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Church Tips Big

Recovering from addiction can be tough, but receiving a $700 tip on a pizza delivery from a church congregation and finding out you are loved can help. Read Transcript

So, I just feel the need to share this with everybody.

So, I work for a pizza place, obviously.

Pretty much all of you know this.

And we don't open until 12 o'clock today,

but I was asked to come in a little bit

early for a delivery.

So I came in.

And right as I got in, we loaded up my car with the food,

and I took it.

And then, when I got to this delivery, it's to this church.

And they came out to my car, and they're

like, take one pizza out of the seven or eight pizzas

that they ordered, and they're like,

bring it up to the pastor on stage.

And I was like, all weirded out.


This is so weird.

And, you know, the most amazing thing happened.

This whole church came up and gave me over $700 for a tip.

It's just truly amazing.

You know, I've been having such a hard time lately,

just struggling to stay clean and everything.

And I'm just trying to get my life back.

And it just really, truly amazes me

that people that don't even know me just

wanted to help me out that much.


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