,

but he's still spoiling for a fight.

I'm not a marshmallow or a pin cushion.

You want to take a whack at me, let's get it on.

DALE HURD: Sources say Kasich's strategy is to remain alive

until a contested convention, hoping

to go in with 500 delegates or more

and then win over the other convention

delegates with a positive message.

As crazy as it sounds, some Republican insiders

have said Kasich just might pull it off.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Thanks, Dale.

Everybody, keep in mind, if somebody

wins a delegate in a primary or a caucus or whatever,

that delegate is locked in for one ballot-- one ballot only.

After the first ballot, it's open season.

And the delegate can go wherever he or she feels like going.

And at that point, there's going to be a tremendous amount

of pressure.

And these polls will come down.

Trump now is behind Hillary 11 points

in the national average-- 11 points.

And that's 38% against her 49% assuming Hillary

is the democratic nominee.

So she would beat him in a walk because women are mad at him.

And that makes a big difference, OK?

Then Cruz, well he's tapped out.

But he's hit some high spots.

But he hasn't come close to 50% of anything.

So these guys are winning on the margin.

Now, Kasich hasn't won but one state,

and that was his own in Ohio.

But at the same time, who is the uniter?

In his state, who brought the Republicans and Democrats


Who didn't make people mad?

Who has shown responsibility and an even temperament?

Well he's the man.

So in an alternate world, after the first ballot is over,

keep your eyes on the prize from Ohio.

I remember some years ago there was a guy named

Bob Taft who was a senator.

He was running against Dwight Eisenhower.

And he didn't have a chance.

But they used to sing, "I'm looking over a four leaf clover

that I overlooked before."

That was the Ohio song about Taft.

He didn't stand a chance against the hero from World War II.

But nevertheless, watch what happens in Ohio this year.

Well, in other news, a former congressman from Virginia,

Frank Wolf, says the Obama administration

is refusing to recognize that the United

States is in a global conflict against radical Islam.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News bureau.

Thanks, Pat.

With the rise of religious persecution

in key regions around the world, the Family Research Council

brought together a panel of experts.

And they warned that persecution by Islamic radicals

is also tied to the growing threats to national security

here in the United States.

Abigail Robertson brings us that story.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Religious freedom

is a far-off dream for many Christians facing

daily persecution.

The life of religious minorities

and especially believers and Christians

are miserable in Pakistan.

They have been persecuted.

We are treated as a second- and third-class citizen

in Pakistan.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Horrific events like the Taliban's

Easter attack keep happening.

And Christians see little to no protection

from their governments.

The government's still not doing

what is needed in Pakistan.

And right now, it's not a matter of religious liberty-- freedom.

It's a matter of life and death.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Several experts

on religious freedom met in Washington

to discuss how global religious persecution affects the United


Former congressman Frank Wolf says

this is a national security issue for the United States,

and Congress has got to wake up and take action.

The administration and the Congress has to deal with it

or else some very bad things are going to happen in the world.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Wolf says he agrees with the Pope,

that we are in World War III.

We are in World War III!

And so the Congress should be dealing with this--

forget the administration-- holding extensive hearings,

bringing people in, bringing the best political minds in,

the best military minds in, and dealing with this.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: He also says there

is an undeniable connection between a string of terror

attacks around the world.

There is a connection between Boko Haram.

He pledged it to ISIS.

There is a connection to Al Shabaab in Somalia.

There is a connection to what's taking place in Libya.

I mean, we saw what took place in France.

We saw what took place in San Bernardino.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Panelist Tina Ramirez

started a group called Hardwired Global, which educates leaders

on religious freedom and encourages them to fight

to change laws in their countries

that oppress people of minority religions.

You see, for the first time in Iraq's history,

this movement for religious freedom beginning to emerge.

What we saw since we've been training leaders

throughout Iraq is that they are actually being inspired.

They actually have developed a greater appreciation

for people of different faiths and for the freedom of people

of other faiths to practice their religion however

they want.

Although it feels like a helpless situation,

the panelists are encouraged by the fact

that they are making a difference

in the lives of the people they are reaching.

Reporting from the Family Research Council in Washington,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Thanks, Abigail.

Pro-life activist David Daleiden says

agents with the California Department of Justice

raided his home and confiscated undercover Planned Parenthood


Last summer, Daleiden released those videos,

exposing Planned Parenthood officials involved in the sales

of baby body parts.

Daleiden said on Facebook that the actions against him

by the California Attorney General

are politically motivated, pointing out

Kamala Harris has taken campaign contributions from Planned

Parenthood and is running for the US Senate as a Democrat.

Daleiden argues the department is ignoring crimes

by Planned Parenthood, saying agents did not take documents

that he says show the abortion provider was involved

in the illegal handling of fetal tissue.

Well, country music stars and fans

are mourning the death of music legend, Merle Haggard.

He died yesterday on his 79th birthday after battling

pneumonia for months.

In a story on the 700 Club back in 2000,

he talked about his life of bar fights, broken marriages,

and a prison sentence despite being raised as a Christian.

He said it was when he was locked up

in prison that God showed him a new direction for his life.

From then on, Haggard committed his life and music to God.

You can see that interview and hear about Haggard's work

on a gospel album on

Well, people who consume a lot of processed carbs like snack

foods, sweets, and sugary drinks could face higher risks

of breast and prostate cancers.

Researchers found people who ate more of those foods

were much more likely to get those cancers.

HealthDay reports the researchers

say their study doesn't prove there's

a link between those foods and those types of cancers.

But they do say it's a good reason

to cut processed foods out of your diet

and eat more vegetables, whole grains,

and other healthy, natural foods.

Pat, sounds like good advice there.

Well, it sounds like we're kind of like one-note Sally.

But I mean, it's just over and over and over again.

Processed foods being so fat, our major food processors

are killing us.

They're making us fat.

And they're making us unhealthy.

And we've got all these pathologies

that come along with it.

Later on in this program, we've got

a doctor who's going to tell us about his take

on how come America is sick so often from so

many diseases, most of which we ingest through the mouth.


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