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Scalded by Boiling Water!

Sophia’s mom had left her briefly to fetch a towel when the toddler tipped over a pot of boiling water. Sophia suffered life-threatening second degree burns! With only $35 in her pocket, Sophia’s mom couldn’t pay for the expensive burn ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Julia was abandoned by her husband

and cares for her two young children

on a small government allowance.

When her water heater broke, she had no money to fix it.

She had to heat water on the stove to bathe her children.

One night, that process led to tragedy.

JULIA(VOICEOVER): Sophia entered the bathroom

while I left to fetch a towel.

She slipped and turned over the pot

and landed in the boiling water.

NARRATOR: Julia rushed Sophia to the nearest hospital.

Doctors determined the toddler had life-threatening burns

and needed immediate surgery.

JULIA(VOICEOVER): All I had left when I came to the hospital

in the evening was $35.

NARRATOR: Julia knew she had no money

to pay for the expensive care her child needed.

What she didn't know was that just days earlier, CBN

delivered critical equipment and supplies

to hospitals in the area, including

artificial skin for burns.

Dr. Andreav is head of the burn unit.

ANDREAV(VOICEOVER): Because of your help,

she will become a healthy child in three, four days,

who will forget that she was ever burned.

NARRATOR: Sophia made a remarkable recovery in just two

weeks and the total cost of her hospital parent

was paid by CBNs Orphans Promise.

JULIA(VOICEOVER): I'm really very

happy with the result and the way the medical treatment

helped us so quickly.

And now we can lead a full life again.

NARRATOR: To safeguard Julia and her children

from future accidents, we installed a new water heater

in their home.

JULIA(VOICEOVER): It was like a gift from heaven

when you installed a boiler for us,

and I don't know how to thank you.

You came and helped us just in time.

I can't imagine how we could cope with all that without you.

Thank you so much.


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