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The Kindhearted Cobbler

Tomas worked long hours repairing shoes, but made little money. He would often give shoes to others in need, but now his eyes were getting dim and his cobbler’s tools were wearing out. Discover how this modern-day parable ends. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Decades ago, when Thomas

started repairing shoes for a living,

he had only a few old tools.

Then last year, he took out a loan

to buy a secondhand sewing machine to help with his work.

THOMAS THROUGH INTERPRETER: With the help of my old machine,

I earn $8 a day.

With that I paid the loan, buy some food, and pay for the room

where we live.

NARRATOR: Thomas has been raising his two daughters,

Tiffany and Ligia, ever since his wife abandoned them

a decade ago.

THOMAS THROUGH INTERPRETER: My daughters are my comfort.

They are beautiful.

And they love me.

And I give them all my love.

NARRATOR: This single father works 12 hour days,

seven days a week.

He serves a working class community,

and faces many of the challenges that they face.

In spite of that, he has always been a generous man.

Recently, a woman came asking him to repair her son's shoes.


that the shoes could not be repaired.

I offered to sell another pair for $3.

She says she didn't have the money.

So I gave them to the boy as a gift.

NARRATOR: Another day, she gave some shoes

to a homeless man he met.


I give something to a person, I feel that I'm

giving it in the name of Jesus.

If I give one, he gives me two.

Jesus always gives me more.

And that gives me peace.

NARRATOR: One day, Thomas realized

his sewing machine was breaking down

and his vision was starting to blur.

THOMAS THROUGH INTERPRETER: Sometimes I couldn't see.

So I had to ask my daughters to help me insert the thread.

NARRATOR: When Operation Blessing

learned about this single dad with a big heart,

we took him to an eye doctor.

Then we provided him new glasses to help with eye strain,

and medicine to help with headaches.

We also surprised him with a new cobbler stand, a new sewing

machine, and a grinder.


that this was a gift from God.

The Bible says, give and you shall receive in good measure.

And I have surely seen that in my life.

Thank you so much Operation Blessing for helping

my two daughters and me.

I feel very happy.


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