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TBN’s Matt and Laurie Crouch Introduce the Hillsong Channel

Matt and Laurie Crouch, hosts of TBN’s, "Praise the Lord," join The 700 Club to share about their ministry and remember the life and legacy of Matt’s mother, Jan Crouch. Read Transcript

Well in 1973, Paul and Jan Crouch

started the Trinity Broadcasting Network

with one low power station in Southern California.

Today, TBN has 37 owner operated stations

throughout the country, as well as a number of global networks.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: For the last 43 years, the Trinity Broadcasting

Network has been offering 24 hours

of faith based inspirational programming to millions

of viewers.

Since TBN founder Paul Crouch passed away three years ago,

his son Matt and Matt's wife Laurie

have been tasked to carry on his father's legacy.

TBN belongs to God's people.

NARRATOR: Current plans to expand their audience

include a new Hillsong channel starting this month,

and the launch of a new Hispanic network called Salsa.

While some time ago Jan Crouch was with me

and she said, "Well, you're the granddaddy

of Christian television."

I said, "We're the fathers of it."

And we're amazed at what TBN has done.

And it's a pleasure to have Matt and Laurie Crouch with us.

They've taken on the mantle.

So God bless you both.

Glad to have you with us.

MATT CROUCH: Thank you Pat.

LAURIE CROUCH: Thank you sir, what an honor.

Is an awesome responsibility.

You know, your father was a pioneer.

We both were pioneers.

And I remember the struggles he had.

And what was it, channel 40, whatever that station was out

in Southern California.

But he was a great guy.

Every time he was on the show with me,

there was an anointing of the Holy Spirit.

It was a connection that really took place.

MATT CROUCH: Absolutely.


What you got planned?

You've taken the mantle now, and that's

a huge operation you've got.

What's coming for the future?

Well, Brother Pat, we're here, I

think, to announce ultimately that Laurie and I are all

about unity.

We'd love to partner up with CBN in regard

to some of the foreign channels.

We'd love to do some partnering with other channels

and work together.

I think my dad came from a generation

where he was always expecting the Lord to come back tomorrow.

So you know, there wasn't-- you too I'm sure, yeah.

PAT ROBERTSON: I know that.

And so ultimately it felt like my dad and, you know,

your generation saw the finish line and were running for it.

And so I think Gordon and our generation

feel like we need to work together in unity.

We've partnered.

We've just started a new channel with the Hillsong group.

And that's just been on the air a few days.

So those are some of the things that are going on.

I want to assure you too, Brother Pat,

that what we feel very, very important to our generation

is to be fully Spirit empowered-- fully Spirit

empowered-- and fully contemporary at the same time.

And we've come up with a new term

with our friend Leon Fontaine, Spirit contemporary.

We want everything about TBN to remain faithful to the roots

and just let it represent what it is in our generation.

What's going to happen with Hillsong?

I love their music.

You love Hillsong music?

Oh sure.


All right, that's awesome.

I mean, they're wonderful people.

But are you going to have a music channel 24 hours a day?

Is it music?

Well I think it would feel more like going to a Hillsong

conference, a lot of speakers, a lot of music,

and that kind of stuff.

So the Hillsong brand, 50 million people

this weekend in church will sing Hillsong music, globally.

PAT ROBERTSON: Are you serious?

50 million.

And so we just saw that it was time for them

to have an entire channel.

And we've made that happen.

They're on 11 satellites around the world

from day one, 65 million viewers in America alone.

So we're just wanting to make a way for that expression,

new expression.

And Pastor Brian has fathered so many amazing ministries

around the world.

Now there's Hillsong churches in all kinds of countries,

you know?

Here, great churches, wonderful friends.

Yes, and the preachers that are coming out of Hillsong

are just amazing.

So we're thrilled that that's happening.

Well they jam in people because people love that worship.

They really do.

Well, your mother just passed away,

and I know there was a great sadness in your heart

and in others.

She was a pioneering lady and loved by so many.

Is there anything out of her legacy

that you think, well this is something

that ought to carry forward?



MATT CROUCH: First of all, those that knew

my mom knew her as a fighter.

Those that were close enough to know her

knew that she was always going to fight for the ministry

that God spoke into existence with her and my dad.

And she fought for her family.

She fought for us.

We were almost in a horrible car wreck one time.

And when we got home, the Lord had already spoken to her.

And she was praying for us.

And you know, I mean she just was always

the protector of the ministry of TBN and protected my dad,

protected us, and protected our family.

That's her legacy.

She was like a sweet mother.

You could feel that there was a maternal part of her.

She was amazing.

Always a word in season.

My dad, when he was down, a word would come out of the Bible

just in time.

And we're just going-- you know what I thought of,

you just lead people in a prayer of salvation.

That's her legacy too, the fact that people

are being asked and invited to accept Jesus every day

on TBN in multiple languages.

That's the legacy of what she wanted.

That's how she wanted to be known.

Well, we'll keep that.

And cheers to all of us together.

Laurie, you've got a program coming up yourself.

What are you going to do?

Well, that was a little bit of her.

That was her suggestion.

Oh yeah.

She hammered me the other day about our new thing

that we're waking up to, Hope and Grace on TBN with Pastor

Joseph Prince and Joel Osteen.

And she said "Baby," she said, "we're missing love."

She said, "You've got to do something on love.

You've got to get Victoria and some of the girls together."

So that's just kind of coming together.

That was some of her last--



And mom was always my biggest cheerleader.

She was always my biggest fan.

You know, she was always, you go, you can do whatever.


Let me prove that out.

We were standing with her in the room when she passed,

when she took her last breath.

She had been still Pat for a couple of days.

And the very last moment, Laurie saw the Bible.

You know, here's a beautiful Bible.

We had her Bible.

And she put the Bible across her lap, in her bed, and and just

said mom, I think it's time.

I said momma, they're waiting for.

Everybody's waiting for you.

I said just go home to be with the Lord.

A few seconds later, she opened her eyes,

took her last breath while we were there.

And she was looking right at Laurie.

And I think that was my mom's way of saying that she

loved her more than me.

I think that that was her final--

We don't talk about that all the time.

It was Gordon, he said, I was mother's favorite.

LAURIE CROUCH: I was mother's favorite.

She won.

But my mama, I love her and miss her.

And she was a gregarious person.

But she was full of love and faith.

And her legacy is Jesus on the airwaves.

LAURIE CROUCH: That will continue.

You guys have built a big empire.

You've got all kinds of stations.

Are you going to keep all the stations and the licenses

and all that stuff?

Brother Pat, you know how amazingly things are changing.

You know, it's funny you ask that question,

because I was watching TV.

I was watching TBN just the other night.

And I was having to read something and have

it read by the next day.

And so I was a couple hours of reading.

But I had TBN in on in the background.

And I looked up, and my dad was on the air.

So I just grabbed the remote.

Laurie was asleep next to me, and I turned the channel up.

And the first words I heard my dad say

is, "One day, these stations may be obsolete.

We never know.

And whatever the new technology is whatever--"

and it was almost like he was speaking to me from heaven,

you know, almost.

And so we don't know.

You know, these spectrum auctions that are coming now

and all of these things-- but I tell you one thing.

Jesus is never going to be compromised.

A Spirit empowered is never going to be compromised.

We're never going to move to the middle.

We're going to be fully Spirit empowered

and we're going to be fully contemporary at the same time.

That's what we feel our mantle is.

Well amen.

Well our prayers are with you and I

appreciate you being here.

God bless you both.

You have paved the way.

You know that.

I struggle with-- you know, a guy

who was working with us, who will remain nameless,

went out to California and teamed up with your father.

And he said it was the worst year of his life.

Well there you go.

I probably can name a few others.

Keep that name quiet.

We suffered through together, so I know how it is.

I'm going to say the name.

I'm going to say it right now.

No, I'm not.

I know who this is.

Edit, boom, I'm gone.

Well God bless your both.

Thanks for being with us.

LAURIE CROUCH: We love you.

Love you Pat.

Love you too.

Thank you.

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