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Pastor Bent Anderson Teaches on Healing

Can you see miracles in your family, in your church, in your daily life? Yes you can. Pastor Brent Anderson teaches how and why. Read Transcript

Many have asked me, the miracles

that we're seeing in your church, the healings,

am I able to see that in my daily life,

am I able to see that in my family, in my own homes,

in my church, too?

And my answer is yes, yes, and yes.

You are able to see that.

The Bible says in Isaiah, Chapter 54, verse 17

that no weapon formed against you shall prosper

and that every tongue that rises up against you,

you shall condemn.

It says that this is the heritage

of the servants of the Lord.

This is the inheritance of His sons and His daughters.

And that their righteousness is in Me says the Lord.

Our inheritance is that no weapon formed against us

shall prosper.

That word prosper means to accomplish the purposes,

wherewith it was originally called.

That means cancer can accomplish His purposes.

Diabetes can accomplish His purposes.

A migraine headache, a broken bone, a financial hardship,

marital strife--when the disciples asked Jesus,

they said Lord how do we pray?

Jesus said, here, pray this way.

He said, our Father who art in heaven, hallowed or holy Lord

is Your name.

You begin with praise and you begin with worship.

You see, you enter His gates with Thanksgiving

and you enter His courts with praise.

Praise is always the first thing.

It's the entrance way into His presence.

And where the presence of God is, the power of God is.

Then Jesus goes on to say, Lord let Your kingdom

come and let Your will be done.

And it's just a natural progression.

Worship and praise brings the kingdom.

And then the kingdom brings the power.

It's our purpose as sons and daughters.

It's our purpose every day to bring heaven to earth.

To bring the culture of heaven to earth.

You see in heaven, there's no tears.

In heaven, there's no sorrow.

In heaven, there's no sickness and there's no pain

and there's no agony.

So to answer your question, can I have this in my church?

Can I have this in my home?

Can I have this in my workplace?

Can I experience healing every single day flowing through me

on to somebody else, and can I see the manifest presence

and power of God demonstrated through my life?

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can.

Because it's your inheritance.

That's the power you have because

of the work of the cross.

That's the power you have through the mighty name

of Jesus and the blood of Jesus.

You are His and the devil can't take you away.

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