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Beware the Snakes and Scorpions!

In southern India, Anjaiah and his wife and 2-year-old daughter had to walk three miles and tiptoe around snakes and scorpions to fetch dirty water. Find out how CBN partners are making clean water available to villagers in remote areas. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In a tribal community in southern India,

walking three miles to get water was

dangerous for Anjaya, his wife, and

their two-year-old daughter.


INTERPRETER 1: When we go early in the morning,

there is chance of being bitten by snakes or scorpions.

But we have no other choice.

NARRATOR: The water they risk their lives

for wasn't even safe to bathe in, let alone drink.


INTERPRETER 1: There would be worms in the water,

and it was very dirty and muddy.

INTERPRETER 2: Even when we tried

to filter the water it still had some dirt in it,

because of that we often got sick.

NARRATOR: Then a local pastor told

CBN about their water problem.

So we sent our clean water team to drill

a well in their village.

The well gave Anjaya's family, along with 70 other families,

a way to safely get clean drinking water.


INTERPRETER 1: Since the well is near our house we can get water

anytime we want.

We are very happy.

INTERPRETER 2: No one could help us but God.

He sent you to give us the well.

I thank Him and you so much.


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