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News on The 700 Club: May 13, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 13: US orders public schools to allow transgender access to bathrooms, Congressional leaders work to prevent terrorism with 'common sense' legislation, and more. Read Transcript

President Obama is widening the war over transgender rights.

Now, he's taking it right into the nation's public schools.

In a letter that goes out today,

the administration is telling public schools

to allow students to use the bathroom that fits their,

quote, "gender identity."

As George Thomas reports, the issue

opens a whole new front in the battle over bathrooms.

GEORGE THOMAS: The letter from the Justice and Education

Departments is blunt.

"A school may not require transgender students

to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity

or to use individual-user facilities when other students

are not required to do so."

While the decree does not carry the force of law,

the message from the administration is clear.

Comply or else face loss of federal funding.

I think what we see once again is

the egregious abuse of the authority of the president.

The letter comes as congressman Robert Pittenger's state

of North Carolina is in a legal standoff

with the administration over his state's new law on bathroom use

by transgender people.

Pittenger says the president is going too far

in trying to rewrite state law.

We have a defined separation of power inside our government

given by our founding fathers.

This came from Ancient Greece.

And the president does not respect that.

GEORGE THOMAS: The president's decision

to step into this fight comes on the heels of a Fourth Circuit

Court ruling that ordered a Virginia

School to allow a transgender student to choose

her own bathroom.

Hate bill!

Hate bill!

GEORGE THOMAS: And that battle over bathrooms is only growing.

I object to a process lacking transparency

at minimum and which may very well be found illegal.

GEORGE THOMAS: In Fort Worth, Texas, hundreds

of parents packed a school board meeting

after school superintendent decided

to implement a bathroom policy for transgendered students.

The meeting got so heated--

MAN 1: Democracy!

MAN 2: That's right!

GEORGE THOMAS: --some parents had

to be escorted out by police.

Transgender students are our neighbors,

and they are all of our children.

GEORGE THOMAS: Back in Washington,

the Obama administration sees the bathroom battle

as part of a civil rights movement.

This is about the dignity and the respect that we

accord our fellow citizens.

GEORGE THOMAS: Congressman Pittenger

says the federal government has no place in this debate.

He believes this fight could make its way to the US Supreme


But we're going to have to have this fight with the president.

If he wants to picket on these grounds, then so be it.

That'll be where it is.

GEORGE THOMAS: George Thomas, CBN News.

Well, I want to underline what was said in that letter,

that you can't have single-user facility fit

this need unless all students are

going to individual facilities.

You have to make it open.

And now we're going to get into the issue of,

what does it really mean to be transgender?

Are there going to be regulations?

At what point in time do you cross that line?

This is a crazy thing to be doing, in my opinion,

in an election year.

But it sure is going to get a whole lot of people

very excited.

Well, Congressional Republicans and Donald Trump

are now talking nice after his visit to Capitol Hill.

John Jessup has more from our CBN News bureau in Washington.

Thanks, Gordon.

It's no secret House Speaker Paul Ryan caused quite a stir

last week when he said he wasn't ready to back Donald Trump.

Well, yesterday they met for 45 minutes here in Washington.

And while Ryan still hasn't endorsed

the presumptive nominee, both men

say they're making progress.

I think, for the most part, we agree

on a lot of different items.

And we're getting there.

I do believe that we are now planting the seeds

to get ourselves unified.

You don't put it together in 45 minutes.

JOHN JESSUP: Trump also appears to be backing down

from one of his more controversial proposals,

a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants.

Well, a federal judge dealt a blow to Obamacare,

ruling that parts of the president's health care plan

are unconstitutionally funded.

The Obama Administration is paying health insurers billions

to cover the cost for providing for low income Americans.

GOP lawmakers who brought the lawsuit

say Congress never authorized that expenditure.

The judge issued an order to stop further payments

but delayed its implementation while the Administration

considers an appeal.

Well, House Republicans believe commonsense changes to the US

visa program can prevent another terrorist attack

like the one in San Bernardino.

Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia

introduced the Visa Integrity and Security Act Thursday.

It includes simple reforms like making

sure an application is completely filled out

before it's accepted.

The bill also requires heightened screening

for applicants from high-risk countries like Iran, Iraq,

Libya, Somalia, and Syria.

The United States Congress recognizes that visas

can be weapons for terrorists.

The second thing is this.

For countries with heightened security concerns,

this country is going to do heightened security.

And in balancing the privilege of coming

to this country versus the right to be secure in this country,

we give more weight to the right to be secure.

Forbes says these steps could have

kept San Bernardino's shooter, Tashfeen Malik,

from slipping through the cracks.

Well, it's been just over a year since a massive earthquake

in Nepal claimed thousands of lives

and left millions homeless.

Today, there's still a lot of work

to be done to help people recover.

And as Lucille Talusan reports, Christian organizations

like CBN are still committed to help.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: 24 hours after the killer earthquake,

CBN disaster relief teams hit the ground,

providing food, blankets, clean water, and temporary shelter

for survivors.

Medical help and medicine reached remote areas

within three days of the quake.

Now, a year later, the debris is gone.

This is all that's left of an 800-year-old Hindu

temple that was destroyed by the earthquake.

Ruins like these will always remind the Nepali people

of the great tragedy that killed over 9,000

and left millions of people homeless.

But this is the same earthquake that enabled Christians

to show them the love of God.

Beni Karki leads Compassionate Hands for Nepal,

CBN disaster relief's partner in the recovery effort.

After the earthquake, as many churches and Christians

as individuals-- they went out.

And they started helping people.

And they-- like Hindus and Buddhists

and the other religions-- they are testifying now,

your religion is the best because you love us.

You care for us.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: One of those living

in the temporary shelters is Krishna Man Tamang.

(THROUGH INTERPRETER) My apartment was destroyed during

the earthquake with all my belongings.

I did not have shelter, bed, and even food.

It is only through CBN that I now have a place to stay

and where my family can be comfortable.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: Krishna Man is Hindu.

Yet the love shown by Beni and the team

has made him curious about the Christian faith.

(THROUGH INTERPRETER) Before, I don't have an idea about Jesus

and the Christian people.

But when I got attached to them, I

felt that they are friendly and kind.

And I feel I should follow their God, Jesus.

I want to know more about Jesus.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: CBN and Compassionate Hands for Nepal

are helping this blind couple revive

their soap-making business.

(THROUGH INTERPRETER) Life has become more difficult after

the earthquake because we lost our meager possessions.

I work for 12 hours a day in the factory

and earn $35 every month.

I want to have my own business so I can feed

my wife and three children.

Thank you, CBN, for helping me restart my own business.

This is a big help.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: While physical rehabilitation is slow here,

spiritual growth and recovery have been strong.

We have seen the churches being planted all over the hills

and the mountains.

Despite of all the challenges or problems

we are facing right now, this is the right time for Nepal

that God's kingdom will be established in this country.

LUCILLE TALUSAN: Lucille Talusan, CBN News, Kathmandu,


Gordon, the love of Christ shining through the challenging

times for the people of Nepal.

And all thanks to you, if you're

a member of "The 700 Club."

We're a lot more than just a TV show.

We want to help people.

And if you want to be a part of it,

all you have to do is call us 1-800-759-0700.

We have a special fund set up for CBN

international disasters.

And you can be a part of it.

So if you want to give into that,

we're still on the ground in Nepal.

We're still providing relief because it's

going to be a long rebuilding process.

And when disasters strike, we want to strike back

with love and compassion.

So the address was on your screen.

Number's still there, 1-800-759-0700.



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