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David & Polly Blaylock

David and Polly love to give and serve their community. They also love how CBN serves all over the world. They started giving in 2013 when they saw a story about babies needing cleft palate surgeries on the 700 Club. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In early 2016, David Blaylock

retired after serving 22 years with the Charleston, West

Virginia Fire Department.

We're always put in a position where you can help people,

and you get a lot of gratification

from helping people in need.

NARRATOR: But even in his retirement,

David and his wife Polly are passionate about serving

and giving to others.

I learned to tithe through the pastor

and then I also learned by reading the Bible that it's

important that we support the church

and take care of the needs of the poor.

And I think the Holy Spirit put it into my heart

that we are to try to take care of those

less fortunate than us.

When you pursue God and you listen to what He has to say,

and when He says that you need to give, you give.

NARRATOR: When David and Polly started watching "The 700 Club"

in 2013, they loved how it reaches people here

in the United States and around the world.

POLLY BLAYLOCK: You see that there's

people just like you that go through similar things

that you go through, and their missions are just wonderful.

DAVID BLAYLOCK: I was completely stunned

at the number of ministries that they have going on at one time.

I think it's awesome.

NARRATOR: They decided to give to CBN

and when David saw a story air on "The 700 Club".

DAVID BLAYLOCK: They were trying to raise money for babies that

needed cleft palate surgeries.

And I could just feel a tug in my heart.

I didn't hesitate a bit.

And I really knew it was from God.

NARRATOR: He told Polly he thought they should give $500.

POLLY BLAYLOCK: I was blessed just

to know that he was touched and thinking about helping others.

So I was OK with that.

If he said God told him to give, I was behind him 100%.

NARRATOR: The Blaylocks say that although giving

that initial $500 was a stretch, God honored their obedience.

A few days later, David ran into an old friend

who knew that he had been flipping houses on the side.

The friend told him about a house up for sale.

DAVID BLAYLOCK: I purchased the house, finished working on it,

and ended up selling it for a profit of around $49,000.

So in the Bible, it talks about if you sow a seed,

it will be returned 30, 60, 100-fold.

And that's nearly 100-fold.

NARRATOR: Today, the Blaylocks are still giving to CBN,

and are Superbook Club members.

They love to watch with their grandson, Malachai.

DAVID BLAYLOCK: I think it's important

how you raise your kids, and you have to raise them

in the right path.

And that path should include Jesus and the knowledge of God.

POLLY BLAYLOCK: Just seeing in a boy and his grandpa, number

one, when they do things together, it's a blessing.

When they're both there, sitting, learning about Christ,

that's the ultimate.

NARRATOR: The Blaylocks say the blessings come not just

from their giving alone, but having a heart to help others.

DAVID BLAYLOCK: There's definitely

a relationship between obedience to God and blessing.

I know that to be true.

I've seen it too many times.

POLLY BLAYLOCK: We want to show people the love of Christ.

Yeah, because there is rewards.

You may not see the reward right away,

there are rewards in heaven.

That's what the ultimate reward is.

That's the big trophy.


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