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Bring It On-Line: Abandoned Marriage - July 14, 2016

Am I able to re-marry again since I was abandoned, or is it considered adultery if I do? Where does the Bible say that Jesus descended into hell for three days after He was crucified? Do you have to be baptized to enter the Kingdom of God? Read Transcript

Welcome back to The 700 Club.

It is time to bring it on with your e-mail questions.

And we're going to start with Maria who writes in.

She says, I have been divorced for eight years

because my ex said that he had a vision that he

was going to marry another woman, which he did.

I am still heartbroken because I stood by him

when he was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter.

I was his third marriage, and he was my first

and we have an 8-year-old child together.

I don't believe in marrying more than once.

Does God honor the marriages of people that do this?

Am I able to remarry since I was abandoned,

or is it considered adultery?


Well there's what's called the appalling privilege Paul said,

look if the unbelieving spouse is pleased to depart,

let him depart.

The brother or sister is not bound in that case.

Now, this guy is obviously, I mean he's a nonbeliever.

He sounds like he's a little screwy.

But nevertheless he's left.

So you are free.

If you want to, go get married again.

That's not adultery, that is in the Bible,

and it's a clear privilege.

All right?

That's a good answer.

All right.

Catherine says, where does the Bible

say that Jesus descended into hell for three days

after he was crucified?

Why, and what happened there?

Some say he freed most of the people there.

This is all new to me.

Well, the Bible says that he led captivity captive.

That he gave gifts to man.

And it's in first Peter, chapter three.

Here's what it says, I'll give you the word.

For Christ suffered for our sins, the righteous

for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.

He was put to death in the body but made alive of the Spirit.

After being made alive, He went and made proclamation

to the imprisoned spirits, to those who were disobedient

long ago when God waited patiently after the Ark,

and so forth.

And he talks about Jesus, who by the spirit in which

He was raised from the dead.

And then He went and preached to the spirits.

And the idea is that the people who died before Christ,

had a chance to hear the gospel and to be saved.

That's what Peter tells us.

All right?


All right, Beth says, my husband and I are newlyweds,

and we're expecting our first baby in September.

This has sparked something serious for us.

Both of us are different denominations.

The denominations are almost totally different,

and I really love my church, while he seldom goes to church.

We haven't really decided what church to go to.

My side of the family is really pushing for us

to go to a church in my denomination,

but they are only confusing me.

Do you have any advice?

Look the question is, where is the gospel preached,

where is the Bible honored, and where is a fellowship where

they will love one another and are working together

in harmony?

That's what you want.

You don't want a church that has all kinds of division

and backbiting and slander and so forth.

And you don't want somebody that dishonors the word of God.

So, you've got to use a certain amount of discernment

to find-- But it looks like you're the one who's

got the religious impetus and your husband doesn't much care.

So I think in this one, you could take the lead, all right.


All right, Milena says, do you have

to be baptized to enter the Kingdom of God?

What if someone is not bad but is a believer,

what happens to them?

We keep getting this question, Pat.

Our good friends in the Catholic church

believe in baptismal regeneration.

And when a person is baptized, that's

supposed to be the regenerating factor.

The Apostle Paul said, look God didn't call me to baptize

but to preach the gospel.

And oh yeah, by the way, I did baptize a few of them

in those various houses along the way.

But my main goal was to preach the gospel.

Well if baptism was so important,

the Apostle Paul would have been out there baptizing people,

but he didn't.

And I think what brings you into the Kingdom of God is

faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are surrendered to him.

And that, in a sense, sets the truth in your life.

You're buried with him in baptism

and raised in newness of life.

So it is something that I think is for every believer.

It is something that we ought to be

doing as an act of obedience.

But the fact that you haven't been baptized, in my opinion,

is not going keep you out of heaven, all right.

Thank you for those questions.

Great questions and excellent answers as always.

Thank you, Pat.


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