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News on The 700 Club: June 27, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 27: Brexit rocks markets as some ask for 'do-over'; See something, say nothing: Ex-Homeland official ordered to hide links to this group, and more. Read Transcript

Well, the world is in some turmoil.

The old order passes, as the saying goes.

Now Britain has voted to leave the European

Union, the future of the EU itself could be in doubt.

Several other countries are talking about getting out

as well, including France.

And some European leaders are pushing Britain to get out

quickly to calm the stock markets, which

have dropped sharply since that vote to leave.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): London Stock Exchange

trading and shares of two big British banks,

the Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays,

had to be temporarily suspended today

amid more volatility in the markets following the country's

decision to leave the European Union.

And that financial turmoil and uncertainty

led to a message from European foreign ministers to Britain.

And the message wasn't "please stay."

It was "see you later."

They want the process to move as quickly as possible,

partly to help calm things down.

We need to turn the page.

We don't want a vacuum.

And it's important now that these negotiations

with the United Kingdom start in good faith,

but as soon as possible.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): European Parliament president Martin

Schulz said negotiations should begin Tuesday.

But British chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

says the UK will decide when it leaves.

Only the UK can trigger Article 50.

And in my judgment, we should only

do that when there is a clear view

about what new arrangements we are seeking

with our European neighbors.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): But some European leaders

would like to allow Britain to reconsider.

And over the weekend, than three million British

signed an online petition to hold a second referendum vote.

People need to reconsider.

And I think it'd be great to have another vote.

I think everyone's kind of regretting it.

I think it's ludicrous to have another referendum.

You can't just keep going, can you?

They can't stop it.

The people are voting, not the government.

So if that's what people want, they should get on with it.

They get voted in and get voted out.

It's not an election, but get on with it.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): Five more nations

could leave-- France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland,

and Hungary.

France's Front National leader Marine Le Pen

has pledged to hold a French referendum

if she wins next year's presidential elections.

It's going to be a rough ride, not only for the markets,

but also for the European Union in the days ahead.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

And the British pound is dropping precipitantly.

Came down again today.

Did you short the pound?

I can't say.

You didn't?

Talk a little bit about what happens if these other five

nations leave.

That leaves, what, Germany as the lead?

Well, they can't sustain it.

It'll break apart.

But what's happened, Terry, is so clear.

There's an insupportable bureaucracy,

just like we've got here in the United States,

draining huge amounts of money for their bureaucratic


Then bureaucrats sitting in offices in Brussels

are dictating what a farmer in Yorkshire is going to do.

And the farmer in Yorkshire said, no way,

I'm not going to go for that.

So they are also now subject to a wave of immigrants.

And every nation has got to accept them.

And the Brits are saying, this is

going to destroy our country.

And the French and others are saying the same thing.

So when you get the fact that they're

being overrun, that it's a wasteful bureaucracy,

that the bureaucrats aren't listening

to the people-- I mean, it's exactly what

we've got here in America.

The bureaucrats aren't listening to the people.

And we've got a bloated bureaucracy

that's sucking the lifeblood out of our country.

That's what the Brits said.

The Brits said, we want out.

So I say, good for you.

So do you think the stock market will balance out?

Well, depending on what you've got, your stocks-- my stocks

are up.





So it depends on what you're into.

But some of the stalwarts in the Dow have gone down.

But I think that's temporary.

The Dow took quite a hit.

But so what?

There's been a lot of wealth lost in Europe because of this.

But primarily the pound has cratered.

And I'm sure Soros shorted the pound big time.

And he's made a lot of money.

Well, here at home, a founding member

of the Department of Homeland Security

is telling his story about-- and get

this-- he was punished for identifying

the links between radical Islam and the terrorist threat here

in America.

Get that-- the links between them,

he was punished because he revealed them.

Efrem Graham has that story.

Pat, whistleblower Philip Haney is

set to testify before a Senate subcommittee tomorrow.

And he told CBN's Jennifer Wishon about his experiences

in Homeland Security, including why

information about the ties between radical Islam

and terrorism was erased from government records

and what the jihadis' long-term goal really is.

After the terrorist attack in Orlando,

the Justice Department tried to redact

all references the killer made to Islam during his 911 call.

That blunder allowed the public to see

the type of scrubbing that's been going on behind closed

doors of the federal government for years--

a systematic erasing of links between Islam and terrorism,

according to Philip Haney, a longtime officer

in the Department of Homeland Security.

They told me, we want you to eliminate--

the word was "modify" all the linking information

in about 850 records that I put into this system

on guess what group?

The Muslim Brotherhood.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): That was in 2009, one year

after President Obama was elected.

Haney says Obama relied on the Muslim Brotherhood

and other Islamic groups with ties to terrorism

to craft US policy.

And in 2012, it happened again.

This time, they didn't just modify

the information in the records.

They completely eliminated them out of the system,

erased them forever.

And then they investigated me for putting that information

into the system when asked exactly the job that I

was supposed to be doing.

He's been investigated nine times.

At one point, he was picked apart

by three federal agencies at once.

Haney was exonerated, but through his experiences

came to realize spiritual warfare is taking place

at the highest levels of government.

I can't explain to you the ideology or the worldview

of this administration that makes

them so adamant to protect Islam from harm

by addressing it in its true nature.

How has your Christian faith helped

you get through all of this?

We're talking about very, very high-level malevolent

kind of forces here at work.

And it is very sobering to see these kind of things operating.

These are Biblical-level events that we're talking about.


"See Something, Say Nothing," details his tumultuous time

at the Department of Homeland Security.

After living in the Middle East and studying terrorism,

Haney believes jihad is a tactic radical Muslims are using

to achieve their goal of implementing

sharia law in the US, Europe, and around the world.


of sharia is very difficult to exaggerate,

how much influence it has on the life of Muslims

around the world.

You say this is a battle between the Constitution

and sharia law.

Are we going to submit to the influence of sharia law

and make it legal for one particular religion

to have more than one wife?

Or are we going to say no, you cannot implement those

provisions as long as you want to be a citizen of United


JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): What America needs, he says,

is to focus on the Constitution.

And if you become more familiar with the Constitution,

you'll be able to see more clearly the points of conflict

between the US Constitution and sharia law.

And then you can discuss it without fear

of being called a racist or a bigot or an Islamophobe.



Eye-opening report.


Ladies and gentlemen, we keep hearing it,

and if you say anything about it, just as he said,

you're labeled an Islamophobe or a racist.

But the truth is, we have a president whose stepfather

was a Muslim, whose stepfather in Indonesia

put him in an Islamic madrassa.

His actual father was not an American.

He was a Kenyan.

He was a member of the Luo tribe who

wanted to rebel against England and the West.

And so he set down, of course, the fact that he was also

an alcoholic and a womanizer got him fired from his job.

But nevertheless, that was Obama's father.

Now, Obama has visceral dislike for the standards

that we have in this country.

What he thinks is America is an oppressor.

And he thinks that the Nation of Islam or the Islamic countries

at least should not be in any way called out

for the action they have.

Without question, the Muslim Brotherhood

was the fountainhead of the radical groups that have been

working in the Middle East.

The Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hamas.

The Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hezbollah.

The Muslim Brotherhood spawned the Palestine Liberation


And undoubtedly, they have involved themselves

in other radical groups.

But their goal-- a stated, announced goal--

is to impose sharia law on all the countries of the world.

That's what they want.

And the fact that they have been brought

into the inner circles of the government of the United

States-- and then, for example, in the FBI terrorism manual,

from what I understand, and I hope my facts are correct,

1,000 pages have been removed that mentioned all this

about the Islamic extremists.

But if we don't know who our enemies are,

how can we fight them?

And the [INAUDIBLE] is, we can't fight them.

The government doesn't want us to.

And it's shocking.

It should be horrifying.

And it's time the American people stand up against it.

We're being taken over.

It's a very subtle thing.

Europe is being overrun and taken over.

And country after country after country

are facing Islamic extremists.

And it is very hurtful.

But if we can't identify who they are,

we can't say, well, why are they doing these things?

They must hate us because we were

oppressors in the 19th century.

That has nothing to do with it.

It's at the core of their ideology.

Read the Quran.

It says it so clearly.

And the people, ladies and gentlemen,

get this very-- the people who are distorting Islam are not

these radical groups.

They are following right down the line what the Quran says.

The ones who are distorting it are the so-called moderates

who refuse to go along with it.

It's amazing.

But we have got to do something in this country.

That's why we're looking at a revolution in England.

They may be looking for a revolution

here in this country.

We've had enough.


Pat, the Supreme Court is set to rule

on two important cases, one involving

abortion laws in Texas.

The state passed laws requiring abortion doctors

to have admitting privileges as hospitals and for clinics

to meet certain ambulatory regulations.

Supporters say it's to improve safety for women.

Critics say it's just an effort to limit access to abortions.

The case could have national implications.

If the court upholds the Texas law in the abortion case,

I think it will empower other states

to pass reforms to make sure that abortion

clinics within their borders are operating

in a safe and clean manner, because whenever women have

any sort of operation-- and it is a serious operation,

and I think that's not something that always gets through when

we're talking about abortion-- women

deserve safe and clean facilities for any kind

of medical procedure.

The court is also expected to rule

in the case of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell.

He was convicted of corruption charges related to gifts.

But he broke no Virginia laws.

And officials from both parties in multiple states

have supported his appeal, saying he was wrongly accused.

At least 25 people are dead and many still missing

after severe flash floods hit remote areas of West Virginia

over the weekend.

Rescue crews are still searching the wreckage.

And Operation Blessing is sending truckloads of supplies

to help those in need.

Chuck Holton brings us that story

from southern West Virginia.

CHUCK HOLTON (VOICEOVER): Historic rainstorms

pounded West Virginia late last week,

causing flash flooding worse than anyone here can remember.

More than 10 inches in just a few hours

caught many unawares and washed away cars, homes,

and more than two dozen people.

James Mitchell is a chaplain in the West Virginia State Police.

Tremendous flash flooding, a lot of damage,

a lot of tragedy, and such a large amount of rain

in such a short amount of time.

It hits and flows down into these creek beds.

And these people are built right along the creek beds.

And they just go outside of their banks

and just causes a great amount of destruction.

We have families who have lost children.

We have children who have lost parents.

And it's just a real tragedy.

Ongoing search and rescue mode at this point, even.

It's required the governor to declare a state of emergency

over 44 counties throughout the state of West Virginia.

CHUCK HOLTON (VOICEOVER): Federal disaster relief

was approved for three of the counties hardest hit.

And the governor has mobilized 500 National Guard troops

to help with the cleanup.

But the communities and churches in the surrounding areas

are already answering the call to help.

So we have received calls all day

long from people that are volunteering,

church groups that are organizing.

I'm seeing messages all day from one church to another,

collecting materials, ready to mobilize and go out

and to help people clean up their houses,

their businesses, whatever it takes.

And so churches are really stepping forth at this point.

CHUCK HOLTON (VOICEOVER): Operation Blessing's Hunger

Strike Force is responding with two semi-trailers with food

and relief supplies to help meet the long-term needs created

by this disaster.

And even though they're calling this the "100-year flood,"

residents here will be keeping a wary eye on the sky,

as more rain is forecast for this week.

From southern West Virginia, I'm Chuck Holton for CBN News.

Our prayers for the people of West Virginia.


Well, we certainly do pray.

I was born up close to West Virginia

in Lexington, Virginia.

And I go from time to time over the Greenbrier area.

It's so beautiful that they were going to have a golf

tournament there.

The fairway's completely flooded.

They don't know how long it'll be before they get the golf

course up.

It'll be maybe several years.

But the people are such resilient wonderful people

in West Virginia.

And our prayers are with them.

Now, Operation Blessing is working up there.

And so is Mercy Ships.

So Mercy Ships is an organization

that we have close ties to.

They're up there providing hot meals for the first responders

and others.

But it's a horrible thing.

And there was one picture that perhaps some of you

saw that there's a house that was taken, ripped up

from its foundations.

And it was set on fire.

And it was burning as it was going down this raging river.

It was quite a scene.

If you want to participate-- I know you do,

because this is close to home for me and for others--

it's 1-800-759-0700.

It's Operation Blessing International Disaster Relief


And we need to help those people.

They're wonderful people, the West Virginia folks.

They're sturdy, hardy, and a lot of them

don't have a lot of extra money.

They're right up against it in terms of poverty.

And a disaster like this could be the difference

between life and death.

So let's help them as much as we can.

So we'll do that.


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