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Iranian Refugees in Turkey Continue to Feel the Sting of Rejection

Reza and his family fled from Iran after becoming Christian, but now they can barely pay their bills because of their status as refugees. See how God met their needs! Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Before escaping their home,

the Islamic Republic of Iran, Resa

was a successful civil engineer, and his wife, Mariam,

had a good job as a translator.

But something was missing in their lives.

[INAUDIBLE], OK, where is God?

Why we are here?

And the more I asked these questions,

the less I could find the answers

in the religion in which I grew up.

NARRATOR: They told me when Mariam

was hired to translate a Bible tract,

Resa read it and wanted to know more

about God and Christianity.

Soon he was attending an underground church.

When Mariam saw the changes in her husband

and in their marriage, she gave her life to Christ too.

They had a new relationship with God,

but their lives also took a dangerous turn.

The government, the system in there,

they cannot tolerate your conversion.

NARRATOR: One day on his way to work,

Resa was kidnapped by the police and interrogated

for two straight days.

When he was released, he took his family to Turkey

to seek asylum, but because refugees can't legally

work in Turkey, the former engineer has to do menial jobs

and get paid under the table to make ends meet.


It's hard as a mother to tell your kids no all the time

because you can't afford to buy them things.

Employers barely pay us because they know we are desperate.

They treat us like slaves.

NARRATOR: This family left everything

they knew behind and came to a foreign land relying on God.

We wanted to help them any way we could.

We started with a trip to the grocery store.

After loading up at the grocery store,

we had one more big surprise for them.

CBN paid their rent and utility bills for three months.

Now, they'll have a chance to get ahead.

Thanks, God.


Thank you so much for your help.

We will never forget this.

Even though we are far apart, we're not alone.

In Christ, we are one big family.


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