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Lost in the Wonders of Genesis

Brennan McPherson will discuss his novel, “Cain: The Story of the First Murder and the Birth of an Unstoppable Evil” Read Transcript


It's history's first sibling rivalry.

A jealous older brother taking his rage out

on his younger sibling, and it's also history's first murder.

The story of Cain and Abel has been

told for thousands of years, and it's

being retold in the new book by author Brennan

McPherson, whose family usually writes

things of a different fare.

NARRATOR: Brennan McPherson is vice president

for The Salvation Poem foundation.

Every episode of CBN's animated series

"Super Book" ends with "The Salvation Poem"

sung by a young vocalist in the viewer's native language.

The poem has been translated into more than 50 languages

and sung in more than 37 languages.


Now, he's used his writing talents in his novel, "Cain".

He tells the story of the first murder in the Bible

and the birth of an unstoppable evil.

Brennan McPherson is here with us now.

And welcome to "The 700 Club".

Thank you.

Quite a work you've done here, your first novel.

And you write about Cain.

You actually had an interest in this subject

since you were quite young.


I've always been fascinated by this story.

I mean, it's a fairly odd story because it's the first family.

And then this terrible thing happens.


And I always wondered, what was it like for Cain?

What was it like for Abel?

What was it like for Adam and Eve?

In the end, you have some redemption for Cain.

How did you come to that?

Well, I think part of as I was writing it,

I started seeing myself and everyone I knew in Cain.

And getting this overwhelming emotion of boy,

could there possibly be hope for him?

And it kind of became a mirror of is there hope for me?

Well, especially since he wasn't destroyed by God himself

after such an act.

I thought as I was reading this, there's a lot of freedom

but a lot of responsibility in taking a story that

has only maybe a couple of paragraphs in scripture

given to it.

And now you've created a whole novel.

How do you decide when you do something

like this what you can't add.

Do you know what I mean?

How do you expand on that story?

Well, I mean it was really difficult.

It took a lot of time to figure it out.

And the biggest thing that I went into it with

was absolutely anything that was explicitly stated,

I was going to follow to a tee.

But everything else-- there had to be a deeper story.

And so I had to delve pretty deep into it.

What would be their motivations?

And there is one scripture in particular at the end

of Genesis 4 that I read multiple times before thinking

something about it.

And it said that after Seth had children,

man began to seek after the Lord.

And I thought, wait a second.

They were seeking after the Lord, Cain and Abel

were sacrificing to God.

So something happened between then and that period,

where people went away from God.

You do a really fascinating job.

I mean, it causes one to think about all of that

with Eve and Adam, as well.

Because knowing that it was their sin that brought

all of this in was a huge burden on them, really.

And so in all of this, I think you cause all of us

to think about scripture more.

This is the beginning of what will probably

be a series for you.

What are you thinking?

Where is this going?


The rest of the series is going to be

based on the other stories in Genesis,

up to Genesis 11, which is the Tower of Babel.

So it follows kind of the snowballing effect

of Adam's decision to sin, how it goes through history

through the family members.

So have you already kind of hand-picked the places--


--in history and scripture that she'll talk about?

When people read "Cain", what you want the takeaway to be?

I want people to have to be reignited,

to want to dig into the scriptures,

to be fascinated with the mystery

of His Majesty, of who God is.

Jesus says that to enter the kingdom of heaven,

we have to become like little children.

If we lose that sense of wonder, we've missed it.

You and your family have obviously

been very involved in bringing a sense of wonder

and understanding to children around the world

with "The Salvation Song" and "Super Book".

I mean, are you amazed at the incredible response that's had?

Absolutely, absolutely.

It's mind blowing.

And just seeing the amazing work you guys do with "Super Book",

it blows my mind every time.

I love watching it.

I love seeing those stories brought to life in that way

as well, for little children.

Let me say, I love hearing all those children

in different languages singing "The Salvation Song"

that you and your family are responsible for.

Brennan, thank you so much.

A fascinating first novel, look for more.

The book is called "Cain" the story of the first murder

and the birth of an unstoppable evil.

You'll find it fascinating.

Find out how to get a copy by going to

We'll look for your next one.


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