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News on The 700 Club: July 8, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," July 8: Dallas ambush: Snipers kill five police officers at protest; State Department reopens Clinton email investigation, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

For today's top stories, let's go over to the CBN News desk.

Gordon, a devastating night in Dallas.

Five police officers were killed and others critically injured

after snipers shot them in a coordinated targeted attack.

It was the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11.

Gary Lane has the story.

It began as a peaceful protest against the two

recent fatal police shootings of black men.

Then just before 9 PM, snipers opened fire on police.


They're shooting.

The gunfire came from two downtown Dallas parking


This is bad, Juju.

11 Police officers were shot.

Five were killed.

It is a heartbreaking morning.

To say that our police officers put their life

on the line every day is no hyperbole ladies and gentlemen.

It's a reality.

Four suspects were apprehended and taken into custody.

One said he wanted to kill more police officers.

Dallas police shootings came in the aftermath

of the police shootings of a black man in Minnesota,

and another in Louisiana.

Both incidents were captured on cell phones.

And the Minnesota incident was live streamed on Facebook.

We as a city, we as a country, must come together, lock arms,

and heal the wounds that we all feel from time to time.

Words matter.

Leadership matters at this time.

In Poland for a NATO summit, President Obama

commented on the shootings, saying the nation grieves

with Dallas.

I'd ask all Americans to say a prayer for these officers

and their families.

Keep them in your thoughts.

And as a nation, let's remember to express

our profound gratitude to our men and women in blue

not just today, but every day.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

The State Department is reopening its investigation

of possible mishandling of classified information

in e-mails by Hillary Clinton and some of her top aides.

That move came as congressional Republicans

grilled FBI director James Comey on Capitol Hill Thursday

over why there was no recommendation

to press charges against Clinton for her use

of personal computer servers for government business

while she was Secretary of State.

Abigail Robertson has the story now from Washington.

Case closed?

Doesn't look like it.

James Comey's nearly five hour congressional hearing

shows that questions about Hillary Clinton's

e-mail scandal are far from answered.

And the controversy itself is far from over.

I spent 9 and 1/2 years as an undercover officer in the CIA.

I was the guy in the back alleys collecting intelligence,

passing it to lawmakers.

I've seen my friends killed.

I've seen assets put themselves in harm's way.

And this is about protecting information--

the most sensitive information the American government has.

And I wish my colleagues would take

this a little more seriously.

Comey fought hard to defend the FBI's recommendation

of no criminal charges.

Saying they could not find evidence

Clinton intended to break the law.

But lawmakers pointed out Clinton clearly

didn't tell the truth about her actions

with her e-mail server on multiple occasions.

Secretary Clinton said I did not

email any classified material to anyone on my e-mail.

There is no classified material.

Was that true?

There was classified material emailed.

Secretary Clinton said she used just one device.

Was that true?

She used multiple devices during the four years

of her term as Secretary of State.

Now the question arises, did Clinton ever

make these claims under oath?

Whether it was a personal account or a government

account, I did not send classified material,

and I did not receive any material that was marked

or designated classified.

Democrats argued she may not have

seen the classified markings contained in some emails.

Comey agreed, saying Secretary Clinton may not

be sophisticated enough to understand

the meanings of the markings on e-mails she sent and received.

House Republicans said Thursday they will ask for a new FBI

investigation into whether or not Clinton committed perjury.

A felony that could be punished with prison time.

But many doubt the Obama administration would ever

try to convict her.

It's not over yet for Mrs. Clinton.

She's not out of the legal woods, at least criminally.

But we shouldn't be naive as to what this justice department is

going to do, because President Obama has already

said that Mrs. Clinton's done nothing.

And I can't imagine they're going

to want to look at whether she lied about doing nothing.

Next Tuesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch

will also testify before the House Oversight and Government

Reform Committee, where she will be

questioned about the e-mail investigation,

and likely her controversial meeting with Bill Clinton as


Reporting from Washington, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Those are today's top stories from CBN News.

Gordon and Terry will be right back

with more of today's 700 Club.



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