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Ezekiel’s Superhero

A mom is grateful for time with her two-year-old son and she uses Superbook to teach him values. The adorable toddler has learned to ask forgiveness and looks up to David. They won a SB Bible costume photo contest and a visit from Gizmo. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Ezekiel's parents treasure

every moment they have with their two-year-old son.

Michael and Lori serve in the Philippine Navy,

and are sometimes away for weeks at a time.


LORI'S TRANSLATOR: He's an affectionate and sweet boy.

He clings to his dad, when we say our goodbyes.

NARRATOR: Ezekiel stays with his grandparents,

while his parents work.

But Sundays are special because that's

the day when they're all home together,

and watch their favorite TV program, CBN's Superbook.

Lori used to watch the classic version as a child.

LORI'S TRANSLATOR: I remember how the kids would travel

to another place and time.

Ezekiel also likes it when Superbook travels back in time.

NARRATOR: Ezekiel has asked lots of questions about the Bible


Recently, they watched "A Giant Adventure"

and he learned how David was able to defeat Goliath,

by the power of God.

EZEKIEL: David shot with a stone, and it hit him here.


Goliath fell down.

LORI'S TRANSLATOR: Who gives you the power?

EZEKIEL: From Papa Jesus.

LORI'S TRANSLATOR: Superbook helps me shown him what's right

and what's not good.

It helps me explain who God is, and what Jesus did on the cross

for us.

Now, he initiates prayer before meals,

and he says I'm sorry, when he has hurt a playmate.

NARRATOR: Ezekiel looks up today David,

so Lori made him a costume complete with a slingshot

and sandals.

When she heard about a Superbook Bible costume contest,

she sent in Ezekiel's photo, and he won first place.

Gizmo paid them a surprise visit to deliver their prize.

LORI'S TRANSLATOR: Ezekiel won a set of Superbook DVDs,

from season one.

Now, he watches Superbook whenever he wants.

We can also show them to kids in their neighborhood,

and hold a Bible study with them.

I'm so grateful to CBN for the new Superbook.

It gives children a chance to learn lessons from the Bible.

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