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Six-Mile Trek for a Drink of Water

A family in China had to walk six miles to get safe drinking water. One night they ran out of water and little Niti was so thirsty that he drank filthy water from a nearby ditch, got sick, and nearly died! See how this mountain village is now ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Life on the family farm

was all fun and games for little Nitty,

but for Nitty's mother and older siblings, it was hard work.

I worked until 9:00 at night.

I had to.

NARRATOR: The Giamaldis live in a mountainous region

where there's very little clean water.

So every day Mrs. Giamaldi walked six miles

round-trip to get good water for her family.

The road was very rugged.

I fell down many times.

NARRATOR: Sometimes Nihat and Wuga made the trip.

My mom was exhausted, so we wanted to share her burden.

NARRATOR: But the water often ran out by dinner.

So Mrs. Giamaldi went to a nearby ditch

to get water to cook with.

It was really muddy, and it had animal poo in it.

But Nitty was so thirsty that he drank some when no one was

watching, and got really sick.

My mom had to bring him to the hospital.

The doctor said to never let him drink dirty water again.

I just wished there was a way we would have

enough clean water one day.

NARRATOR: That day came when CBN heard

about the need for clean water in the Giamaldi's village.

We built a cistern, laid pipes straight to everyone's homes,

and provided water purifiers for each family.

Now we have plenty of clean water to drink.

Nitty won't ever get sick.

I never thought I would get the kind of help CBN gave me.

You are so kind, and have taken all the pressures off of me.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped us.

One day I want to help poor and thirsty people

to have clean water, just like you helped us.


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