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Bring It On-Line: Burning with Lust - June 29, 2016

Dear Pat, the Bible says that it's better to marry than to burn with lust, but what about someone like me who can't find someone to marry? Pat, is God mad at me because I sin? Read Transcript


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All right, Pat's in the hot seat.

Here we go Pat.

PAT ROBERTSON: All right, let's go.

Dear Pat, the Bible says that it's better

to marry than to burn with lust.

But what about someone who can't find someone to marry?

I gave up sex years ago in obedience to God's word,

but I haven't been able to meet a man who

shares my moral values, not at church or anywhere else.

I still have desires that I don't act on.

Does God just not want me to have a husband for some reason?

I'm no spring chicken.

I don't think that God doesn't want you to have a husband.

I really think that God puts the lonely in families,

and I think it's his desire.

He's the-- all the families on earth, in heaven

and earn are named after him.

That's what the Bible says.

So there are a lot of organizations now.

There's Christian Mingle, for example.

That's number one.

They've got one out there called--

what's one that gets advertised all the--



Christian guy started that, and that's one.

And there are others that, you know,

they're set up for people who are moving along in years, I

mean like middle age.

They've got all kinds of groups.

And surely out of 360 million people, however

many there are, well 7 billion in the world,

there's got to be the mate for you.

So don't give up.

Don't give up.

I'm not giving up.

If we put that, they'll have so many people--

her suitors will be jamming the phones.

Never give up as long as we're still alive.

OK, Joey writes, Pat, is God mad at me because I sin?

I'm afraid of where I'll go when I die.

Look, God is not mad at us.

You know, do you say I'm mad at my little child

because he stumbles when he tries to walk?

No, I'm not mad at him.

I just try to get up and help him so I can teach him.

God wants to teach us.

And the Bible says that we are supposed

to be-- have a conscience cleansed from dead works

that we might serve the living God.

He doesn't want us to only be beating ourselves up,

and he's not going to beat you up.

God loves you, over and over again.

He loved-- he wants to help you.

But you need to cleanse your heart

and stop holding on to sin.

Well we leave you with today's "Power Minute" from Galatians.

"Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest

if we do not give up."


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