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News on The 700 Club: May 11, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 11: Sanders trounces Clinton in W. Va. -- but will it make a difference?, US Army shrinks smallest level since before World War II, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to this edition of "The 700 Club."

You want to hear a fun story?

This is a fun story.

You remember 2012?

The Mayan calendar says, well, there's

going to be an explosion.

There's going to be a collapse of our galaxy,

and the center of the galaxy is going to implode, or something?

Well, it didn't quite happen that way,

but their knowledge of astronomy was extraordinary.

So this youngster in Canada-- he lives in Montreal--

decided he was going to do something that no scientist had

ever done.

He was going to map out all the Mayan cities that

had been located in the Yucatan up in Mexico,

and these other places.

And he would try to match them with the constellations.

And lo and behold, they began to make an identical match.

And then he found one constellation

that had a very bright star, and it had no Mayan city to.

It so he talked a Canadian aerospace company

into pointing its satellite telescope in this place,

and guess what?

They found what seems to be the biggest Mayan city ever

discovered, and no scientist had ever done it.

And this 15-year-old kid is getting to name the city,

and it's kind of exciting.

Isn't that something?

That is very exciting.

But they say it's so expensive to go down there, because it's

all impenetrable jungle, but imagine

there was some bright star, constellation--

he's got all these various Google Maps,

and he spent a couple of years just poring over them.


Isn't that something?

That is so cool.

I'm just delighted.

15 years old, Montreal, Canada.

Our salute to him.

And Wendy comes from the great coal

state of West Virginia, which delivered a smashing

victory to--

Donald Trump.


Bernie Sanders.


And Bernie Sanders.

Yeah, the coal miners have spoken, haven't they?

Well, Bernie Sanders has again beaten Hillary Clinton,

this time in my home state of West Virginia,

but Clinton is still virtually certain

to face off against Trump in the fall,

and Donald Trump is looking at a short list

for his possible running mates.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: He's still way behind,

but says he's not giving up.

Bernie Sanders calls his win in West Virginia tremendous.

It appears that we've won a big, big victory

in West Virginia.

DALE HURD: Hillary Clinton still holds a commanding delegate

lead, but Sanders still has the fight in him.

We are in this campaign to win.

the democratic nomination.

DALE HURD: But Sanders' quest appears

to be almost impossible, with Clinton 94% of the way

to winning the nomination.

If I'm fortunate enough as to be the nominee,

I am looking forward to debating Donald Trump come the fall.

DALE HURD: Still, Clinton faces the FBI investigation

of her email scandal.

Her loss in West Virginia, a state she took in 2008,

was payback for her statements in March

that a lot of coal miners and coal companies

would be out of business.

But she's also polling badly among whites, men,

and young people.

Many loyal Sanders supporters vow to never vote for her.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump

kept rolling, winning West Virginia and Nebraska.

He told the Associated Press he's

looking at five or six people as his running mate, all

with deep political experience.

One person Trump is likely not considering

is Senator Marco Rubio, who told CNN

he disagrees with Trump's America first foreign policy.

I have well-defined differences with the presumptive nominee

of the Republican party.

And like millions of Republicans,

you try to reconcile those two things.

DALE HURD: Trump has a big meeting Thursday

with Republican leaders on Capitol Hill, a group he's

railed against, to try to patch up

the public differences they've had.

Unifying the Democrats is going to be an issue for Hillary

Clinton, too.

So after tough primary battles, both parties

are facing the question of how to work together

in the general election this fall.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Well, it's simply amazing.

You know, there's a good friend, he's a congressman

for the Fourth District.

He's now running for the seat of the second district.

He happens to-- his name is Randy Forbes,

and he happens to hold the chairmanship

of the subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee

that deals with these Navy, the Marine Corps,

the Air Force, and so forth.

And in a meeting that we had, Gordon and I,

with him a few days ago, we learned the appalling truth

of what's happening to our military.

How it's being degraded.

There will not be enough ships, there will not be enough men,

there will not be enough aircraft

to fight any kind of a war, and certainly

to project our power around the world.

And-- well, a shocking report about this weakness

of the US Army.

Charlene Aaron has that story.

That's right, Pat.

The Army has shrunk to its smallest level

since before World War II.

The Army Times reports it's now down to 479,000 soldiers

on active duty.

That's the lowest number since 1940.

The Army does still have more than half a million soldiers

in reserve, but without intervention

from Congress or the Defense Department,

the Army will continue to shrink down to 450,000 soldiers

by 2018.


Well, it looks like Donald Trump has said,

I'm going to rebuild the armed forces.

We've got to have a larger navy.

We were looking at a 500-ship navy.

We're talking about 250 ships-- they just can't project power

in the South China Sea, into the Mediterranean,

off the coast of Africa, and all the other places

they have to be.

They just can't do it, and I understand

that the Air Force has had to borrow parts

from like, parts stores, and people

who are flying planes in exhibitions, in order

to get the spare parts to keep their airplanes going.

It's horrible.

So in any event, it hasn't all been Obama,

but it's this squeeze that's gone on.

This sequester has taken place because of his refusal

to go along with anything that Congress wanted,

and Congress has refused to go along with what he wanted.

And so there's been a standoff, and the ones

that are taking it in the neck have been the US military.

And that's one of the strong points of a Trump,

and what Congressman Forbes was telling us.

They've just got to fight for these things,

or something bad can happen to America.


Well, Pat, about 5,000 US troops

recently joined with forces from the Philippines

for a large scale military exercise.

The longtime allies insist the event is not directly aimed

as a response to China's growing aggression

in its territorial claims in the west Philippine Sea,

but the Philippines is clearly intent on improving its defense


Lucille Talusan brings us that story.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: This amphibious landing

to secure Philippine territory is one simulated scenario

in joint military exercises between the US and Philippine

armed forces.

Called Balikatan, in Filipino it means

standing shoulder to shoulder, or sharing the load together.

It's done regularly as part of the US-Philippines

mutual defense treaty.

A main feature of the exercise is the use

of sophisticated 21st-century weaponry,

like this new mobile rocket launcher system, and new jets

and planes which the Philippines may

need to use against China, as it continues to flex

its muscles in the region.

The MB-22 aircraft of the US Air Force has just landed,

and this is the kind of equipment

that will be used to enhance the capabilities of the defense

system of the armed forces of the Philippines.

The joint war games came just before possible UN tribunal

decision, on the Philippines challenged

the Chinese territorial claims.

In recent months, China has built massive structures,

radar systems, and airstrips over contested reefs

and outcrops, which the Philippines says

belongs to them.

That's because they are situated within its 270 nautical mile

exclusive zone that is recognized

by international law.

Although Philippine and US officials

insist that the Balikatan exercises are not a response

to China's aggression in the West Philippine Sea,

analysts see the exercise as preparations

to confront China if necessary.

The presence of our friends from the United States

is one of, of course, a big help to our country

when it comes to deterrence to the actions of China

in the West Philippine Sea.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: What kind of commitment

can we get from the US?


The president came out here and said that

about three months ago.

He said the alliance and the relationship is ironclad.

You can count on us.

There's a lot riding on making sure

that we're secure, that security in this region continues.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: The Philippines is increasing

its military engagements with the US

under the enhanced defense cooperation agreement.

It's part of President Barack Obama's plan

to reassert American influence not only in the Philippines,

but throughout the Asian Pacific.

Lucille Talusan, CBN News, Antique, Philippines.

And the Philippines has also just elected a new president.

Rodrigo Duterte has been called the Donald

Trump of the Philippines.

He's been the mayor of a major city

in the country for 22 years.

He has been compared to Trump because of his fiery language,

and he's promising to take on criminals and corruption.

In health news, junk food could be just as bad for your kidneys

as type 2 diabetes.

Researchers at a university in the United Kingdom fed

rats a diet of chocolate bars, cheese, biscuits,

and marshmallows for eight weeks,

and they fed some other rats a diet high in fat

for five weeks.

Afterward, the researchers checked the rats' kidneys

and found what they called very similar negative effects, along

with increases in blood sugar.

The study was conducted on rats, and not people,

so the results aren't conclusive for humans,

but other studies have shown that junk food can be

indeed harmful to your health.


Well, we've been saying that for a long time,

and every time we turn around there's

a new scientific study indicating

that junk food is bad for you.

Sugary drinks are bad for you.

The stuff that you buy-- Cokes, and Pepsis,

and all those things are bad for you.

And now, to bring on type 2 diabetes?

That is bad news.


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