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News on The 700 Club: May 16, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 16: Trump denounces New York Times article as 'lame hit piece'; Liberty's largest graduating class honored in star-studded ceremony, and more. Read Transcript

It's going to be a long, hot summer

of presidential politics, and I know we're all looking forward

to it.

President Obama, he waded into the 2016 race

yesterday, taking a shot at Donald Trump.

And then meanwhile, Hillary's supporters

are wondering if she's likeable.

As Efrem Graham reports, social conservatives

are now coming to terms with the reality of a Trump run

for the White House.

It's not cool to not know what you're talking about.

That's not challenging political correctness.

EFREM GRAHAM: The president took a few swipes at Donald Trump

during his speech to the graduating

class at Rutgers University.

His jabs follow a "New York Times" report

criticizing the Republican Party's presumptive nominee

for his treatment of women, detailing

alleged unwelcome romantic advances

and unsettling workplace conduct.

Nobody respects women more than I do.

Trump calls the "Times" story a lame hit piece.

The chairman of the Republican Party

admits Trump has some explaining to do,

but he's also quick to point out the billionaire

has changed the game in presidential campaigns.

I don't think the traditional playbook applies.

He's rewritten the play book.

EFREM GRAHAM: Meanwhile, some social conservatives

are growing more accepting of a Trump run for the White House.

They note any concerns about him pale in contrast

to Hillary Clinton.

Whoever was the Republican presidential nominee

I would vote for, and it looks like it may be Donald Trump.

So I would find it difficult to vote for a democrat

at this point because of the platform,

so I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is.

EFREM GRAHAM: Hillary Clinton has troubles of her own.

She's still taking hits from rival Bernie Sanders

and the "Washington Post" reports.

Her supporters are concerned she could

be vulnerable in a general election.

The biggest problems are her likability,

concerns about corruption, and the e-mail scandal.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

Well, I hope we all don't get sick of this race

before it's all over.

And whatever happens in it, make sure that you

as a citizen of the United States of America,

you exercise your right to vote.

This isn't a time to sit back and say, well, I

can't find anybody to vote for.

Please exercise your right to vote.

Realize it's a great privilege that we have.

Well, in other news, the Obama administration

says ISIS is on the defensive.

John Jessup has more on that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


That's right, Gordon.

America's envoy to the 66 nation coalition

fighting ISIS says the tide has turned

against the Islamic State.

And now, the caliphate, as they call it,

this perverse caliphate is shrinking.

So they are very much on the defensive.

They have not retaken any territory, really,

since their operations in Ramadi going all the way back to May.

So their territory is shrinking and they are now

doing these suicide attacks against civilian populations.

JOHN JESSUP: Brett McGurk says ISIS is also

losing the social media propaganda war.

He says for every pro-ISIS Twitter handle,

there are now six countering its message.

The loss of territory and power has

forced the group to make smaller attacks

against civilian targets.

This weekend, ISIS fighters killed at least 14 people

in an attack on a natural gas plant north of Baghdad.

Well, across the country, college graduates

are celebrating their rite of passage.

Liberty University grads received more

than their diplomas over the weekend.

They also got a surprise visit from a few Hollywood A-listers,

and Wendy Griffith was there.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Sporting a beard and sunglasses,

actor Mel Gibson delighted the crowd in Lynchburg Saturday.

Gibson recently wrapped up a film that has ties to the city.

The movie called Hacksaw Ridge comes out this fall.

Mel brought fellow actor Vince Vaughn, who stars in the movie,

as well as screenwriter Randall Wallace,

author of "Brave Heart," who is from Lynchburg.

I came to believe when I was here

that God had a reason for me being alive.

I wanted to find that reason.

I wanted to follow God, follow Jesus.

And I learned that God's plan is better than my plan.

I came here 12 years ago, as he said, when Jerry, Sr. was here,

and he was very kind to me when I

was getting a pretty good hiding for that superhero,

the ultimate superhero film I made.

So I'm very thankful for their friendship and acceptance

over the years.

And I'm happy to be here.

Look at all you folks.

What is it, 35,000 people?

I'm a great talker, but I'm a fantastic singer,

and I thought maybe I could do a Whitney Houston

song for you guys.

And I want to dance with somebody.

WENDY GRIFFITH: The star-studded event also

included "Duck Dynasty's" Willie Robertson, whose son just

finished his freshman year.

As the Bible says, be the aroma of Christ.

And so no matter what happens, affect other people

and be the person that people want to be around.

Because when you reflect him and you're a positive person

and you help others, people want to be around you.

People want to hire you.

Some people actually even want to look like you.

So if you've got a big, monster, manly beard,

some people grow out a little teeny, tiny, petite,

well-manicured beard, like Jerry's.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Liberty University alumnus and New York

Giants running back Rashad Jennings

was the keynote speaker.

Let's start this day off right by burning

all the political nonsense in these flames.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Wendy Griffith, CBN News, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Looks like they had a great time in Lynchburg.

Well, CBN'S "Superbook" programs are

changing lives around the world, including

right here in America.

Gary Lane explains how a Chinese church in our own backyard

is using "Superbook" to introduce people to Christ.

GARY LANE: Children from Family Bible Church in Virginia Beach

can't wait to go to church on Sundays.

Besides learning about God, they're

also excited to meet their new friends, Gizmo, Chris, and Joy.

Most members of the congregation are Chinese.

Ronelle Roberts is the Sunday School teacher.

She explains "Superbook" brought many kids to her class

and offers more than just stories.

Animation connects with these children like no other medium


They're able to really grasp biblical truths when

they can connect with Chris and Joy

and Gizmo week after week after week.

And they're learning principles that we teach through,

of course, the Bible, but they're

able to really make it come to life in their minds

when they see it on "Superbook."

GARY LANE: Bon Wang is the senior pastor

of the church He was very much surprised to see

how much the children learned from "Superbook."

Today in my Sunday School class,

I was asking some questions about the Resurrection,

and they were able to give me some really good answers.

And when I asked them, where did you learn these things from?

And they say, it's from "Superbook."

So I know that "Superbook" has made an impression on them.

GARY LANE: "Superbook" also brought

the kids' parents to church.


INTERPRETER: "Superbook" also teaches

me a lot of knowledge in the Bible

that my child shared with me.

It encourages me to go to church with my family

to know the word of God deeper and deeper.

GARY LANE: Joann Chung was baptized last year.

She says her life changed after she viewed "Superbook"

episodes with her son.

Her husband is not a Christian, and she

prays "Superbook" will also touch his heart.


INTERPRETER: Every time I watch it,

I feel "Superbook" teaches me and my son something

new about God.

As a new believer in Christ, I will

continue to seek after God, and at the same time,

I won't give up on praying for my husband's faith.

I am certain the Holy Spirit will touch him

through "Superbook," too.

GARY LANE: Parents and teachers at Family Bible Church

are also excited about "Superbook" Academy.

They're also looking forward to using the online curriculum

to discover more biblical truths and grow stronger in their walk

with the Lord.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

Well, "Superbook" events are also

taking place in other countries.

This spring, "Superbook" teams visited children

in three poor villages in Bulgaria.

All the events were full of families

who saw two "Superbook" episodes,

played games, and received gifts.

One village which is known for its high rate of child

trafficking had 400 people taking part.

People there told CBN it was the first public screening they've

had in more than 20 years.

And Gordon, as a kid who watched the original "Superbook"

series, it's neat to see the reimagined series still

changing lives.

And it's doing it around the world,

and it's doing it because people like

you care enough to support it.

We've got a broadcast map showing we're broadcasting now

in 38 different languages, and we're going to 50

by the end of the year.

And there you can see all the different languages,

where we're broadcasting it, and how we're distributing it

around the world.

And you're part of it if you're part of the "Superbook" DVD


For a gift of $25, we'll send you the latest episode

as these productions are done.

You'll get not just one copy, you'll get three copies.

Right now we have the story of David and Saul.

And then as a special bonus spring offer,

you'll get two more.

You'll receive "He is Risen" and "The Last Supper."

So you get five DVDs when you join for $25.

And your gift of $25 goes into the production costs

of the new episodes, as well as all this translation

work, all this distribution work,

all made possible because you said I want to be a part of it.

I want to share the stories of the Bible

with the children of the world.

So if that's you, call us now-- 1-800-759-0700.


Well, I'm struck by the impact this is having on adults.

When you first had the concept for redoing this and doing

it true to the word and all of that,

did you realize it would touch families and parents?

Yeah, I had an experience in a village in Thailand,

and this was back in 1995.

And we had brought in some of the previous animations

that CBN had done, and the entire village turned out.


And the adults responded.

It wasn't just for kids.

The adults responded.

And so it's the power of the story.

And when you're faithful to the Bible,

the Bible always brings results.

The word of God doesn't return void.


And it's wonderful what happens when you get it

out there in all these different languages

and you're true to the story.

Pretty remarkable.

And we're seeing those results in country

after country, so I know that's exciting.



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