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700 Club Canada: June 27, 2016

Watch the 700 Club Canada for June 27, 2016 Read Transcript


Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler-

Thompson, and I think I speak

for both of us, Brian, when I

say that this is one of the

greatest privileges that we

have, to be able to share with

you every single day, even

though our topic is a little

serious today.

Yeah, one hundred percent.

You know, we're talking about

child abuse. How many people

do you know whose lives have

been hugely impacted by abuse

in their childhood years?

Maybe that's you today.

Maybe it's someone you know.

Whether it is you or someone

you know, this show has you

in mind.

We're so sure that Jesus can

make the difference in lives

that have suffered abuse that

we're going to devote part of

this episode to reflection on

freedom in Christ. We're going

to pray with you and for anyone

that's dealing with this that

freedom would become your


Absolutely. And therapist,

Dr. Merry Lin will stop by with

some practical advice if you

or someone you know is dealing

with posttraumatic stress

disorder as a result of their

tumultuous life.

Make sure you don't miss

that. Merry's content is gold.

And you'll meet two women

who had really rough starts in


Like our first guest, Leah




Nobody was worthless more

than me. I was worthless. I

was nothing. My father had a

very bad temper. We were all

scared of him. Mamma was

scared of him. When he whipped

us he would really get out of

control so I took all the

whippings and I said it was me

so my sisters wouldn't get

hurt. I picked terrible guys.

Every man that I married was

like my father. I thought that

they loved me. I thought it

would be it, the love of my

life, that they would save me

from everything, and that's not

how it happened at all. I got

abused. I got beaten. I'm

lucky I'm alive. I just was

hurt physically all the time.

I always expected to get hurt.

I was trying to fill this void.

I had emptiness yet I wanted

love. I was played Russian

roulette with and I would cry

and beg him not to kill me.

I would be on the floor hugging

his leg. Please don't kill

Please don't kill me. One time

I put the gun in my mouth.

I said, "Go ahead and kill me.

I just don't want to live

anymore. Just do it." It gave

him pleasure to watch me beg

for my life. I felt just like

all the beatings I got,

worthless. I thought that was

my life. I got to be selfish

about everything. I didn't

care about what people thought

about me or anything. I didn't

care and I did all these drugs

and stuff trying to kill

myself. After a while I got

addicted. I got addicted and

just wanted it. I had to have

it and then I couldn't get off

of it. I was homeless. I was

in 20 below zero. I couldn't

even stay in somebody's garage

to keep warm. I couldn't get

washed clean. I mean I've gone

in a dumpster to dig for food

because I was hungry. I was

skin and bones. I looked very

bad. I looked like death

walking. My mother on her

deathbed told me that the Lord

told her that she could believe

me that I was going to get

clean, that I was ready to get

clean. And that faith in my

mom and what she spoke to my

life helped me because it was

God's will. This Bible I

bought it special for a very

special friend of mine. He

brought it to me in the rehab

and that was the best thing

anybody could have did for me

at that time. And all I did

was read the Bible and read

the Bible and read the Bible.

I couldn't understand it very

good but I kept reading it,

and I never put it down. And

I finally got it. At first it

was hard for me to understand

cause I was so high, but I kept

reading it. And that food,

that spiritual food came in me

and I started living it. I

started believing it. I got

empowered by His Word because

it says His Word is alive. I

was filled with God's Word,

the food for the life that you

need for your soul. I had

that. It took everything off

of me. I had no burdens.

I don't worry. I don't think

about troubles. I praise God

in the storm. I worship God

in my trials. I love God for

my trials. I know there's

something He wants me to

learn. You can love everything

when you got Christ in your

life. You can love it all.

God's love is greater than any

real father, any real mother,

any brother, any sister. God's

love is pretty much all that I

need. He is so good to me.

He loves me so much and I know

He loves everybody like He

loves me.



Yeah, buddy.

How many nickels are in a


There are 20 nickels in a


How do birds fly? Does milk

really make my bones stronger?

Yeah, yeah.

Daddy, when we die, will we

go to heaven?

Do you have the answer to

life's biggest question? Call

the 700 Club. We'll help you

find answers to the important

questions life brings your way.


Laura-Lynn, when you look

at Leah's life, you recognize

through homelessness, through

all the abuse and no matter

what she's gone through that

God can make a masterpiece

out of a mess, and that mess

can have a great message.

You know, the Bible says

something so powerful and it

says in John 8:32, "Whom the

Son sets free is free indeed."

And I love where it goes on

in that verse 36 and 32. "You

shall know the truth, and the

truth shall set you free," 32,

"and whom the Son sets free is

free indeed." And that's

literally saying, "Don't try to

make sense of your life by

looking at your past.


And don't try to get your

present together by what your

past has had the problem with.

But get a destiny for your

future and God will pull you

out of your past because He's

the same yesterday, today, and



You know, I'm reminded just

reading through Matthew about

Mary Magdalene and the

difficulties that she had been

through that caused, you know,

Jesus had to cast out demons.

I mean because of who knows

what happened.

Seven demons it said. Yes.

Who knows what happened in

her life to allow a lot of pain

and an open door for the enemy

to get in there and of course

he does nothing but tries to

kill us and to destroy us.

One hundred percent.

But Jesus comes along as He

does to this very day.


And He reaches out and He

nd He speaks the Word

over our lives and His Word

brings healing.

That's right.

It brings life.

That's right.

And it changes everything.

That's right.

So that Mary ends up being

such a celebrated woman in

the Word. She hangs out with

Him. She travels with Him.

She's the one who goes to the


And she becomes the first

missionary and she says,

"Where's His body?" But watch

this. It wasn't by going back

and saying, Mary, how did you

become a woman of prostitution?

Mary, why did you do what you



But it was giving her a

purpose and that missionary,

that great

Moving forward.

It was moving forward.

She was set free.

Exactly. So many people

they try to go to therapy.

They try to go and I love those

things but you've got to get

a vision for what God has

called you to.


Because it says in Proverbs,

where there's no vision, people

perish. So when you get a

vision for your future, it will

pull you out of your past.


Because like you said, He's

the same yesterday, today,

and forever. So God looks at

you and He sees your potential.

You see you and you see your

problem. When you begin to

line up with what God speaks

about you, then it's going to

allow you to get over the

hurdles of your past.

Because sometimes we keep

thinking on the wrong thing.


We keep thinking on that

which wounded us, that which

hurt us

That's it. Yeah.

Rather than the moment Jesus

sets you free, the moment that

you receive Him, when there

is life, when God turns a

situation around, think on


Think on that.


You see, now that's the big

moment because when you begin

to think on that and you put

most of your thought and your

energy into getting up the

next day, it's not a cup of

coffee, but it's your purpose,

baby, that's going to cause you

to walk out of that. I know

we're talking to somebody right

now. And I want to get this

into your hand. It's A New

Day. I believe that God has a

new day for you because the

Bible said in the day of your

of God's favor He heard you.

The day of salvation He helped

you. Today is the day of God's

favor. Today is the day of

salvation. If you believe that

today, 1-855-759-0700 because

you're like a fly on the wall

while Laura-Lynn and I are

talking because I really

believe this whole point about

the purpose that you have

because God is a God of


Yes, He is.

That's why he says in

Romans 8:28. He says, "And

all things work together for

the good of those who love

God and are called according

to His purpose."

Exactly. And you know what?

Somebody is watching right now

and they think that they're

disqualified, that they were

abused and wounded and so

that remains the mark on their

life. It is not so. Jesus

breaks it off of you.

In Jesus' name.

His freedom is destined to

come. It is a new day, and we

declare over them freedom

Right now in Jesus' name.

In Jesus' name right now.

Receive it.


And, Father, everyone that is

receiving that we say it is

so now and let it be done in

Jesus' name. Amen.

Right. Amen.

You know, what a wonderful,

wonderful truth. I feel that

in my spirit, and I know that

God is doing that for you.

For somebody.

And we all know that life can

be uncertain at the best of

times. Each of us will face

seasons of struggle and

significant battle.

And if that's you today, then

just like we've been talking

about, you're going to want to

get your hands on our newest

DVD. This is called Victory

Through Life's Storms. And

this is where Pat Robertson

discusses Biblical principles

to help us get through some

of the toughest things in life.

So call right now if that's

you and you want to be a part

of the 700 Club Family.

1-855-759-0700 and become a

monthly partner and we'll send

you Victory Through Life's

Storms right away. We'll be

right back.

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The pain is something I just

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With 700 Club cohost, Terry


We all go through seasons

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I never wanted to be


They loaded me up on pain


She said, "You are eaten up

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In Victory Through Life's

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Take a step of faith. What

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Victory Through Life's


Jesus said, "Look, all things

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Available now.


When I see that person that

comes to me, whether it's a

mother with children and she's

rented all her life and I can

take her from a state of

renting to a state of buying,

that makes me happy.

Lisa Quinonez had much

success as a partner in a

real estate firm. She believes

that even though she worked

hard, her success really came

through giving obediently to


If we trust God with what God

gives us and we become good

stewards of what He gives us,

yes, God adds to that. It's

just the law. It's the law of

giving. It's the law of sowing

and reaping.

Lisa would also learn the

importance of giving during

tough times. When the housing

market crashed in 2008, Lisa

could only watch as everything

she had built quickly slipped


I cried and said, "God, what

can I do?" And I just

basically said, "Lord, all I

can do is take one day at a


Lisa lost her business, her

home, and eventually declared


For a moment I felt like

okay, I haven't lost it all.

Lisa worked as a waitress

and a long string of other odd

jobs. It was a struggle to pay

rent and put food on the table.

It was very humbling for me

and I remember coming home

and crying and saying, "Lord,

how long do I have to hold on

to do this? Where is there an

open door? Show me what to


Eventually she went on

unemployment. All this time

she kept tithing, even from her

unemployment checks.

And I would take that money

and I'd say, "Okay, Lord, this

is all I have. But you know

what? It belongs to you


Lisa says as she looked for

work over the next year, she

kept giving and God always

provided. Then one day, she

applied for a position as a

college recruiter.

I didn't even have an

interview. He just says, "This

is the job. It's yours." And

I just looked at him and I

said, "Thank you, God."

A year later, Lisa returned

to real estate as a property

manager. She married Luis in

2014. As her income increased,

she decided to give to CBN as

a one thousand club member.

I love the fact that they go

out and feed children all over

the world. I love that their

news is not negative. It's

positive. They're bringing


Just a month after becoming

a CBN partner, Lisa accepted a

job where she could work as a

property manager and a realtor

with a significant pay

increase. She knows that

giving is the key to financial


Give and it shall be given

unto you, good measure pressed

down, shaken together, running



For many people who have

experienced early childhood

trauma, those memories can get

repressed but then surface

years later after something

triggers those traumatic

feelings from the past. In my

experience, unexplained

depression, emotional distress,

and even panic attacks are

sometimes a way that our body

demonstrates unresolved

posttraumatic stress or PTSD

as we call it. Some of the

symptoms of PTSD include

recurring and distressing

flashbacks in our dreams,

intense psychological distress

or strong physiological

responses like panic attacks

when you're faced with some

cues that resemble the

original trauma. Sometimes

it's an inability to recall

important aspects of the

trauma. Many times there's a

lot of efforts placed to avoid

all thoughts, feelings, or

activities that's related or

reminds us of that trauma.

And one thing that happens

many times is a sense of

hypervigilance, almost an

exaggerated startle response

which makes it difficult for

you to fall asleep sometimes

or stay asleep. You can also

see problems regulating

your emotions or unpredictable

outbursts of anger. If this

sounds like you, don't ignore

your body's signal to get some

help. I would strongly

encourage you to consider

seeking a qualified

psychotherapist to help you

work through what's going on

with you right now. Regardless

of whether there's any specific

memories that have been

repressed that contribute to

your symptoms, if you've

experienced childhood trauma,

it may be helpful for you to

process through these early

childhood experiences. You

might find relief from your

symptoms just by doing this,

but in the process, you may end

up discovering repressed

traumatic memories that also

need to be resolved.

Unresolved trauma will often

remain locked in our brains

but like a toxic leaking

waste bin that can leak out

toxins that lead to physical

and emotional symptoms. And

even if you don't recall

specifically the trauma, we

might actually find ourselves

reacting strongly to situations

and in retrospect it shouldn't

be such a big deal. It's so

important to resolve this

trauma so that our body and

our brain and our emotions have

a sense of resolution. Not to

change the past because we

can't do that but so we're able

to digest the important lessons

that's part of experiencing

life's challenges but also

being able to let go of the

bad stuff, for example the

fear or the shame or the lies

about ourselves that was just

locked up inside as previously.

Often people will experience

a sense of freedom as the

trauma is no longer holding

them back from experiences

or relationships they want to

pursue. Now there are a number

of really great trauma recovery

techniques that are quite

effective in helping us move

towards this healthy

resolution. So for example,

one of the techniques we use

in our office is called EMDR

which has been shown to be

very effective in resolving

PTSD symptoms. It's based

on capitalizing on our brains

digest trauma in a healthy

way. So it works through

unlocked and unresolved

trauma in our brain. But make

sure whichever therapist you

choose also teaches you

techniques to help you stay

grounded and in control of

your emotional responses

so that you can safely process

through your trauma with that

therapist. You don't want to

be retraumatized by your

therapist. Your emotional

safety ought to be of the

utmost importance to your

therapist and it must be

established and maintained to

ensure that you're dealing with

your trauma in a therapeutic

and also safe way. Keep in

mind also that trauma therapy

isn't meant to be a witch hunt,

discovering the facts of what

actually happened. Because

memories are very susceptible

to distortion and there's no

way to actually go back into

your past to verify the facts

of what happened, trauma

recovery is actually more about

resolving your symptoms and

helping you to come to a place

of acceptance and peace. So

don't spend all of your energy

trying to figure out the

details of what happened to

you. In fact, often the more

you try, the more frustrated

and depressed you get,

especially if you start to

overly focus on trying to find

out the answers. Instead,

focus on the symptoms that

need resolving and allow your

mind and body to naturally

bring forth what needs

attention. And for those of us

who are Christ followers, it's

important to remember nothing

takes God by surprise since He

knows everything. So trust

in His timing as He brings

forth traumatic memories that

need to be resolved. And if

your symptoms are generally

resolved and you're beginning

to accept and experience

genuine peace and joy in your

life, accept the ambiguity of

not knowing all the answers

this side of heaven. Give over

to God those who've harmed

you, abused you, or traumatized

you, trusting that it's going

to be up to him to deal with

them and not up to you to make

sure they know what they did

or that they pay for what they

did to you. Focus on what you

can do to break free from the

traumatic experiences of your

past and then choose to let

go of the rest. I'm Dr. Merry.


In the home we would witness

my mother on drugs. Friends

would come over. We would

witness them with the pipes,

different men spending the

night over at the house.

Growing up in the projects,

Yakenia had nothing and that's

the only life she knew.

I remember one time we went-

my mom went to cook bread and

when she cooked the bread there

were roaches throughout the

bread. So we had to pick the

roaches out of the bread in

order to eat the bread just

because that's all we had to

eat because we grew up with

no food in the refrigerator,

really no clothes to wear. I

remember having to wear her

clothes and like roll up the

dress, the skirt, and kids

taunted us because my mom

was on drugs. So I spent my

childhood pretty much fighting.

Though she was still just a

child, Yakenia tried to fend

for herself, but she was

powerless against the violence

that surrounded her. When she

was nine years old, she was


It made me hard. It made me

angry but I wouldn't talk about

it. I just tried not to

[INAUDIBLE]. Then I don't have

to deal with the pain.

Yakenia dreamed of seeing

her mom drug free. She asked

God for help.

Dear God, can you please just

take us away.

I don't know how that came

about because we never went

to church. I used to pray to

God, a God that I really didn't

know and I used to ask Him if

He would take us away from

our mom, because I figured that

if He would take her away, she

would get off drugs.

Yakenia says her prayer was

answered. She was removed

from her home and lived in a

children's shelter for several

years. She was in high school

when her mother got clean from

drugs. She moved back in but

soon learned some things hadn't


My mother would not come to

y games. And then

waiting on her after school and

taking hours to pick me up and

so, you know, just little

things like that that added

to the rejection and the


Yakenia started looking for

love elsewhere and became

pregnant at 17 years old. She

graduated high school and

started college. She was

looking for ways to pay for

school and provide for her son.

That's when a friend introduced

her to exotic dancing.

It's amazing because although

I despised what I did, I was

driven by money. And so I

would despise going into the

club. I would despise going

into the shows, despise being

in front of those men, but

after I counted the money at

the end of the night, it

motivated me to do it again.

She quit school and spent

nights dancing in strip clubs

and private parties. Yakenia

also dated drug dealers who

would give her an allowance,

sometimes thousands of dollars

a week.

Your own place, your own

townhouse, multiple cars,

multiple bank accounts with

thousands of dollars in it,

shopping. It's just all about

the money. If you cannot pay

a bill or you cannot support me

then I cannot be with you,

you know, so I was just really

hard, really cold.

Over the years she maintained

a friendship with her son's

father and his wife. One day,

the couple invited her to


So I said, "Okay, I'll go to

church." I was still dancing.

So I started going to church

and I liked the church and I

said, "Okay, I'm going to go

to church and I leave church

and I dance," and that's what I

did for two years. I didn't

stop dancing although I felt

guilty every time I went to

church. I didn't stop dancing

because of the lifestyle, but I

didn't want to stop going to

church because I felt like I

was getting fed. And so that

started something.

One day, Yakenia's pastor

pulled her aside.

He said, "What type of work

do you do?" And I said, "Well,

Pastor, I'd rather not say,"

cause I was so embarrassed.

And he said, "Well, the Spirit

of God already showed me what

you do, so I'm asking you to

pray and ask God to give you

the strength to leave that

lifestyle." And I was like

okay. And so when I left from

him, I was like, God, I don't

know how you're going to do

this when I'm used to making

this type of money, you know.

And so from that moment on,

I began to pray about leaving

that lifestyle.

Then Yakenia started having

visions when she was on stage.

It looked dark. It looked

like I died and my eternal

destiny was hell. It was dark.

It was dim. It was scary.

I felt like God was trying to

talk to me. I felt like He was

trying to warn me and I felt

like he was basically saying

if you don't leave this

lifestyle, you're not going to

make it, and I felt like God

was trying to save my life.

Yakenia thought about her

future and where she would

spend eternity. The visions

weighed heavy on her heart

and she knew it was time to

make a decision before it was

too late.

October the 24th-that was a

Wednesday. I danced that

morning, left that night to go

to Bible study, left Bible

study to go back to the club

to work, and while I was

sitting in the car, I just was

like I can't do this. I just

can't do this and from that

point on I've never looked

back. I believe at that moment

He became real to me. It's

an amazing feeling. It's an

amazing feeling to know that

in spite of everything that I

did that He loves me. Jesus

the Lord loves me right where

I am.

Today Yakenia is an

empowerment speaker, mentor,

and author. She says God's

unconditional love transformed

her life.

God loves you right where

you are. You don't have to

wait until you stop drugs or

wait until you stop dancing or

wait until you get everything

right, but know that the Lord

Jesus loves you right where

you are right now. That's

amazing. That's an amazing

feeling. It's priceless. You

can't put a dollar sign to



Laura-Lynn, when you think

about the ministry today with

Leah and Yakenia, you see that

God can help us overcome a

difficult past.

Yes, He can, and that's why

we do this, Brian. We believe

God's a miracle-working God.

Yes, He is.

And we've got some prayer

requests. We have a woman,

Brian. Priscilla is her name

and she is going through a real

depression. She's from Olds,

Alberta, and she's asking us to

stand with her. And would you

pray for these requests like

it's someone from your own


Yeah, and we've got Greg

from North Battleford, and he's

praying for God's protection

over his life and his job.


Why don't you start it?

Father, I thank you, Lord

Jesus for Priscilla that you

love her, that she is

absolutely secured in her

position in your family. I ask

that you would reveal to her

your love, your support of

her, God, your commitment

to her, and that you would

heal her of all of these

In Jesus' name.

emotions and this depression.

We pray that it would be

broken by the blood of Jesus

today in Jesus' name.

I felt that. In Jesus' name.


And, Father, for Greg we

release warring angels over

him, for protection over his

life and over that pool of

revival, North Battleford,

Saskatchewan, Lord, we believe

even now revival and the power

of the Holy Ghost to move in

every area of his life, in

Jesus' name.

In Jesus' name.


Amen. Boy, have we had a

good time. You know, these are

some heavy topics, Brian, but

I feel like what is heavier is e

anointing. What is heavier is

God's healing. That's heavier

than the heaviest pain that we

deal with.

And the joy that is on your

life. Never let it go.

May it be.

Thank you for allowing us

to come into your home. Until

next time, I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler-

Thompson. Have a great day,


God bless.


To contact us, phone

1-855-759-0700 or by email

CBA@700Club.CA or mail

Christian Broadcasting

Associates, Incorporate.

That's 700 Club Canada,

P.O. Box 700, Scarborough,

Ontario M1S 4T4 or visit us

at 700Club.CA


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