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She Fled From Abuse and War

In Ukraine, Tanya was pregnant when she fled from her abusive husband. She bought a small home with her meager savings, but had to run for her life again during the Russian invasion. When it was safe to return, Tanya found her new house in ruins ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: 23-year-old Tanya grew up as an orphan.

She knows the pain of abandonment.

It was a very hard.

I had nothing and no one to love me.

I don't want such a life for my children.

NARRATOR: Tanya married young and had a son.

She hoped for a better life.

But Tanya discovered her new husband

was a violent alcoholic.

Eventually, Tanya escaped from her abusive husband.

With her small savings, she bought an old, rundown house

for her son and her new baby to come.

She thought she was finally safe.

Then the Russian insurgents invaded her village.

And Tanya had to run for her life again.

When she returned, her home was uninhabitable.

The roof was broken and the walls began falling.

NARRATOR: Tanya had no money to repair her home,

and no one would provide help.

For several months, she wandered from neighbor

to neighbor looking for shelter.

My son asks me, mom, is this our home?

And I have to answer, no, my son.

We will just spend a couple of nights

here and move somewhere again.

I asked God to provide us with a proper house

so that we would no longer have to wander.

We are so tired from this.

NARRATOR: The prayer of this weary mother was soon answered.

A team from CBN's Orphans Promise heard about Tanya

and decided to rebuild her house.

The renovation was complete just in time

to welcome Tanya and her new baby home from the hospital.

We also gave her a new baby carriage and a crib.

We have a warm, comfortable, and good house now.

I can peacefully cooked food for my kids,

clean, put everything in order.

NARRATOR: The government provided a grant for Tanya

to attend a trade school, and a stipend for childcare

until she finishes her degree.

I'm in the second year of studies

to become an electrician.

NARRATOR: Tanya says the gift of a stable and secure home

was the beginning of the life she dreamed about.

I never imagined that anyone would ever

help so much as you did.

You changed my life a lot.

You've done everything is if it was for yourself.

Thank you for helping people like me.

Thank you from all of us.


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