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Myron Butler: Web Exclusive

Grammy Award winner; Myron Butler, shares his heart for music, worship, and his experience as a worship minister at The Potter’s House under Bishop T.D. Jakes Read Transcript

Hey everyone.

Demetria Stallings here.

And I am so ecstatic because we have Myron Butler here

in the studios with us, and you don't want to miss this.

We have so much to talk about.

Myron, thanks for being with us.

Thank you for allowing me to come and share.


So for people who don't know the amazing things that God

has done in your life--


Amazing things.

Yes he has.,

You have been affiliated with Kirk Franklin, part

of the original team of God's Property.

Goes stomp make me clap my hands.

For those of you that think gospel music has gone too far.


I have a quote here.

So it says "as a theologian, it is a delight to partner

with Myron Butler in worship, because he gets it.

Butler doesn't settle for the path of least resistance,

which defaults to self-indulgence, entertainment,

and what has been called sheer entrepreneurial energy.

And Doctor Cynthia James, who's Associate Pastor

at the Potter's House in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. T.D. Jakes said that about you.

Thank you so much Dr. Jake.

Whenever, if ever you see this, thank you so much.

She is a treasure.

She is a treasure to the body of Christ.

Her creativeness and how she presents the gospel, how

she pulls you into that experience, a deeper

understanding of what the word is saying.

And for her to say those things about me, it's just like OK.

Kind of, like, humbling at the same time of wow, God.

And that lets you know that you're doing something right.

My grandmother used to tell me, son, stay humble.

That with if you fall, you don't have far to go.

The only reason that I was gifted is to serve.



Love it.

You are letting love in your language.

You're serving Christ.

OK, I have something here really quick.

We are going to do something real fun and we're done.


OK So, I'm going to say these words--


And the first thing that pops into your mind.

You ready?

Oh, OK.



Not present.



Thankful to God.


Covers me.


My comfort zone.

Potter's House.

I'm really here.

I can't imagine the first time you were there.

Just be like, oh my goodness.

Let me just say, because, Before I was at the Potter's

House I was Assistant Minister of music at United Methodist


And, I would, literally, drive to the Potter's House

every Wednesday and get the DVDs from Bible study.

Because for me, it was about the word that comes out

the mouth of Bishop T.D. Jakes.

When the opportunity arose for me to go I was like,

are you serious?

Like for real?

I said, I'll sweep the floors.

I will clean the bathrooms.

Because for me, it was just about being in close proximity

to that word.

You know, there's a rich musical history there at the church,

and that's great, it's wonderful.

But I want him to get that Bible and say, thus said the Lord.

So for me, when you say that I'm like, I'm really here.

Nine years later, I'm really here.


Did I say that?

My heart.

Aw, that's your wife.

My wife is my heart.

She is there for me, I mean, through it all, in it all.

The current term is, my ride or die.


Ride or die.

And she is that.

She is that.

I love her with every part of me.

OK That's great.

Last one.




We're about to wrap up.

You have a new project coming out.


You also have a book coming out.


Which I'm excited about this book because of the title.

And then you also have a conference

which you're a part of.


So I'll start with the CD.

The CD's entitled "On Purpose."

It's coming out May 27 on Motown Gospel.

This is my fifth CD.

Myron Butler & Levi.

Some of the guests on the record with me

are Bishop is on a song.

Tamela Mann is.

And I'm doing a duet with Jonathan Butler.

So, that was some good--

The book is just new territory for me, and I'm nervous.

But I'm so excited to share.

The title is "Born Identity." what you do isn't who you are.

And then, score.

In the gospel community, there isn't a conference

that's specifically tailored to the songwriter,

to the producer.

Along with the worshipper.

So last year I had Kirk Franklin, I had Travis Greene,

I had Danny Witherspoon.

I had Monica Coates.

And they all just came in and just poured into songwriters.

For me, I want them to be equipped

with the information and the knowledge, and the know-how

to go and do great.


There you have it.

Thank you for being with us.

Thank you for allowing me to come and share.

It's such a pleasure and honor to have you with us.

So, guys, there you have it.

You can go on


And get all the information that he just spoke about.

And don't forget to let love be your language.




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