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Bring It On-Line: The Departed - June 28, 2016

Do those who have departed and gone on to heaven know about our circumstances, whether good or bad? Why can't you be forgiven for the sin of blasphemy? In Exodus, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The seventh commandment is "Thou shall ... Read Transcript


We have questions.

Want to bring it on?

It's time to bring it on.

Let's do it.

Go for it.

This first question, Pat, comes front Deshawn who

says, "Do those who have departed and gone on to heaven

know about our circumstances, whether good or bad?

Because in Abraham's bosom, Abraham

knew about the life of the rich man."

You point out a good thing.

I don't know any teaching in the Bible

per se that says that those in heaven

know what's going on in our lives here on earth.

I don't believe that.

We are surrounded by a great company of witnesses,

but I just don't think that all the stuff that

goes on in our life is being relayed to people in heaven.

I don't think the Bible teaches that,

but that certainly what you said is true.

When the man was talking to father Abraham in heaven

and he said in your life you had good things

and he had bad things, so anyhow he knew that much about them.

So there is some-- your guess is as good as mine,

because it is a guess.

There's no teaching on it.


We'll know when we get there.

We'll know when we get there.


This is Sam who says, "In Exodus, God gave Moses

the Ten Commandments.

And the seventh commandment is "Thou shall not

commit adultery," but men continued

to have more than one wife until the end of the Old Testament.

My question is: Would that still technically be adultery?"

It wasn't.

They were marrying these women, and they had multiple wives.

The kings did and others did.

David had several wives, so that was certainly

after Moses had written, and that

wasn't considered adultery, which means one of these days--

trust me-- the laws concerning polygamy

are going to be taken out because the only reason they

have laws against polygamy is because it is said

it is un-biblical and it is not Christian

and therefore they shouldn't do it.

And so if you could have all the other things that the Supreme

Court has ruled on, believe me they're

going to say that it's unconstitutional to forbid


We look at the New Testament, which

says a man should have one wife and be

content with one wife rather than multiple wives.

It's in the New Testament, but that wasn't adultery

because they were married.

They got married.

The man looked after the wives.

They were his wives, and he had a covenant relationship

with all of them.

That's in the book.

This is Lori, Pat, who says, "The Book of John

states that you can be forgiven for any sin.

So why can't you be forgiven for the sin of blasphemy?"

Well, you can be forgiven for the sin of blasphemy,

but the sin that you can't be forgiven for

is the sin of coming against the Holy Spirit.

And when you blaspheme the Holy Spirit you in essence

are saying, I don't believe you.

I will not receive your message, but what

is the Holy Spirit telling you?

He's telling you to come to Jesus,

and if you refuse to come to Jesus

there's no forgiveness for that.

If you do not accept the Lord and you

deny the power of the Holy Spirit then

you have come to know salvation.

That's what I think it is, but it's more complicated

than I've got time to discuss right now.

But that is the essence of what we're saying.

Well, we leave you with today's Power Minute from the Nehemiah.

"The joy of the Lord is your strength."


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