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Maria the Manicurist

After fleeing from her abusive past, Maria gets help from Orphan’s Promise to be self-sustainable. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Twenty-nine year old Maria, a single mother of two,

lives with her mother on $40 a month.

She was forced to flee from her own home

to escape her abusive husband.

MARIA: My husband used to beat me cruelly.

NARRATOR: But as a young woman with no training,

it was impossible for Maria to find work.

A government allowance only provided $40 a month.

Maria has even sold her own blood to feed her family.

This past winter the family had to choose

between food and heat.

MARIA: I prayed to the Lord all the time

for some help to come to us.

I dreamed of becoming a manicurist

to earn money to give my children a better life.

NARRATOR: Then a church that partners with CBN's Orphan's

Promise met the family.

MARIA: They gave us clothes and provided food for the children

and brought us groceries.

NARRATOR: To fulfill her dream, we provided Maria with training

to become a manicurist.

Then we gave her everything she needed

to start her own business.

We also gave the family a new heater

so they'll be able to stay warm at home.

Maria now works both at home and at a nearby salon.

In only three months her income more than doubled to $100

a month.

Now we won't go hungry and it is warm in our own house.

Thank you very much.

MARIA: I am so thankful that you took a chance

on me and for this big gift.

I like this job very much because it is fun

and now my kids have all this food.

Thank you so much.

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