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News on The 700 Club: June 10, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 10: Netanyahu Praises UN's Condemnation of Tel Aviv Attack, Mom of kidnapped Chibok girl says the government knew it was coming, and more. Read Transcript

Israel is working hard to prevent

another terrorist attack after the Tel Aviv shootings.

Well today Israeli forces raided factories in the West Bank

where homemade automatic weapons were being built.

Concerns are heightened as Muslims continue

to celebrate Ramadan, and now the U.N. Has

taken the rare step of condemning the Tel Aviv


CBN Middle East Bureau chief Chris Mitchell

brings us the latest.

CHRIS MITCHELL: The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu praised international condemnation of the terror

attack, but said the Palestinian Authority had yet to respond.

TRANSLATOR: I heard with appreciation

the strong condemnation from the leading

capitals of the world for these despicable acts of murder,

but I did not hear such a condemnation

from the Palestinian Authority.

CHRIS MITCHELL: For the first time

since the current wave of terror attacks began last fall,

the U.N. Security Council condemned, in the strongest

terms, the Palestinian terror shooting

in Tel Aviv that left four dead and more than a dozen wounded.

The council said those responsible

for these killings should be held accountable.

Any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable,

regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever,

and by whomsoever committed.

Israeli police were out en mass in Jerusalem

during prayers on the Temple Mount

on the first Friday of Ramadan.

Here at the Damascus Gate the mood

was quiet, as opposed to the celebrations that took place

here following the attack.

Israel cordoned off the Hebron area village of Yatta,

and arrested an accomplice to the attack.

In this video released by the IDF,

soldiers are searching the home of one of the terrorists.

Israel also canceled more than 80,000 permits for Palestinians

from the West Bank who had hoped to visit holy sites

and relatives in Israel during Ramadan.

Funerals for the victims took place on Thursday and Friday.

But even as Israelis mourn their dead,

they show their resilience, returning to the Sarona

market a day after the attack.

Some sat in a circle around an Israeli flag singing songs.

Politicians came too.

These were not terrorists in brackets,

these were terrorists who came to kill citizens and frighten

Israelis and tried to break their lifecycle.

And that's why we are here in Sarona

to show that life continues as usual and we will not give up

and we will never be deterred by terror.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Netanyahu visited the site of the attack

for a second time.

Surrounded by incredible security,

Netanyahu met the owners of the restaurant

and sipped coffee in the trendy Sarona market.

TRANSLATOR: We will win.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Let me underline this condemnation,

you can't get stronger terms for what happened here.

These are murderers who killed innocents in cold blood,

and they plotted it out.

And it was all encouraged by incitement on the West Bank.

And we have to understand what is the root cause here.

The Palestinians have had an opportunity

for their own state for decades, going back

to the British mandate in the 1920s.

Every single time it has been offered them they have refused.

The reason?

They refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.

Any time that they get any territory

or get control of any area, the first thing they do

is kill all the Jews.

They ethnically cleanse the area.

That whole West Bank, when Jordan controlled

it right after the 1948 War, Jordan invaded,

they controlled it.

All the Jews were either killed or expelled,

all the synagogues were destroyed,

they were desecrated, they were turned into stables,

they were turned into latrines.

That is how these people think about the Jewish people.

And to support this kind of violent anti-Semitism,

either through the boycott divestment sanction movement,

or some kind of let's force Israel

to withdraw, what you're asking for is for Jews to be killed.

And we need to recognize it for that,

and we need to call it by what it is.

It's anti-Semitism and it's the most extreme form.

It's vowing to drive Israel into the sea,

and we need to stop it.

Well, here in the US the presidential race

has entered a new phase.

Big endorsements are now rolling in for Hillary Clinton.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


That's right Gordon.

Democrats are starting to rally around Hillary Clinton

in her bid for the White House.

With President Obama formally endorsing her,

and a key liberal voicing her support as well.

But Donald Trump is also gearing up

to blast Clinton's ongoing scandals.

Charlene Aaron has the story.

CHARLENE AARON: This is the video endorsement

of President Obama's one-time rival Hillary Clinton, saying

she is the most qualified candidate

to seek the Oval Office.

I'm with her.

I am fired up.

And I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary.

CHARLENE AARON: The announcement came shortly

after the president met with Clinton's opponent Bernie

Sanders at the White House, calling the senator

from Vermont a patriot.

Sanders, who's still in the race for now,

says he'll work with Clinton in the near future

to defeat Donald Trump.

And a big endorsement from the left for Clinton,

that some liberals hope will win over Sanders supporters,

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren,

often mentioned as a potential running

mate for the former Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton won.

And she won because she's a fighter, she's out there,

she's tough.

And I think this is what we need.

CHARLENE AARON: Donald Trump reacted

to the president's endorsement of Clinton on Twitter Thursday,

saying "Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary.

He wants four more years of Obama-- but nobody else does."

The Clinton campaign tweeted back, "delete your account."

Even as the big endorsements came in,

there was also a reminder of Clinton's lingering scandals.

Just minutes after the president endorsed her,

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

admitted that the FBI probe into her e-mails

is a criminal investigation.

Clinton faces possible prosecution

for conducting classified government business

through a private e-mail server.

Earnest said the President's endorsement of Clinton

wouldn't be interpreted inside the FBI

as a signal to let her off the hook.

The e-mail scandal will also be played out on the big screen,

the Hollywood Reporter says a series of films taking aim

at the Clintons is set to hit theaters and online.

The biggest may come from Dinesh D'Souza

of the successful political documentary "2016:

Obama's America."

His new film follows the money trail

at the Clinton Foundation.

Meanwhile, the Clinton and Trump campaigns

are gearing up for the general election in November,

which is just 150 days away.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

Thanks Charlene.

A federal appeals court has ruled

people do not have the right to carry

a concealed firearms in public.

The move is putting California gun permit applications

on hold.

The panel of judges ruled people can't get a special permit just

to carry a concealed guns for personal safety.

Their applications instead must show

they have good cause for carrying a gun,

like being in immediate danger.

Gun rights supporters say, they're the good guys,

pointing out they go through thorough background checks.

Well an earthquake struck the Palm Springs area early Friday,

and was felt across parts of Southern California.

The US Geological Survey says the magnitude 5.2 temblor

struck in the early morning hours,

about 20 miles south of Rancho Mirage.

It was reportedly strong enough to wake people out of sleep

in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Officials say there has been no reports of damage or injuries.

Well it's been a harrowing 26 months since terrorists

with Boko Haram kidnapped close to 300 young girls

from their school in Nigeria.

Only a fraction have escaped.

And now, one grieving mother has come forward

with new shocking details, that a school administrator might

have known about the planned attack.

Abigail Robertson brings us the latest.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Two years later, questions

remain unanswered about the location

and fate of the kidnapped Chibok school girls.

We just heard gunshots in the night.

Everybody was screaming, running helter skelter,

looking for where they will find safety.

My husband say let's go, I say I'm not

going because my baby is in the school.

Then he said nothing will happen to them,

the security men are there.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: But the next day they

found the school burned to the ground

with no sign of the girls.

Mary saw her daughter in the first video released

by the terrorists but she has heard nothing since.

Last month, one girl managed to escape,

reporting that all but six of the girls are alive,

half have been forced into marriage.

We want them to put more effort of rescuing the girls.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Now Mary is telling

why she suspects local government officials knew

about the abduction.

According to her and others, the dangerous security situation

led the boarding school to close for weeks leading up

to the attack.

Then, the principal suddenly called the girls back

to school to take their finals.

Mary says the principal and her two daughters

were not at the school when Boko Haram struck,

and none of the teachers, administration,

or their children were taken.

She have a hand in it.

She knows everything about it.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Mary also claims

the governor showed his support for the terrorists

by rewarding the principal after the attack.

To my own understanding he's their sponsor.

If he's not their sponsor he will fight against terrorism

in the northeast.

But he's the one supporting terrorism in the Northeast.

Mary continues to trust God that her daughter will return

home, and prays foreign governments

get involved in efforts to help locate and rescue

the remaining girls.

Reporting from Washington Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Thanks Abby.

The Obama administration has decided

to give up the United States control over the internet.

The Commerce Department has endorsed

a plan that will give internet oversight to a broader

online community that could allow foreign intervention.

A commerce representative says the move will ensure a quote,

"vibrant and healthy internet."

But opponents of the move are concerned

about censoring by countries like China.

They point out the man who used to lead

the nonprofit group that'll control internet addresses,

is now advising the Chinese government.

Gordon, sounds like this move is getting mixed reviews.

Well the National Religious Broadcasters

has come out against it and I join with them in this.

This is something we really need to look carefully at,

it can't be a hasty decision.

Now for it people are saying government

shouldn't control the internet.

There currently is a nonprofit group,

it's California based, called Icon

that assigns the domain names and the structure

of the internet.

But above that is very definitely US government


The Obama administration is saying let's give all of that

into this California nonprofit.

The problem with that is that what are other government's

going to do?

And they're going to be able to put pressure on that nonprofit

when it comes to internet service

within their own countries?

We're already seeing China's already developed one,

they haven't launched it but it's waiting

there to be implemented.

So if you're concerned about free speech and how does

a nonprofit recognize the First Amendment.

If it's under government control than the First Amendment

automatically kicks into everything happening,

if it's under a nonprofit though that goes away

and those constitutional protections go away.

Of other concern is what happens to the .gov and the dot

military, M-I-L, what happens to those domains under this new

kind of structure.

It needs to be thought through.

There's a bill pending in Congress

to delay it and defund the government's ability--

the administration's ability to do this.

I think it needs a whole lot more study.

How does the internet remain free?

How do we protect free speech on the internet

is something we all need to be concerned about.


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