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Victory Through Prayer

Best-selling author Anne Graham Lotz discusses prayer that moves heaven and changes nations. Read Transcript


All right, believers.

It's time for us to storm the gates of heaven.

If you've ever felt as if your prayers aren't being heard,

or you feel surrounded by chaos, then it's

time you try The Daniel Prayer.

Anne Graham Lotz explains.


NARRATOR: Anne Graham Lotz has been proclaiming God's word

around the world for 30 years.

She's been called the best preacher in the family

by her beloved father Billy Graham, who

has preached to more people than anyone in history.

Like her dad, Anne is also a bestselling author.

And her signature events called Just

Give Me Jesus have been held in more than 30 cities and 12

countries, drawing hundreds of thousands of attendees.

In her book, The Daniel Prayer, Anne

outlines the prayer of the biblical prophet Daniel

and teaches you how to pray effectively for yourself,

your family, and this nation.

Well if ever there was a time for a book like that,

it is now.

And we are privileged to have Anne Graham Lotz with us

right here in the studio.

Anne, it's good to see you again.

Thank you, Wendy.

Thank you.

Well, we have got to ask about your dad.

He's turning 98 this year, is that right?

That's right.

He'll be 98 in November--

WENDY GRIFFITH: And I know he just wrote a book not too long


Another book, right?

How's he doing?

ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ: He's doing good.

He's 97, he's confined to his bed or wheelchair.

He's not mobile.

But he has a good appetite.

And I talked to him on Father's Day.

And he is so sweet-- he has a hard time hearing my voice,

but he heard me on the phone.

Told me that he loved me, he had just been talking about me.

So, you know, it's a blessing.

I don't get up to see him as often as I would like.

I'm not sure if I went every day if it would be often enough.

Aw, right.

I just encourage people, when they think about Billy Graham,

to pray that God will keep him.

I know God's holding him for a purpose.


I don't know what the purpose is-- I can guess,

but only God really knows-- but that he'll hold him.

He'll be faithful until that moment when God takes him home.

Good to hear he's doing well.

We love him.

Well, you've just written an amazing new book

called The Daniel Prayer.

First of all, what is The Daniel Prayer?

Well, The Daniel Prayer is based on Daniel chapter 9.

It was the prayer that he prayed for his people

when they were separated from God.

They had left their foundation of faith

and they were being held captive by the enemy.

And he prayed a prayer based on God's word.

He came across a promise in Jeremiah

that said that after 70 years, God said

I will set your people free.

I'll return them back to their homeland

if you would seek me with all of your heart.

And so Daniel reads that promise and he connects the dots

with the problems that he saw his people facing,

and he just-- it's what Eugene Peterson calls

reverse thunder-- he prayed God's word back to him.

And so The Daniel Prayer is a prayer of desperation.

It's a prayer-- no holds barred prayer.

It's not like a now I lay me down to sleep kind of prayer.


It's a prayer that you turn to God, away from everything else,

and you just--

When God is the only hope, when he's the only solution.

That's right.

Well, Daniel's Prayer, as you said,

was on behalf of the nation of Judah,

which was under God's judgment at the time.

But you say, Anne, that there are parallels today

with ancient Judah and modern day America.

How so?

Well, in the end of the Second Chronicles,

God sent messenger after messenger

to warn Judah that she would come under his judgment

if she didn't repent of her sin.

She became more defiant, more rebellious.

In the end, the Bible says God turned against his own people.

He turned against Judah and sent in Nebuchadnezzar

and the Babylonians.

It was a 22-year period of judgment,

from the first time Nebuchadnezzar attacked,

until the time that Jerusalem was actually destroyed.

But Daniel was taken off the first time

Nebuchadnezzar attacked.

And the parallel is that God-- He never sneaks up

and judges a person or nation by surprise.

He always warns in advance.

And I believe God has been warning America

like he warned Judah.

And America has turned a deaf ear, for the most part.

Now there are people in America that have heard,

but I think, generally speaking, our nation

is morally and spiritually imploding.

We are-- and my concern is that we were

past the point of no return.

Because there comes a time when the psalmist said,

you cry unto the Lord, you pray while he

may be found-- implying there's a time when God can't be found,

because he turns away.

Our sin has so come between us and him,

he won't listen to us anymore.

And so my prayer-- I don't believe

it's too late now, because God is stirring

so many people to pray.

And it's time now to pray like Daniel

did, before it's too late, or we're

going to wish that we had.

God is the only hope for America.

And it's time that God's people cried out to him.

Well even in Daniel's time, it looked like it was past hope.

It looked like there was no hope, but he kept praying.

And, like you said, he saw, really,

a miracle happen-- something that, there

was no way that should have happened, that Cyrus said,

you can go back.


That, it was just out of the blue.

So Daniel prayed in the 67th year,

and he prayed that God would keep his word.

And three years later, God kept his word.

The 70th year, Cyrus, out of the blue, as you said,

for no other reason except that Daniel had prayed,

he let the people go.

He issued an edict and said, you can all go back.

So I believe-- and Daniel's God is our God.

He is a prayer-hearing, a prayer-answering,

a miracle-working, covenant-keeping God,

but he waits for us to come to him.

And he's commanding us, I believe, to repent of our sin,

speaking first of all to the church.

We point our finger at our society.

And I think we-- our society has a lot of sin.

Sinners sin.

That's what they do.

And our society is getting very good at it.

But God's people-- You know, we need to first examine

our own hearts.

We need to repent of our sin.

And that's what Chronicles says, that if my people, who

are called by-- and to pray that back to God.

God, you said if my people who are called by my name

will humble ourselves, pray, seek your face,

if we would turn from our wicked ways,

then you said you will hear and you'll forgive

and you'll heal our land.

WENDY GRIFFITH: So The Daniel Prayer

isn't just a prayer for the nations, right?


It can be your own prayer.

It can be, like, if you have a child who is in rebellion,

or a spouse that walks out, or bankruptcy in your business,

or a health diagnosis that you weren't expecting.

It's a prayer of desperation.

And it's just a-- it's not a liturgy.

It's a pattern to his prayer that works.

Heaven was moved.

Before he finished praying, God sent an angel to him

to tell him, you're highly esteemed, Daniel.

And, you know, I love the fact that a person that

prays like Daniel did was highly esteemed in heaven,

and then three years later the prayer

was answered specifically.

And you turned to The Daniel Prayer.

Last year tragedy struck in your own life.

A very personal tragedy.

What happened?

Well, I'd been married 49 years at that point,

and my husband was in not good health.

I'd been his full-time caregiver for three years.

I'd just gotten off the road, stayed home.

And I think that's when God got my attention that this

was the time to pray-- not a time to travel and speak,

but just to pray and take care of my husband.

And then on August 17th last year,

I found him unresponsive in our pool.

And two days later-- we put him on life support--

two days later, we removed him and he

moved to our father's house.

So when I miss him-- like, this Father's Day

was hard-- I miss him, I remember his bad health and all

of his issues, and I'm so thankful, Wendy,

that God has set him free.

And I believe with all my heart that Jesus is

the resurrection and the life.

That even though we die, when we believe, we live.

And so my husband, I believe today,

is more alive than he's ever been.

And one day I'll see him again in his flesh,

and I'll be in my flesh, and we'll be reunited in heaven.

So I have that hope to look forward to.

WENDY GRIFFITH: You were married 49 years.

I buried him two days short of our 49th wedding anniversary.

This year would have been our 50th.

49 years with the man that you loved.

I met him when I was 17, so he was

the center of my life, all of my life, just about.

But God-- can I just-- Anybody out

there who's struggling with something like this, can I

just tell you that one of the ways that I've gotten

through this, not only is the prayer, of course,

but focusing on the blessings of God.

Instead of focusing on the pain, and the grief, and the turmoil,

and all that goes with something like that,

you focus on the blessings.

And God has poured out his blessings on me.

And it makes me very grateful.

And yes there are tears.

Yes there are moments.

But there's a lot of joy and Thanksgiving

because our God is God.

And he is faithful to us, just as he was faithful to Daniel.

And God will be faithful to your viewers, faithful to you,

and the reason I know that is because God is faithful.

He can't be less than himself.

He is a faithful God.

He is faithful to keep his promises,

faithful to keep his warnings.

And faithful to answer our prayers,

but we need to cry out to him.

He doesn't answer prayers unless we ask.

So it's time for us to pray.



So many people are saying that this book

is changing their lives.

And the strong Christians saying, this book

is life-changing.

Thank you so much for writing it,

and for your constant inspiration.

And you can get more in Anne's book.

It's called The Daniel Prayer, and it's

available in stores nationwide.

Anne, God bless you.


WENDY GRIFFITH: Thanks so much for being with us.

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