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The Disappearing Town

Jerry and Tabitha are a hardworking American family with two children. Sadly they saw businesses in their hometown shut and torn down. They were caught in a financial bind as Jerry was laid off, too. See their tears, and discover why they ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: The Turnbaugh family love spending time together.

But like many railroad and factory towns

in this part of the United States,

Newport, PA, has gone through some tough years.

When I see some of the businesses

around Newport shut down and boarded up, some of them

have even had their buildings tore down.

It's kind of sad to me because I've lived here all my life

and that's part of my history that's disappearing, too.

NARRATOR: Jerry was working as an electric motor technician

when he got laid off from his job.

TABITHA: There was times where my bills had

to be put on hold, where my kid needed a pair of shoes,

or I needed some food in my fridge.

NARRATOR: Tabitha turned to the Bible.

I grab that book, and I hit the floor,

and I cried, and I prayed.

And I prayed and prayed every day.

And I just knew that something would work out,

and it finally did.

NARRATOR: Tabitha's mom told her about Operation Blessing

partner, Bread of Life Outreach.

The first time ever brought anything home

from Operation Blessing and the Bread of Life,

my kids went through everything.

There was stuff that I could make really good dinners out


They really brought us a little closer together.

They could depend on me again.

NARRATOR: Today, Jerry is working full-time hours again.

And Tabitha recently started a job at an optometrist office.

Now every chance they get, their family volunteers with Bread

of Life to help others.

When I volunteer for Operation Blessing and Bread of Life,

it's rewarding.

It makes me feel good at the end of the day

that somebody who was lost can now

find a little bit of their way.

To anybody that helps out with Operation Blessing

or to the Bread to Life, who donates, or helps even

with just their time, I would like to say thank you

and that you're appreciated.

I'm just very appreciative of places like Operation Blessing

and Bread of Life.

I really am.


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