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Responding to the Cries of Our Heart

Lauren Chandler, author of "Steadfast Love" will tell of God’s faithfulness and love when her husband was given two years to live with brain cancer. Read Transcript


Lauren Chandler was a pastor's wife and the mother

of three young children.

And then one day her husband collapsed on the living room


And the bottom fell out of her world.

NARRATOR: Lauren Chandler remembers the exact moment

her life changed.

Matt was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer.

As I was trying to just find somewhere

to just have stability, I looked through scripture in particular

and found over and over again God's steadfast love

to His people.

NARRATOR: In her book, "Steadfast Love," Lauren shares

what she uses as an anchor during times of trouble

and throws us the life preserver we'll

need to weather any storm.

Please welcome to "The 700 Club" Lauren Chandler.

It's great to have you here.

So glad to be here, thanks.

Tell us a little bit about what happened that day in 2009.

It must have been totally shocking to you.

It was.

I mean, it was just like any other Thanksgiving morning

where I'm getting dishes ready to take over to my mom's

for lunch later that day.

And then, all of a sudden, I hear just the commotion

in the room right next to me.

And I walk in.

And I don't see Matt.

But I see my three kids.

And I hear this clattering of our fireplace irons.

And I see, on the floor, Matt, his whole body shaking

in the midst of a grand mal seizure-- I mean,

completely out of nowhere.

He was probably the healthiest he'd been in his entire life.

You were told that Matt had-- he went, he was diagnosed,

doctors looked at him-- with no previous indication of this

that he had a limited time to live.

What was the diagnosis?

After an eight hour resection, the pathology

came back as anaplastic oligodendroglioma grade 3.

When I asked the surgeon, I was like, what does this mean?

Like, what is his life expectancy?

And he said, it's typically two to three years.

And so, I mean, that was just a kick in the gut.

Here he was just healthy and in good shape

and no prior history-- no headaches, even.

But the one thing that evidenced of this tumor

was this seizure on Thanksgiving Day.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: You know, we try to live

in the now with the power of Christ in our lives.

But when you get a diagnosis like

that-- and you're a young mom and you've

got three little kids.

You're looking down the road.

And I'm sure your heart is just flooded with anxiety and fear.

What did you go through?

Oh, it was-- so when they gave us the diagnosis,

I was in a room with the doctor and one other person, one

of the other lead pastors at our church.

And I remember coming out of that room

and seeing my parents, Matt's parents, our friends,

the couples.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: And none of them knew about it.

No, none of them knew.

And even seeing them together and even though,

you know life together-- whatever

we have left in our life is sort of an illusion.

We don't know how long we have.

It seemed like Matt and me, our marriage

had this expiration date on it.

And so to look at them and think,

I want to be like them where there's no expiration

date on my marriage but you can just

keep living life together-- so, I mean, it was hard.

So what did you do during that time?

I'm sure there was a spiritual scramble for a while.

But then it was the word of God that brought you strength.


Well, and I would say there was a scramble.

And that's what I would want to tell people who maybe are

on this side of a trial, of a storm where they're like,

am I going to be OK through the storm?

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Is God even who He says He is?

Yeah, is He?

And I will say that I found Him to be exactly who He said

He would be, that He provided peace that surpassed

understanding, that He was with me, that the body of Christ

surrounded me, and that His word was true, that I found

a lot of comfort in the word-- in the Bible,

His promises of being with us, of being our stability in times

of distress, and of His steadfast love being

sure and enough to hold us in that.

When did you first draw strength from Psalm 107?

Well, it was actually a couple years before this trial.

I had a friend who said, hey, I want you to read Psalm 107.

She was a very prophetic friend.

She said, I think there's something significant here.

And so I read it.

And it's, you know, the story of four different groups of people

in different distresses-- in the desert,

in chains, suffering from their own folly,

and caught in a storm.

And so I remember reading through this

and being able to identify with every part of it.

I've been in the desert.

I've been in chains.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: And this was before your husband's scenario?

Yes, it was before this.

So, you know we all can identify with this Psalm.

You know, the struggles in our lives

all pretty much bring us to the point of really understanding

the magnitude of God.

And that was true for you even in the midst

of a terrible diagnosis.

What did God teach you?

He taught me that He is exactly who He says He is

and that He is enough to provide stability.

I think that's one word.

And even in my book there's a picture of an anchor on it--

just this idea of stability in uncertain times.

And all of our times are uncertain.

We never know what tomorrow's going to bring.

We don't know what next week has for us.

But we can always trust in God's steadfast love

that He showed through His son Jesus.

You know, we talked about Matt's diagnosis.

But where is he at today?

Pretty amazing.

Praise God, he is cancer free.

He has been since the surgery.

They've had no evidence of disease.

He has been free of any brain tumor.

There have been little to no side effects.

You both believed even before that diagnosis

that God would heal him.


We had some friends that are more charismatic than we are--

brothers and sisters in Christ and so grateful for their gift

to us.

And one man had told Matt that there

would be a circumcision of sorts that would make

him the father of many sons.

And, you know, Matt thought it had

to do with just some re-organizing in the church.

But really it was a literal circumcision,

like a cut in his head that he believed

would give him a place to speak in to young men's lives--

pastors' lives-- and that he would survive it.

You need to read the whole story.

It's in Lauren's book.

And it's called "Steadfast Love."

It'll build your faith.

It's available where books are sold.

Thank you so much for being with us today.

Thank you for having me.

It's a wonderful story of a God who never changes.


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