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News on The 700 Club: May 25, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 25: Violent anti-Trump protests break out in New Mexico, Planned Parenthood lawyer admits illegally receiving evidence from DA in Daleiden Case, and more. Read Transcript

Protesters took to the streets outside a Donald Trump campaign

rally in New Mexico last night.

They were protesting against his policies and statements

on immigrants.

Trump is in a tight battle with Hillary Clinton, a race that

could get even nastier in the months ahead.

Heather Sells has the story

HEATHER SELLS: Authorities are calling it a riot.

It began before the rally for Donald Trump,

with hundreds of protesters lining

the streets in Albuquerque.

He knows that we do not accept the message that he's bringing,

and the hatred.

Later, demonstrators lit fires, threw rocks and bottles,

and even trampled police cruisers.

Police used pepper spray and tear gas

to break up the crowds.

Inside, protesters repeatedly interrupted the candidate.

How old is this kid?

Get out of here.

HEATHER SELLS: The tensions in this heavily Hispanic state

seem to center around Trump's rhetoric on immigration.

The Republican governor of New Mexico

has criticized his language on it,

and so have Latino leaders across the country.

I think Mr. Trump has made some major, major mistakes

in his language when he called Mexicans rapists.

I think that when he's portending in policy,

policy matters in which you say of rounding up

12 million people.

HEATHER SELLS: Going forward, many political experts

are predicting a potentially very dirty slugfest

between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

And the public is clearly showing its dislike for both.

A new Washington Post poll has Trump

with a 60% unfavorable rating and Clinton at 53% unfavorable.

One piece of good news for Trump-- House Speaker Paul Ryan

is reportedly going to endorse him.

That might help as he works to unify Republicans

against Clinton for the election this fall.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

This is going to be a wild race,

and it looks like the polls are just about even.

Get ready for a slugfest on this election.

I think it's going to turn into no-holds-barred,

and we're going to see a lot more of this kind of protest.

John Jessup has the rest of our top stories from Washington.


JOHN JESSUP: Thanks, Gordon.

New evidence reportedly exposes illegal activity

by the Harris County Texas District Attorney and Planned

Parenthood in their case against pro-life activist David


The Thomas More Society which is defending Daleiden

says an attorney for Planned Parenthood admitted

under oath an assistant DA shared evidence

with the abortion provider, even though her boss told her

not to, and the Texas Attorney General's office also

had forbidden them to do so.

The investigation was sparked by undercover videos

from Daleiden Center for Medical Progress,

showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing sales

of the tissue of unborn babies.

Instead, the DA filed charges against Daleiden

for tampering with government records.

His lawyers called the prosecutor's conduct

outrageous and illegal, and they're

trying to quash the indictment against him.

The Justice Department plans to seek the death penalty

against Dylan Roof for last June's church

shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

Roof is charged with killing nine black parishioners

at a Bible study.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said

the nature of the alleged crime compels the death penalty.

But federal executions are rare.

The last time a federal defendant was put to death

was in 2003.

Roof said he wanted to start a race war,

but some of the relatives of the victims expressed forgiveness.

A Muslim group in Indonesia is again condemning radical Islam,

speaking out against groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Nahdlatul Ulama calls itself the largest Muslim organization

in the world.

It made its latest declaration against Islamic terrorism

at an international meeting of moderate Islamic leaders

in Jakarta earlier this month.

One spokesman told CNN that we keep

denying the source of the problem-- namely,

some ailments within Islam itself.

And he said the issue has to be resolved by Muslims themselves.


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