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Back Pain Disappears Instantly

After injuring his back, Jessie sought one treatment option after another. After scheduling surgery, he saw The 700 Club where Gordon described his plight and prayed for his pain. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Jesse Anyabwile has been training

horses for over 30 years.

One day he was cleaning out the stalls

and putting the manure into bins.

I just probably had gotten to maybe the sixth

or the seventh one.

When I lifted it up, I just heard a big pop

and felt a big sharp pain in the lower back.

NARRATOR: When Jesse got home, he told his wife Sharmaine.

I looked at his back and saw that it was a little swollen.

Very shortly after that, I started developing a sharp pain

down the back of my leg.

So I went to the doctor.

The doctor gave me an examination,

and it indicated to me that-- it looks

like you may have really, severely hurt that muscle back


And you may have a pinched nerve.

NARRATOR: The doctor prescribed medications

for pain and swelling, but they only worked temporarily.

So I went back to the doctor.

And she said, well, I think we need to take

this a little bit further.

And you need to see a specialist.

NARRATOR: An MRI showed Jesse had a bulging disc.

Given the choice of surgery or cortisone injections,

Jesse opted for the shots.

But when they wore off, he was still in pain,

and it was getting worse.

It just felt like there was like a knife in the back

of my thigh with each step.

At some point, I actually got to where I couldn't drive,

couldn't walk very long distances.

Even standing was painful.

Sitting was painful.

NARRATOR: Jesse went back to the specialist

and made an appointment for surgery.

That was a really, really difficult time

because I had to wrestle with not only

being able to enjoy riding, which I'd done for 30 years.

I was wrestling almost with my mortality.

I was like, wow, am I going to be able to do much of anything?

NARRATOR: During this time, Sharmaine

had been praying for her husband.

I had faith that he would get better.

NARRATOR: One day she came home and turned on the 700 Club.

Gordon and Terry were having words of knowledge for viewers.

JESSE: I'm thinking, you know, I'm

not so sure I really believe that people

receive these kind of healings.

But what do I have to lose by just giving in and giving it

a try?

There's someone, you've got a pinched nerve in your back?

JESSE: So I actually put my hand over the back.

And I closed my eyes, and I let myself

be immersed in the prayer.

God's healing that.

There's numbness, there's pain, weakness.

And God is restoring all of that for you right now.

It was really one of those calming kind of thing

that came over me that really made

me feel really good, and warm, and just-- for the first time--


He did not immediately share with me.

And then when he finally shared it with me,

I was like, hallelujah, you're healed.

He had surgery scheduled, and I said, cancel the surgery.

NARRATOR: Jesse took a little more convincing.

I still felt like, this is going to come back.

I didn't really, at that point, have complete faith.

NARRATOR: That changed the day of his surgery.

I said to the anesthesiologist, I

don't think he needs surgery today.

And I explained the reasons why.

He said, well, I guarantee he's not

going to be healed like that.

It would be through medicines, through surgeries,

through treatments like this.

So when the doctor came in, he began to examine him,

did some tests.

And then he looked at him and says,

why are you having surgery today?

And then I clapped my hands and did like this

because that was confirmation to him.

Once I heard it from the doctor saying,

maybe we shouldn't do this surgery,

I really recognized my blessings,

and that I had been healed.

NARRATOR: Jesse got back in the saddle as soon as he could.

Today, he's still riding and still pain free.

You know, I have challenges where, you know, it's like,

God, I want it now.

But we have to wait on God's perfect timing,

because his timing is always best.

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