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Bring It On-Line: - June 8, 2016

I am being disciplined and facing termination for my refusal to complete mandatory lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender training. How can I teach to love and be kind to everyone yet keep our Christian beliefs and not be influenced in a ... Read Transcript

Welcome back to The 700 Club.

It's time to bring it on with your email questions.

And we're going to start with David who writes, "I work

for the federal government.

I am being disciplined and facing termination

for my refusal to complete mandatory lesbian, gay,

bisexual, and transgender training.

I believe I am doing God's will.

What are your thoughts Pat"?

Oh, I think it's outrageous that they're

forcing you into a situation that you totally disagree with.

It's against your religious beliefs,

and I think it's unreasonable to ask

you to go through this stuff.

I believe though, you'd better have a lawyer

and you need to sue the federal government.

And chances are, they will cave.

They usually do.

But they will bluff.

And what's they're doing with you is a bluff.

They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this kind of stuff.

This whole idea of the federal government

imposing this gay lifestyle on the population,

this transgender stuff on schools,

there's nothing in the Constitution,

nothing in the body of law that has

been passed by the Congress that allows this to be done.

But they're doing it under the advice of the Obama


And people need to stand up against it.

This to me is an outrage.


Jennifer says, "I'm a single mom of a 5-year-old girl.

Every day I try my hardest to keep her shielded

from the craziness of the world and keep her innocence

as long as I can.

The whole homosexual, transgender issue

is everywhere.

How can I teach her to love and be kind to everyone, yet

keep our Christian beliefs and not

be influenced in a negative manner.

Please help.

What you need to do is teach her the Bible.

And you grew up together, and ask the Holy Spirit

to look after her.

God can look after children.

There were children in Sodom and Gomorrah

who growing up properly.

There was children in the Roman Empire

who were growing up properly.

And you can trust God to look after your children.

But you yourself need to give the standards.

You don't have to teach them to hate anybody.

But what you have to do is to show them

the right way, what God says this is

what the rules are in the book.

And show them in the book where it says it.

All right?

All right.

Mayela says, "Pat, I believe in tithing

the minimum of 10% of my paycheck,

and I try to give this amount when I get paid from my part

time job every two weeks.

I also believe in God's promises for tithing.

The problem comes when I ask my husband

to give 10% of his check.

He says he wants to, but we can't afford it.

He makes me feel bad when I give from my check.

Should I listen to him since he's the head of the house?

Well, this is your money.

You're earning it, and you can do with it as you see fit.

The fact that he won't give from him, what he's doing

is denying his family the blessing that

will come-- prove me, the Bible says, with their tithes

and offerings if I won't open the windows of heaven

and pour you such a blessing you can't contain.

Why don't you show that to your husband.

Say, you're cheating me of a blessing.

But what he does with his money is his business,

and what you do is yours is yours.

You don't have to withhold tithe from your money

in order to obey a commandment to obey your husband.

Well, that's all the time we've got for questions.

But we leave you with today's Power Minute from Psalms.

"For by you I can run against a troop,

by my God I can leap over a wall."


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