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News on The 700 Club: May 12, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 12: GOP leaders: Donald Trump, Paul Ryan meeting 'critical'; Hidden gem: Fasting may benefit more than your spirit, and more. Read Transcript

Donald Trump is making some very wise moves.

He is asking for Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore

to help him with his tax plan.

These are establishment, conservative-- they're low tax

people and highly regarded.

But more than that, Mr. Trump is meeting with House Speaker Paul


And my prognostication on that one

is that they're going to make nice.

There is no way they're going to want to split going

into this general election.

So when they come out of that, they're going to be all smiles.

And they're going to say we're together and all's well.

And a few differences on immigration,

we've worked over those and it's going to be just great.

Well, Trump's meeting with Ryan comes

as Congressional Republicans are showing their support

for their presidential nominee.

George Thomas has the story.


are urging the Speaker to unite and get behind their party's

presumptive nominee.

But Ryan, who was reluctant to support Trump,

says he wants to make sure it's done right.

Look, I said this the other day,

to pretend we're unified as a party after coming

through a very bruising primary, which just ended like a week

ago-- to pretend we're unified without actually unifying,

then we go into the fall at half strength.

The meeting comes in the backdrop of ongoing questions

over Trump's refusal to release his tax returns.

On Sunday, he said this--

You don't learn much from tax returns,

but I would love to give the tax returns.


says he won't release them until after an IRS

audit is done, which may not be until after the election.

His Democratic rival has pounced on that.

My husband and I have released 33 years of tax returns.

So you got to ask yourself, why doesn't want to release them?

GEORGE THOMAS (VOICEOVER): On the subject of taxes,

"Politico" reports Trump has brought

in well-known conservative economists

Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore to help

him rewrite his initial tax plan, which one group said

could tack on an additional $10 to $12 trillion

onto America's already exploding national debt

and help the economy grow more.

The thing I'm going to do is make

sure the middle class gets good taxes--

tax breaks because they have been absolutely shunned.

The other thing, I'm going to fight very hard for business.


is considering tapping former New York Mayor Rudy

Giuliani to head a commission on radical Islam.

Trump told Fox News he may set up the commission

to study his immigration policies,

including calls for a temporary ban on Muslims

coming to America.

More than a week after officially becoming

his party's presumptive nominee, many in the GOP

are still split over Trump's conservative credentials.

And although many have questioned

whether he can actually beat Hillary Clinton in November,

a new poll has some good news for Trump.

Reuters has him in a dead heat with Clinton at 41%,

Trump at 40%, and 19% undecided.

George Thomas, CBN News.

Thanks, George.

The truth is that Bernie Sanders beats

Trump in the head-to-heads much more than Hillary.

Hillary and he are tied together,

and Sanders hasn't had the brunt of any really serious


But Trump, for example, has got Chris Christie

handling his transition team.

Christie is a good guy.

He's a very solid Governor of New Jersey.

And he has people like Ben Carson working

on vice presidential selection.

He has one of the senators from Alabama, Jeff Sessions,

working on Supreme Court.

He's looking at some pretty good people in there.

People should be more and more comfortable with the kind

of presidency he going to have.

He isn't a dummy by any manner of means.

And he knows what it's going to take to govern this country.

But they have what they call a plum book.

And there are about 5,000 key appointments.

And he's got to get them filled up with good people.

But I'm more and more confident that something good

is going to happen.

Well, the next president is also going

to have to deal with radical Islamic terrorism.

And the FBI says it's tracking nearly 800 people who

could be tied to ISIS and live here in the United

States of America.

John Jessup has that story.

That's right, Pat.

Director James Comey says the FBI

is looking at nearly 1,000 cases of people

who may have been radicalized online, and about 80% of them,

800 or so, are related to ISIS.

Comey warns the Islamic State still

has the ability to reach what he called

"troubled souls" in the US.

Although, he said, the number of people leaving the country

to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria has dropped dramatically.

Comey's announcement came on the same day ISIS

claimed responsibility for three car bombs that killed at least

93 people in Baghdad yesterday.

It was the deadliest violence the city has seen this year.

ISIS said it targeted rival Muslims,

but hospital and security officials

say the vast majority of victims were civilians.

Well, America's massive military won't save it

against Islamic terrorism if it doesn't have the values

and will to fight.

That's the view from one Jewish expert on Islam.

And now, he's offering some unique advice to the US.

Chris Mitchell brings us that story from Jerusalem.


want victory over radical Islam, they

need to embrace their Christian roots,

according to Harold Rhode, religious Jew and expert

on Islam.

The Christian world is a very powerful world

if it chooses to be.

It has enormous abilities.

I want you Christians to believe in your values.

America's traditional Middle East allies

have felt betrayed in the past few years.

They point to weakness in President Obama's policies

that led to the current chaos and violence.

Historically, when Muslims see weakness, they pounce.

America, the leader of the West, is showing weakness.

CHRIS MITCHELL (VOICEOVER): Rhode lived and studied

in universities in the Islamic world for years.

He advised the US Defense Department on Islamic affairs

for nearly three decades.

He says the view of peace takes on totally different meanings

between Muslims and the West.

Peace in the West is let bygones be bygones.

Let's say you and I had terrible problems in the past.

We sit down.

You give a little.

I give a little.

We shake hands.

We don't forget what happened, but we work together

towards our new goal.

We put the past behind us.


Revenge is the basis of everything.

If you don't avenge something, you lose personal honor.

You are ashamed, so there's never peace.

You do not let bygones be bygones.


the West calls terrorism Muslims see as classic Islamic warfare.

Islamic warfare comes, basically,

from the time of the Quran.

They were tribes fighting tribes out in the desert.

You raid the other side.

You take its property.

You take its women.

You take its children.

Your goal is to make the other side afraid.

You raid and withdraw.

Eventually, by making the other side afraid, they withdraw.

And you take their territory.

That's what terrorism is.


told CBN News America can fight it and win.

America, and Europe, has unbelievable, awesome power,

but we don't seem to have the stomach now to use it.

Power without the will to use it is irrelevant.

CHRIS MITCHELL (VOICEOVER): One recent example

came when Iran captured American sailors after accusing them

of crossing into its territorial waters.

And America did nothing.

Excuse me, when Iran gave them up and got its propaganda value

from them Secretary of State Kerry, oh, thank you,

see, being nice helps.

This was shameful.

CHRIS MITCHELL (VOICEOVER): If Washington would stand tough,

he said, many Muslims would cheer.

You would be surprised the amount of Muslims

would say, thank God.

Would they say it publicly?

Not in the beginning because they'd

be afraid that they'd be killed by fellow Muslims.


that's where America needs to return to its roots.

But I want Christians to believe in Jesus.

I want them to observe Christian values.

With that, America is safe.

Europe is safe.

Israel is safe.

The world will be safe.



Thanks, Chris.

Pat, back to you.

Brilliant statement.

Ladies and gentlemen, listen to what he said.

He's a Jewish man, but he knows what he's talking about.

Those Islamic people and the Muslims throughout the world

recognize and admire strength.

Those that are strong become the ones they want to emulate.

Those that are weak, the ones that they despise.

And when somebody like Obama shows continuous weakness,

continued disregard of the fundamental values that

made our nation great, then those people

despise him and despise us.

And those who are tough and strong

are the ones they admire.

That's just in their DNA.

And it was a wonderful statement.

He said, but Christians hold to your values.

Be strong.


Pat, speaking of biblical values,

once again, scientists are proving

that practices in the Bible good for our spiritual health

are also good for our physical health, things

like forgiveness, rest, and letting go of worry.

Now, as Lorie Johnson, explains, we can add another practice

to the list.

LORIE JOHNSON (VOICEOVER): It appears fasting dramatically

strengthens our immune system.

Researchers at the University of Southern California

studied both people and animals who

went without food for two to four days

at a time for six months.

The fasting triggered their bodies

to get rid of old, inefficient cells

and regenerate new, healthy ones.

This means fasting could be a key to aging well

because as we get older our immune system weakens making

us more vulnerable to disease.

Fasting could prove especially beneficial to people

going through chemotherapy, or who suffer

from autoimmune disorders.

Fasting causes the body's stem cells to renew themselves

and holds back a hormone linked to cancer growth.

Fasting is now gaining acceptance in popular culture.

Folks are trying what's known as intermittent fasting for weight

loss, as well as other health benefits.

One plan involves going without food for 18 hours or more

every day.

Therefore, only eating during a four to six hour window.

Another, called the 5:2 diet, involves

eating normally for five days a week,

but eating only 500 calories or less on the other two.

So while many Americans still eat all day,

every day, more scientists are increasingly

touting the health benefits of fasting on a regular basis.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.

The health benefits of fasting.

Pat, back to you.

Well, they used to fast in the Bible.

Fasting is something that-- I afflicted my soul with fasting,

is what the Bible says.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall, who is a dear friend and a board

member of Regent University, has written extensively

on the benefits of fasting.

But you have to do probably at least 24 hours of fasting.

But if that is done, the body begins

to kick out the necessary defense mechanisms that

keep your body going.

And if it's always got all the food it wants,

those mechanisms aren't triggered.

So I mean, it's amazing, but it works.


Pat, when is food healthy or not healthy?

That's the question before the Food and Drug Administration.

Under current guidelines, a sugary kids' cereal

might meet the official definition

of healthy, but natural foods that

are recognized by health experts as good

for you, like salmon or almonds, would not

be considered healthy.

That's because when the FDA set the current guidelines

for healthy foods in 1994 low-fat was the prime criteria,

and other issues like sugar weren't the priority.

But now, scientists recognize that some natural fats

can be OK.

So Pat, the FDA is starting to redefine its view of what

constitutes healthy.

You know, that food pyramid, that food pyramid, which

is just nonsense, was put together

with a bunch of lawyers in the FDA.

These lawyers sat around and let's cook up something.

And so, they out this food pyramid.

And it's nutritionally nonsense.

So also is this low-fat stuff nonsense.

Ignoring sugar-- but anyhow, don't get me into that.

But Atkins-- Atkins was right.


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