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News on The 700 Club: May 5, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 5: Why Trump, Clinton aren't out of the woods yet; Day of Prayer's Tony Evans warns 'Time's running out in America'; British PM proposes crackdown on Islamic extremism; and more. Read Transcript


Well, welcome to "The 700 Club."

Now that Donald Trump has all but locked up

the Republican nomination, he's turning his attention not just

to the general election but also another major decision.

Who is he going to choose for his vice president?

Well, on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton

has a sizable lead in the delegate count.

But she's still facing a challenge from Vermont senator

Bernie Sanders.

Gary Lane has the story.

GARY LANE: And then there was one.

Donald Trump is now alone in the Republican race

for the White House.

Wednesday, Ohio governor John Kasich followed Ted Cruz's lead

and also bowed out of the GOP field.

As I suspend my campaign today, I

have renewed faith-- deeper faith-- that the Lord

will show me the way forward.

GARY LANE: Kasich's way forward may

be to serve as Donald Trump's running mate.

Kasich so far has dismissed that idea.

But Trump is open to it.

Well, I would certainly consider him.

GARY LANE: Trump said he'd also consider former opponents

like Marco Rubio.

He wants someone with legislative or political


Kasich could help Trump win the key state of Ohio.

But other possibilities, like Governor Nikki Haley,

would possibly help Trump pull some of the female vote

away from expected Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton.

But not so fast, says Bernie Sanders.

Campaigning in Kentucky, he says he has momentum.

He's won 18 states in his race to become

the Democratic presidential nominee.

He predicts West Virginia will be win number 19.

And with your help, Kentucky will be the 20th state.

GARY LANE: Sanders is also pledging

to win the delegate-rich state of California.

He'll need to turn super delegates already committed

to Hillary Clinton if he has any chance

of denying her the nomination.

Some polls show he'd do better than Mrs. Clinton in a match up

against Donald Trump.

The latest CNN poll shows Secretary Clinton

leading nationally against Trump 54% to 41%.

Voters view Clinton as better on health care, education,

and foreign policy.

But Trump is viewed more trustworthy on the economy.

While Trump says he's going to work hard in the days

ahead to unify the Republican Party

and raise as much as $1 billion for the fall

presidential campaign, some members

of the GOP establishment say Trump will not

get their endorsement, among them former presidents Bush 41

and 43.

And some Republicans say they'll vote for Clinton.

While Trump may have some difficulties uniting a bruised

Republican Party, Hillary Clinton

has some challenges overall.

She still must overcome Mr. Momentum, Bernie Sanders.

And then, of course, there's that email server


And on Wednesday a federal judge said

she may have to give a deposition in that case.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

Thanks, Gary-- interesting, interesting race.

That vice presidential race, you know

John Kasich is a slam dunk for the position if he'll take it.

And he might not want to take it.

But he's a winning governor in a state

that has to be carried in a general election.

He had 16 years in Congress, was head of the House Budget

Committee, knows intimately the federal budget,

and is the one person that I know in public life

right now who could tame the budget.

I mean, he's an incredible opportunity to put somebody

and, you know, somebody who could do well with Congress

because if Trump wins that thing he's got

to get along with Congress.

Like it or not, he's president.

But the president has only limited powers.

The Congress has a great deal of power.

And he's got to get his agenda-- whatever that agenda is--

through Congress.

And also he's got what they call a Plum Book, about 5,000 jobs

that are going to be open.

And, boy, filling those is a bear.

So there's going to be an awful lot of vetting taking place.

But first of all he's got to secure the nomination, which

he doesn't have yet.

But, man, it's still up for grabs.

And it's still a little crazy.

Well, maybe that's the reason why today's important.

And we've got to pray.

Today marks the National Day of Prayer in America.

At least 47,000 prayer gatherings

are planned across the country.

John Jessup has that story.

Pat, America has observed the National Day of Prayer

for 65 years.

And organizers say with war, terrorism,

economic uncertainty, and a consequential election

in November, we need to pray now more than ever.

We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But the times and the world around us are in chaos.

If there was ever a day when God's people needed

to grab a hold of God and to invite

His manifest presence back into our midst, today is that day.

JOHN JESSUP: Dr. Tony Evans-- prominent pastor, author,

and teacher-- is the honorary chair for the National

Day of Prayer.

He says there's power when people of faith unite.

When you have that many people at the same time coming

together to call on God about the same thing,

then that creates a synergy and an awesome power, a presence.

JOHN JESSUP: The mission is to mobilize as many people

as possible across the country to pray and repent

and to acknowledge America's need for spiritual,

not earthly, solutions.

I think is critical because we don't have solutions

to the plethora of ills that are plaguing

our nation on every single level and that politics is not

going to, by itself and in and of itself,

bring about the changes for right

that we're desperately needing in our country.

JOHN JESSUP: For the past 65 years,

millions have prayed either locally

or at the national event in Washington.

Organizers say the call to pray for the nation is

open to people of all faiths.

Anyone can participate.

But we will not compromise the centrality

of our message and our commitment to Jesus Christ.

But we do not want to tell others that they cannot

participate as long as we're not being told we cannot herald

our faith forth.

JOHN JESSUP: Even as society's norms and values shift,

Evans believes the day of prayer can also

serve as a reminder of our national and spiritual


It has been under Christian leadership--

the history of our country has been

driven by a Judeo-Christian world view.

And so that has dominated the landscape.

And it is important that we recognize

the lordship of Jesus Christ without apology

and our emphasis on prayer.

JOHN JESSUP: This year's theme is "Wake Up, America,"

highlighting the need to return to the God of our fathers

and reverence for His holy name.

And Evans warns that our time is running out in America.

He's written a prayer for penitence

that will be read at many of today's events

around the country.

Well, Israelis marked Holocaust Remembrance Day today,

standing in silence to commemorate the victims.

A two minute siren sounded throughout the country.

When the siren blares, people stopped their cars

and stand silently to remember the 6 million Jews who

died during the Nazi regime.

At a ceremony at Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance

Center, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

said incitement against Jews preceded the Holocaust.

And he believes the same kind of incitement exists today.

(THROUGH INTERPRETER) This incitement against Israel is

rooted in extreme Islamism and in the Arab world.

But for the last years it was joined

by incitement that is no less malicious

from the Western world, British parliament

members, Swedish officials, public opinion

leaders in France.

I must say that anti-semitism these days

is creating odd pairings.

JOHN JESSUP: Netanyahu said incitement

and lies about Israel are spread by social media

in a away Hitler could have only imagined.

But he also said that same social media can be a vehicle

to spread the truth.

Well, in Illinois, it has become another battleground state

in the national debate over bathroom policies.

Dozens of families have sued the Federal Departments

of Education and Justice as well as an Illinois township

over a new federal policy that allows transgenders

to use the school bathrooms of their choice.

The Chicago Public Schools announced

it will support the policy, allowing transgender students

and employees to use whichever bathrooms and locker

rooms they choose.

Two years ago, the Department of Education

created new guidelines under Title IX

to reinterpret its nondiscrimination clause

to include gender identity.


You know, if I've ever heard about a made-up charge,

this whole thing is a tempest in the teapot.

It's crazy.

Less than 1%-- a tiny fraction of 1%--

are so-called transgenders.

Well, OK.

Let them have an operation.

Let them take the hormone pills.

Let them take whatever they want to take and switch.

Good, I'm all for it.

There's nothing wrong with that-- no sin, nothing.

But why do we make it a big cause celebre?

Why do we fight about it?

Why does the Justice Department get involved?

Why does the federal government come in with mandates?

I mean, what in the world is it?

It's the constant driving of the agenda of anti-Christian bias.

We're going to destroy any semblance

of the Christian morality that exists in our country.

And our government is going to be at the forefront of it.

That's what you're looking at.

It's one more attempt by the so-called progressives

to destroy the Judeo-Christian fabric of America.

I mean, it's like, who cares?

But, you know, you've got certain organs.

So if you've got those organs, well, you

go to the bathroom designated for people that

have that kind of equipment.

It's no big deal.

I mean, why are we making a big cause about it?

I mean, you know, how many people

have to go to a public bathroom anyhow?

I think it's no big deal if you're talking about bathrooms

in the sense that, in a woman's bathroom, anyway,

you're in separate stalls.

That's correct.

But when you talk about locker rooms,

that elevates the scenario to me.

Well, exactly.

If you've got some boy here who likes

to look at little girls with no clothes on

and you turn him loose on a female locker room,

the whole thing is crazy.

But it's a breakdown of the traditional morality

and the attack.

I think it was Luther that said, if you fail to stand at the one

place that the Devil is fighting,

then you have lost everything.

And I think, you know, the Devil is obviously fighting

at one particular place.

It's not that a lot of people are

being discriminated against.

They aren't.

And yet the Justice Department has come out with a ruling

that the law in North Carolina is discriminatory.

And, of course, they have to prove that in court.

But, you know, people in this country

are just saying it's time for a change.

We've got to get rid of that bunch of clowns

that is running this show.

Get a new Attorney General.

Get new people in HHS and all these other agencies.

That's why the country is mad.

They're furious at what's going on.

They don't want this so-called progressive agenda being

jammed down their throats.


Pat, disturbing health news-- the third leading

cause of death in the US is now medical errors.

"The British Medical Journal" reports

that errors killed 251,000 people every year.

That's more than respiratory diseases, accidents,

and strokes.

One professor of surgery told "The Washington Post"

the issue is more than having a bad doctor.

The problem boils down to people dying

from the care they receive rather than what

they're getting care for.

The survey cites a number of systemic issues

that can lead to the death of someone

receiving bad medical care.

Researchers add the study will allow institutions to find

ways to prevent medical errors.

And Pat, put another way, that's about 700 people who die

from medical errors every day.

That's frightening.

You go to the hospital and don't come out well.

You come out dead.

That is not a pleasant prospect.

But, you know, there's this hospital staff that

has infected so many people.

They've had an awful time getting rid of it.

Some have and some haven't.

There were so many years, you know,

in the early days of medicine when

the doctors-- the gynecologists didn't wash their hands

after performing births.

And they were spreading horrible diseases.

And they finally got people washing their hands.

And that's a good thing.

But my goodness gracious, we did a show the other day

talking about these NSAIDs-- these non-specific

anti-inflammatory devices-- and the fact

that there was 17,000 deaths from that and 100,000 people

who wound up in the hospital every year because

of medical devices.

I mean, they're over the counter things

to kill pain-- ibuprofen and so forth.

But yet when somebody comes up with what

they call a holistic cure and they say, well, why don't we

take vitamins.

Why don't we eat well and eat the right kind of food?

And everybody's up in arms that they're a bunch of quacks.

I mean, it's unbelievable.


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