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Dying Seemed Like the Best Option

As her brother was dying of cancer Lin vowed to take care of his wife and son, Wei. When Wei suffered a crippling motorcycle accident, he asked to die rather than lose his leg. Witness Wei’s dramatic outcome—made possible by friends like you. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Aun Lin will never forget

the vow she made to her brother when he was dying of cancer.

I knew he was worried about leaving his family,

so I said, be at peace, brother.

My husband and I will take good care of your wife and your boy.

NARRATOR: They did their best to provide

for Wei and his mother, who was mentally disabled.

Then Wei had a serious motorcycle accident

that left him comatose in the local hospital with a shattered


I called his name but he did not answer.

I said, as long as he has breath, I will not give up.

I couldn't.

My brother had trust me with his son.

NARRATOR: Wei came out of his coma,

and doctors put large metal rods in his left leg

to hold it together.

But soon his wounds got infected,

and after four months, his hospital bill reached $15,000.

When Wei heard how much we owed,

he asked us to throw him out of the ninth floor

window at the hospital, because he didn't want to drag us down.

But I can never do that.

NARRATOR: When Wei's aunt and uncle couldn't borrow any more

money, he went home, still with rods in his infected leg.

I know if we don't get the pus out of my leg,

it will just get worse.

We don't have money for proper medicine.

I just want to be well and get a job so I could

help my aunt and my uncle.

NARRATOR: Local doctors said unless his leg was amputated,

Wei could die.

But there was no guarantee he'd even survive

amputation and recovery.

Meanwhile, he met a Christian who introduced him to Jesus.

They started asking God for help,

and soon CBN heard about Wei.

We were determined to save his leg,

so we quickly provided advanced treatment for his infection,

surgery to remove the metal rods in his leg,

and follow-up medication to help him heal.

God used CBN to help us when we were at our lowest point.

If I see my brother again one day,

I'll tell him CBN helped me keep my word.

Thank you so much.

My family will remember your kindness forever.

I prayed my leg would be healed,

and CBN gave me surgery.

Now I know Jesus sees me and cares for me.

I can walk and get a job and take care of my aunt and uncle.

I want to say thank you to CBN.

You gave me a new life.


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