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Hollywood Teacher Shares His Success Principle

Jack Stern says he’s had a great life. And he attributes his success and many blessings to a solid principle he’s followed most of his life. Find out what it is and how you can apply it in your own life. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: For the past 40 years Jack Stern

has been working as a tutor for child actors in film

and television.

A career that has landed him in major Hollywood

studios and film sets all over the world.

Well I worked a lot of Disney shows.

So I worked on Suite Life and taught Zach and Cody.

I was on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman for eight years.

NARRATOR: For Jack, giving consistently

was key to getting steady work.

That was especially important when

he became a single father of four after he

and his wife divorced.

The salary was really generous.

So we didn't have to worry about the money.

I could pay my bills.

NARRATOR: Jack has worked on 200 films and TV

shows over the years.

Even in this unstable industry he's always had work.

And he says he knows why.

The tithing that I decided to do many years ago was blessed.

It seemed like I could never give too much.

NARRATOR: Jack made the decision to tithe it in his 20s

after reading a verse in Malachi about giving to God.

If this is true, I'm going to make a covenant with God.

I'm going to test God.

I would get a job for the exact same amount of money

that I wrote a check for.

It was like the Lord gave it back to me.

NARRATOR: In addition to giving tithes, Jack also gives to CBN.

He likes watching CBN on the internet

to keep up with what we are doing around the world.

I noticed that CBN has a lot of ministries.

And they were involved in helping people in crises.

If there was an earthquake or some type

of a hurricane, tornadoes, they were there on the scene.

NARRATOR: Jack believes his giving has opened up the doors

for many blessings in his life.

God is faithful and he wants to prove

himself to be faithful to you.

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