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"Your Family Is Cursed!"

When both of the Laoli brothers were born with cleft lips, neighbors told the family that they were cursed. With no money for surgery, see how CBN partners stepped in to help this family. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Octo and Ari are brothers.

Both were born with cleft lips.

INTERPRETER: Many of my neighbors

said that there was a curse on my family,

two sons with cleft lip.

I wondered if it was true.

NARRATOR: Then Yaniati's husband died,

leaving her to provide for all of their children.

She took his old job on a rubber plantation,

but that barely provided food for them.

Paying for surgery for the five and six-year-old Laoli brothers

was out of the question.

One day, a relative told Yaniati about CBN,

and the chance for free surgery for the boys.

CBN brought Yaniati and the boys to a hospital in the city,

where surgeons repaired their cleft lips.

INTERPRETER: When I saw that both of my sons' lips

were repaired, I couldn't believe it.

Even now, my sons are more confident to play

with other kids.

NARRATOR: Then to help her bring in a little extra money,

we gave Yaniati some chickens to start a poultry business.

INTERPRETER: First I want to say thank you

for the gift of surgery you provided for my sons.

And I am so blessed with the hands that you gave me.

I know the business will grow quickly.

Thank you.

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