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Stay Motivated With Your Diet!

Author and fitness model, Natalie Jill discusses changing her diet after a celiac disease diagnosis, and how she lost 60 pounds. Read Transcript


Fitness guru Natalie Jill says that rock bottom

is a great place to rebuild your life.

She should know.

When Natalie hit rock bottom, she

turned her life and her health completely around.

Take a look.

(VOICEOVER) Natalie Jill became a fitness model at the age

of 39.

Seven years ago she was depressed, divorced,

and carrying an extra 60 pounds on her 5 foot 2 inch frame.

It wasn't until after Natalie saw herself in a window

that she decided to lose weight.

She quit eating processed foods and opted for natural ones.

As she posted her meals on Facebook,

people asked for more.

Natalie shares those recipes and her easy to follow

plan in the "7 Day Jumpstart".

She offers real solutions for losing weight and feeling great

that will last a lifetime.

Please welcome to the 700 Club Natalie Jill.

It's great to have you here.

Thanks, great to be here.

Before we get to the goodies you have in front of us,

let's talk a little bit about some of the things

you share in your book as well.

I mean, this began as a journey because you

had some health issues as a result of how you were eating.


Talk about that.

Well, years ago before anyone knew what gluten was

or celiac disease, I was having a lot

of health issues with my stomach, lymph nodes being


And I learned that I had celiac disease.

And little did I know at that time that

would lead to something later on that would help so many people.

Well, so often they say that when

we have illness or issues physically, that it begins

in what's called the gut.

Yes, it absolutely does.

And it's so interesting because I used to think that everything

I was eating, I didn't-- I just thought maybe I'm eating too

much vegetables.

I didn't know what it was.

I thought it was too much vegetables, too much fiber.

And it was completely the opposite.

It was from a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley that

was causing the flame up.

Well, the other thing is so often

if we would like to lose weight, we think of it

as needing to diet when really the approach we all know now

is needing to change our lifestyle.

That's so intimidating.

You had a goal.

You wanted to become a fitness expert.

You were in your 40s.

You were overweight.

You had a baby.


First of all, where did that goal come from

and where did you begin the process of that turnaround?

So eating gluten free as a celiac,

it didn't mean you were eating healthy.

What people don't realize is they

think that when you eat gluten free, * healthy.

But you can have gluten free processed

food that can be junk.

It could be a lot of sugar.

It's not necessarily healthy so people can

gain weight eating gluten free.

So when I was pregnant, I was going

through a really rough time in my life financial rock bottom

I hit.

I was going through a divorce.

I had a lot of things happen at one time.

And I was going to be a new single mom and all

of a sudden--

Stress on top of it all.

Stress on top of it all, depression.

And I found myself, after my daughter, I mean,

I was 65 pounds heavier than I am today now.


So I did what a lot of people do.

They search for answers, and I found information overload.

It felt overwhelming and scary, and I didn't

have money for a fancy gym.

I didn't have the knowledge to lose my weight,

and everything online was just confusing and overwhelming.

So I dug deeper.

That's when you're depressed.

Sometimes, you just feel like I can't get there from here.

I felt like it was impossible.


So I dug online.

I decided to get my certifications learning,

and I figured out a way to simplify things

so that not only gave me my energy back

and made me feel less depressed, less lethargic,

got rid of that excess bloat that we all experience

when we're unhealthy.

And I started to lose the weight, and it just melted off.

And it wasn't hard.

It was just changing my way of how I was eating,

not depriving myself.

Just changing how I was eating.

You've got some wonderful recipes from your book with us,

and I want to talk more about how you did all of this.

But let's start by showing people some of what

you've created because you talked a minute ago about you

can be gluten free and still eating processed foods.

Everything we're showing you today

does not fall under that category.

So I'm a fan of food that once grew.

So if you can pronounce the ingredients and it once grew,

I'm a fan.

And if you add more of the good into your life,

it makes less room for it bad.

So instead of saying you can't have these things,

I'm going to say let's just focus on more of the good food.

And let's make meals tastes rich, and filling,

and yummy, and the rest works.

Let's start with the smoothie because a lot of people

like to start their day with a smoothie

and you've got a great one.

No, smoothies can be incredibly unhealthy depending

on what you add to it.

Mine are fruit-based, but I will add things to my smoothies

like chia seeds, add some protein.

I'll use rich fruits like here I'm

using pitaya, which you can find in Asian stores

or you could find-- or dragon fruit.

This is a dragon fruit.

But you can find in the frozen section,

too, of any grocery store pitaya in packages.

And it makes beautiful smoothies, really sweet.

It could be a perfect balanced breakfast.

Because it's natural form--


--no problem.

All natural, real foods that I just blend together.

OK, wonderful.

What is this?

These are my protein balls.

I'm not a fan of buying packaged protein bars because they

get very processed, but this is something

you can make naturally.

It could be a meal replacement.

It could be a snack.

But I use things like almond flour and chia

seeds and coconut to make up these yummy protein balls.

Are they sweet?

They do taste sweet.

I use cacao.

Raw cacao is a favorite ingredient of mine.

I put that in a lot of my recipes,

and it makes things taste sweet and very satisfying.

All of my things have fat and a healthy fat which makes

you feel full and helps you--

And good for the brain cells.

Good for the brain and helps you lose that weight.

And here, oh this looks so yummy.

This is one of my favorite lunches.

It's called the summery--

Chicken salad.

You don't have to use chicken.

You can use fish.

You can use anything, but this is a super simple salad.

It's a full balanced meal.

I like all my meals to have a protein, carb, and fat.

Now, what a lot of people don't realize

is that carbs are fruits and vegetables too.

This is carbs right here.

So it doesn't have to be the bagels and the pasta.

Right, it doesn't have the flour in it.

Right, you can still get carbs and energy from this.

So what I've done here is I've got a mix of lettuce, spinach

and just a mesclun mix.

And I've got some asparagus that I roasted ahead of time.

You use a little bit of oil, and you can season them

with some salt and pepper.

And then we-- the dressing is just a simple

dressing with balsamic vinegar, some olive oil, some Himalayan

pink rock salt, pepper, a little bit of agave,

and then we use the strawberry on the walnuts.

We add some fat, carbs, and then protein.

And we toss it all together, and it's super simple.

So I mean, I'll just show you how to do it.

It's really easy.

I just got my lettuce, which I'm going

to use-- I like that dark green leafy lettuces, the spinach,

the asparagus, which are really nice.

And what kind of oil do you use?

You can use olive oil or coconut oil.

The thing with if you're going to roast some high heat,

you don't want to use a lot of olive oil for that.

So I would suggest coconut oil in that case.

But you could use either.

I've got my strawberries.

I add lots of strawberries.

Strawberries are very low glycemic low in sugar

so really healthy for you.

Less impact on your blood sugar.

I'm going to add my chicken right here.

Oh, it looks wonderful.

Yeah, and then the dressing is super simple,

just tossing the ingredients.

I'm going to whisk them together.

OK, can I do some of this?

Yeah, you can go ahead and help me whisk them.

And you can go ahead and whisk it together here.

Add some pepper.

And secondly, rock salt. And I top with the crushed nuts

right here.


Yes, and it just a few seconds.

Super simple, really satisfying lunch here.

You've got your carbs, your protein, your fat, healthy fat

so you stay full for hours from this

even though you may not think.

You think salad, but you stay full for hours.

And we don't have too many calories.

A lot of salads we used too much cream and the wrong ingredients

in here.

The dressing, we think we're doing

great with the lettuce and the veggies and then we drop it.

So is this the finished product?

This is the finished product.

You can mix it together like this,

or you can just display it a little different, but a really

enjoyable salad here.



Yes, you can use it as an appetizer or a meal.

This is the perfect, perfect meal to bring as a guest


Ceviche is shrimp, lots of-- lots

of yummy vegetables and cilantro and some really tangy taste.

It's super easy to make and really satisfying.

And for people who don't feel satisfied

if they don't have dessert, something interesting here.

Yes, this is my fat burning chocolate mousse.

This is amazing.


And you would never guess.

When you try it, you would never guess.

I always hate to tell people what's in it until they try it

because they can't believe it.

But I know.

Yeah, it's made for avocado.

So how do you get the-- the cacao, right?

It's the raw cacao and the avocado.

It's amazing together.

And it's how you mix it together.

And it's such a decadent dessert,

and it's healthy for us.

It's healthy for us.

It is.

You know, I want to say that we've talked today about some

of these amazing recipes.

You can see that they all look absolutely delicious.

But if you're interested in a lifestyle change,

not just to lose weight but to be healthy,

you want to get the book.

It's called "Natalie Jill's 7 day Jumpstart".

You're going to lose a lot of weight that first week.

Yes, you are.

It contains all these recipes and many, many more along

with a number of exercises and testimonials from people

who've had tremendous success following her plan.

The book is available nationwide.

We also want you to know you can hear more tips from Natalie

on Facebook Live.

Just log on to

You'll find it all there.

Thank you, Natalie.

Awesome job.

Thank you.

It looks wonderful.

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