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Risking Death To Feed His Family

Taeloy left his family for weeks at a time to dive for sea cucumbers in the Indian Ocean for only $4 a day—barely enough to feed his family. He and his wife prayed for help. See how God answered their prayer from an unexpected source. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: 7-Year-old Dido waits on the shores

of this island in southern Thailand,

wondering if this is the day his father will come home.

INTERPRETER: I miss my daddy a lot.

Mommy and I always pray for him.

I wish Daddy were here every day.

NARRATOR: Dido's father dives for a living,

using a single hose attached to a compressor,

he must swim up to 130 feet below the surface

and stay underwater for an hour.

He's looking for sea cucumbers, an Asian delicacy.

Many had died or been paralyzed doing this.

Tayloy says he's been lucky, so far.

He earns just $4 a day for the risky job.

INTERPRETER: If I hadn't taken the job,

my family would have nothing to eat.

There are no other jobs here.

I still have to borrow money for food.

NARRATOR: Back home, Taloy's wife

tries to repair their fishing nets.

They own a small fishing boat, but with no motor,

catching larger fish to sell is almost impossible.

INTERPRETER: Every time my husband

leaves, we wonder if he will come home safely.

We don't want him to go, but we need the money.

NARRATOR: The couple realized they needed to ask for help.

That's when CBN's Orphan's Promise started a preschool

in their community.

There the children enjoy healthy lunches.

Maway even works part time there and is

bringing in a little extra money for the family.

INTERPRETER: Because of Orphan's Promise,

my children have not missed a single meal,

and I love teaching the other children Bible

stories and songs.

NARRATOR: Then we were able to help Taloy stay closer to home

by giving him a boat engine and some new nets.

INTERPRETER: I am able to catch so many fish and crabs,

I can buy enough food for my family for every meal.



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