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Redeeming Jezebel

As an adult film star, Brittni had admiration and money, but not the love she yearned for. Even church attendance couldn’t fill the void until she heard the story of Jezebel and realized how closely her lifestyle resembled that of one of the ... Read Transcript

On my very first porn set, we picked my stage name.

From that point forward, I became very big very quickly.

NARRATOR: Brittany Della Mora was just 18 years old when

she starred in her first X-rated movie,

launching a seven-year career in the adult entertainment


I was named "Maxim's"-- one of "Maxim's" top 10 hottest porn


I was on Jenna Jameson's "Playboy's" TV

show called "American Sex Star."

NARRATOR: Brittany got her start in 2006.

At the time, she was a college freshman,

planning on going into broadcast journalism, and a dancer

in a California strip club.

While dancing helped pay for tuition,

it also gave Brittany the attention

she always longed for.

The cheering and the applause made me feel good.

It made me feel affirmed, because I lived a life where

I always felt like I was rejected,

and like I wasn't good enough, and I didn't belong.

NARRATOR: One night at the club, two men

asked if she was interested in filming porn.

The next day, she was on a movie set at a home in LA.

So I thought, OK, well, I'm already promiscuous.

I take my clothes off for money.

Why not take it one step further?

I honestly thought, I'm going to make even more money

and I can still finish school.

I didn't think that there were going to be

such horrible consequences.

NARRATOR: She was quickly caught up in the life of a porn star

and all that came with it.

The praise of an adoring audience, money,

and recognition.

Every time I got an award in that industry,

it made me feel like I had accomplished something.

NARRATOR: But none of those things

fulfilled her need for love.

With each passing year, Brittany slipped further

into depression.

And although publicly I was smiling,

internally I was hurting, and I was crying,

and I didn't tell anybody.

NARRATOR: Every day she used drugs to cope.

I thought as long as I can get high and feel anything

other than depression, I can just

at least get through this day.

I felt horrible about myself on the inside.

I hated myself.

I couldn't figure out why I was alive.

I couldn't figure out why I lived on this earth.

I had no real purpose.

I would wake up in the morning, get high, go have sex,

collect a paycheck, buy more drugs.

NARRATOR: Hoping to break the cycle,

Brittany agreed to attend church service with her grandfather.

She says her hope was restored that day.

And that was something that I had

lost over the years of being in the porn industry.

And in life, I lost hope.

And Jesus gave me hope.

And so I prayed the prayer of salvation that day,

and I was given a Bible.

NARRATOR: But Brittany never went back to church

or pursued her faith, and returned to the sex industry.

I didn't know the truth.

I was living in sin and darkness,

because the light hadn't been turned on in my life yet.

NARRATOR: Over three years later,

Brittany was packing to fly to Las Vegas for a film shoot

when she heard something.

Before I leave for the airport, I

heard the voice of the Holy Spirit,

and he said, bring your Bible.

NARRATOR: She took her Bible.

And during the flight, she started

reading the Book of Revelation.

And at this point, I get to Revelation 2:20,

and God is-- He starts speaking to me through this verse.

It says that I have this sin against you--

He's talking to one of the churches--

that you tolerate this woman named Jezebel.

She leads my people into sexual immorality.

I've given her time to repent.

And if she doesn't repent, I will cast her and her children

into a sick bed.

And I started crying, because I realized in that moment, that

was my Father in heaven speaking to me about the way

that he felt about sexual immorality.

And I had a conviction that I shouldn't

be doing what I'm doing, and I apologized to God,

and I asked Him for forgiveness.

NARRATOR: Brittany cut all ties to the porn industry

and started pursuing God and living

her life for Jesus Christ.

A year later, she met her husband Richard.

They now lead a young adults ministry,

as Brittany shares how God's forgiveness and unconditional

love changed her life.

Through Christ, I am able to see myself with love.

Because for the first time in my life

I had found real true love.

And it felt so good to know that not only did my Creator love

me, but that He could love me even after every mistake I'd

made in life, after every sin that I had committed,

just after everything, like, He loved me through it all.

And that was a love so deep that I didn't even know existed.

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