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From Sick With Debt to a Double Income

After getting themselves in debt and struggling to pay bills, Billy and Victoria often had to live on beans and rice to get by. Then they found a strategy that doubled their income... Find out what turned things around. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When Billy and Victoria Edwards married,

they were ready to live the American dream.

But with both working entry level jobs,

they couldn't afford to buy the things they wanted.

They did, however, have credit.

I got a good credit score.

And so if there was something I wanted or I thought I needed,

I would use credit to get it.

NARRATOR: In their first year of marriage,

the couple bought a house, home furnishings,

and financed two cars.

And they were still paying off $20,000 in student loans.

It wasn't long before Billy knew they were in trouble.

We were just trying to stay above the zero mark

on the bank account.

Billy tried to fix the problem, but it kept getting worse.

I'm in as much debt as what I make almost in a year.

NARRATOR: Victoria knew something was wrong with Billy,

but didn't know what it was.

Billy just wasn't himself.

He seemed to be distant.

BILLY: It was stressful, to the point of a depression.

And I didn't want to be around people,

knowing that it's my fault.

NARRATOR: Several months later, he

told Victoria about their financial situation.

BILLY: I finally took off the mask

and showed her I'm not the head of the household

that I wanted you to think I was.

NARRATOR: Billy knew he needed to come clean

with someone else, too.

BILLY: And I was praying.

God, help me.

I'm going to a job I don't like to pay people I don't know.

I need help.

NARRATOR: The couple put themselves

on a strict budget that included only $60 a month for groceries.

It did take sacrifice, I think.

A lot of beans and rice.

NARRATOR: Then they realized there was something else

they needed to do.

You know, God really convicted us both about the tithing.

NARRATOR: The couple says it was hard to tithe consistently.

The next thing I know, it would be weeks without giving.

So I had to repent and say I'm sorry.

Help me fix that.

NARRATOR: Then Billy says he had another revelation.

In the New Testament, it never says 10% and done.

It just talks about generosity, and giving out of your heart.

Being cheerful about it.

NARRATOR: The couple felt God was leading

them to become CBN partners.

BILLY: This is something that God's called me,

to partner up with.

And then within just a couple of months,

God blesses Billy with this awesome job.

BILLY: I never thought of going from being

a machine operator in a factory to being a salesman.

I never thought that my income would more than double.

It's like once we started being good managers,

we had more to manage.

So I called up CBN and I said I want

to sign up for pledge express, but while you're doing it,

I also want to double what we give.

It's amazing what CBN can do.

Digging wells, getting clean water

to people who don't have it, and Orphan's Promise.

But they're also sharing the Gospel.

NARRATOR: Within several years, the couple

paid off all of their credit cards,

and both of their car loans.

And are no longer eating rice and beans.

BILLY: It was God.

There's no other explanation for it.

Have crazy faith.

And it really is as simple as that.

Have crazy faith, trust God, see what he does.


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