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From Welfare to Mayor—God’s Way

Scott can’t believe his own success story. He and his wife struggled to survive on welfare for years. Scott credits his surprising success to a life principle he and his wife Linda embraced years ago. Find out how it can help you too. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Scott Miller of San Jacinto, California

has a hard time believing his own success story.

If somebody would have told me years ago, living on welfare,

one day I'd be mayor of a city, I would have said,

you're talking to the wrong guy.

NARRATOR: Scott credits his surprising success to a life

principle he and his wife, Linda, embraced over

15 years ago.

SCOTT MILLER: I believe 100% giving was the foundational key

to get me out of the place I was in.

NARRATOR: That place was unemployed

and on welfare with a wife and five kids to support.

It began when Scott was laid off from what

he thought was a secure job in the aviation industry.

We had five kids, and our two youngest were still in diapers.

And how do we make ends meet?

I started looking for work.

So it was very tough, because here I

was, a guy that was used to working hard, getting out


NARRATOR: Scott and Linda cut every expense

they could and moved into a cramped trailer to save money.

Even then, they had to rely on food stamps.

We actually had coupon books where you stood at the register

and you tore off a coupon that said $10.

It is humbling.

It is difficult.

NARRATOR: Several years into their struggles, Scott

and Linda heard a message at church that changed

the way they looked at money.

We started learning about this whole idea

that the Lord wanted us to be givers,

to be able to take even out of our need and give.

I didn't know how we would do it,

but I've always believed that if God said it, it was true.

NARRATOR: The couple began tithing at their church.

They even gave to their church's food bank.

Because we started to realize that God had a different way.

NARRATOR: But change would come slowly.

And at times, Scott became frustrated.

I remember thinking, what is my future really going to be like?

Is this ever going to change?

NARRATOR: Over the next several years,

Scott and Linda continued to tithe faithfully

and not only to tithe.

They increased their giving and joined The 700 Club.

Before long, Scott started landing more contract jobs.

A slow trickle, yes.

God was bringing the proof that we could give,

and we could test him, and he would come through.

NARRATOR: Finally, Scott got a full-time job

with the county of San Jacinto as a computer engineer.

The couple eagerly got off welfare.

Eventually, they traded in their trailer

for a new house in the beautiful San Jacinto Valley.

It was a marathon, not a race.

Very incremental.

I didn't go from food stamps to having a great job overnight.

It's like God spoon fed me and took

me step by step through the process of trusting

Him more and more.

NARRATOR: Within two years, Scott earned two promotions

and raises.

So the Millers increased their giving to CBN.

When you give to CBN, it's one of the best investments

you'll ever make.

I can't imagine not giving to The 700 Club.

SCOTT MILLER: You could see that it's going to a good work,

because they're showing you the proof.

NARRATOR: In 2010, Scott followed God's direction

into city leadership.

He won his first election to become mayor of San Jacinto.

Today he's still serving his city as deputy mayor.

When you give, God opens up your hands,

and He says, whatever you have in your hands, I'll bless it,

and you'll do the amazing with it.

The number one thing that you gotta

learn when you start tithing is this-- God's

not trying to take something from you,

He's trying to get something to you.


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