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Alone and Looking For A Healthy Home

Muay and her two children fled to Thailand to escape her abusive husband. Desperate for a healthy home and a way to support her children, Orphan's Promise stepped in with a solution. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Fearing for her safety from an abusive ex-husband,

Muwei decided to flee from Myanmar to Thailand.

Her father had invited her to stay

with him in a small room at the auto body shop where he worked.

Muwei found a job and worked for a few weeks

until she realized she was pregnant by her former husband.

I had to quit because the shop owner would not allow me

to sit down, even for a minute.

My dad said he would help us.

NARRATOR: But a few months after the baby was born,

they all began to worry about the chemicals at the body shop.

Muwei knew they needed a safer place to live and a job.

We often feel dizzy from the fumes.

I wish we could rent the place away from the shop,

but my dad didn't have enough money.

NARRATOR: That's when Muwei moved into a Christian home

for single mothers supported by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

There, they found a safe and healthy environment to live in.

They give me milk and snacks every day

and I had lots of friends.

NARRATOR: We also trained Muwei to sew.

At the end of the training, Orphan's Promise

gave her everything needed to start

her own shop in the community.

Every week, Muwei receives orders for bags, napkins,

aprons, and other items.

Sometimes, the orders are so large,

she has to hire friends from the home to help her out.

One day on a trip to Thailand, I stopped in to visit.

We were thrilled when she surprised us

with our own personalized aprons.

I'm very happy that I was able to sew something for you.

Your visit made me feel so special.

My mom teaches me to sew doll's clothes at her shop.

I enjoy it very much.

Thank you Orphan's Promise for helping us.

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