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Bring It On-Line: Heaven and God's Will - May 2, 2016

Is it as beautiful in heaven as they say? Is there any New Testament scripture that proves the Old Testament scripture, "The sins of the fathers will visit their children down 3-4 generations," is no longer applicable? How do I know ... Read Transcript



We have some questions.

Time for some email, all right?


This first one-- well, actually, ties in

with what we were just talking about.


This is Pablo, who says, "Is it as beautiful in heaven

as they say.

Explain, please."

Ah, it's more beautiful.

The Bible says, "Eye hasn't seen, neither has ear heard,

neither has it entered into the heart of man the thing

that God has prepared for them that love Him.

But God has revealed them unto us by his spirit."

But yes, heaven is absolutely glorious.

And it's peace, and it's joy, and it's love forever.

No death, no sorrow, no suffering, no crying, no tears.

That's what heaven is.

It's the thing that God has prepared

for them that love him.

And the apostle Paul said, look, I've

done everything I could do.

But there's one thing I'm reaching forward

to is the resurrection of the dead.

I want to be part of that family.

I want to be there.

All right?


This is Britt, who says, "Is there any New Testament

scripture that proves the Old Testament scripture," quote,

"'The sins of the fathers will visit their children down three

to four generations' is no longer applicable?

This scripture is like a curse, and isn't that

what Jesus died for?

New Testament scriptures concerning this please."

Well, now, look.

If there's an alcoholic father, he

may well have alcoholic sons, who

in turn may have alcoholic grandsons, who may in turn have

alcoholic great-grandson.

You could have somebody who's a thief

and in trouble with the law, and uneducated,

and the next generation will be in trouble with the law,

and not educated, and on down.

Those things, it's not so much God doing it,

is part of what we do ourselves, and that

follows through generation after generation.

And from what I'm gathering these days, and more recent,

indicate that we can literally change the DNA of our bodies

and change the DNA of our offspring.

And if we're thinking glorious thoughts,

if we're praising the Lord, if we're

filled with the power of the Holy Spirit,

then all of a sudden, it affects our DNA,

which we pass on to third and fourth generation.

So that isn't a curse.

It's just the way it works.

It's the way the universe works.

And of course its New Testament, it's Old Testament,

it's everybody.

That's just the way it works.

All right?


And this is Joy, who says, "How do I know that something

is or is not God's will?"

Well, the Bible is how you-- "How can a young man

cleanse his way?

By taking heed thereto according to thy word.

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not

sin against thee."

That's where you start.

What does the Bible say?

What do the Ten Commandments say?

What does Jesus say?

What's the Sermon on the Mount say?

That's how we began to know.

And the Bible also says, "Let the peace of God

be an umpire in your heart."

And so you have peace.

And if the peace is there, you can kind of

figure you're on the right [INAUDIBLE].

If the peace leaves, you're not.

So there are many ways.

But that's peace.

When it leaves you, you know you're doing the wrong thing.

And you have an emptiness, and you're out of touch with God.

You know you've done something wrong.

All right?


This is Meredith, who says, "I don't think my dad was raised

a Christian, and he never wants to be

involved with anything that concerns God or the church.

I've been praying for him to come to Christ,

but is there anything more I can do?"

What you can do is keep on praying.

George "Muh-ler" prayed for somebody for-- Mueller

[INAUDIBLE] 50 years, and he finally came to the Lord.

So don't stop praying.

But you can live your life before your father, and witness

when it's appropriate.

But don't be jamming Bible verses down his throat.

He'll just get mad.

So just, you know, let him know that God's blessing you.

And when he sees the blessing of the Lord in you

and the peace that you have, he'll

begin to want what you've got.

All right.


This is Marilyn, who says, "Is it

wrong for elders of a church to shun me

because they know I drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes?"

Well, I don't know what kind of church that is.

They're the old order Mennonites that shun people [INAUDIBLE].

But shunning, terrible thing to have happen.

They really ought to put their arm around you

and try to win you.

But what you're saying is, are they being wrong?

I'm going to violate their code of conduct.

Are they wrong because they don't accept it?

This is the way it is today.

You know, I'm a homosexual, so you've got to accept me.

I'm a child molester, but you have to accept me.

You've got to be forgiving and accepting.

Well, no, not necessarily.

Not necessarily.

Now, some churches don't do that shunning stuff, but some do.

So, you know, but what am I supposed to say?

Don't try to excuse yourself by blaming them.

Is there time for one more?

Oh, they say not.

So we better wrap it up.

But we do want you to know you can always write to us.

We love getting email from you.

And Pat will take your questions as they come.

All right.

Well, we leave with today's power minute

from Proverbs 20:28.

"A faithful person will be richly blessed."


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